Esther Receives Katherine’s 50 percent of the Mansion

This just in! Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)  left Esther (Kate Linder) her half of the Chancellor mansion and Jill (Jess Walton) is furious. Billy’s (Billy Miller) comment to his mother: "looks like you’ll be looking for a new maid"

More shocking revelations coming, if they develop.

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    Good for Ester? My only problem is when Kay come back to town, will her will stay the same or will they reverse it scince she is alive??

    GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/B&B/Y&R/Days Fans!!!!!!!!!

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    Esther is not going to keep 50% of the mansion when it is found out that Katherine is alive. I’m just happy at the fact that Katherine wanted her to have 50% of the mansion. She deserved it. Esther would rather have her Mrs. Chancellor back then the mansion anyway!

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    Why does Kay put Abmer in her will and leave her family jewlery and not her grandchildern Billy,Cane and Mackenie they all should be in Kay`s will and have all should also have shares in the company to equally ,So way didn`t she do that . And why send Mackenie to Duar fur I mean really is it that every writer wants acharacter there Iran could understand that because she would want to fight for the rights of women who are abused and have no rights and not haveing Mackenie around for this storyline is a big mistake on the part of the writers.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I understand the logic of Amber being in the will. They have to build with what they have. Of course in a logical sense Mac would have inherited a big chunk of Kay’s fortune, but Mac wasn’t a jewerly or cosmetics girl, she was a “save the world” type, so leaving her some cash to go save the tree people is what she would want. Amber is on the show, so they have to play that angle, her relationship with Kay is amazing. The will had to propel story, even if it causes a slight suspension of disbelief. It’s like when Mac Cory died on Another World. He left his controlling interes in Cory Publishing in equal thirds to his daughters Amanda and Iris and his widow Rachel, resulting the ultimate power struggle. Sure he should have left shares to his sons Sandy and Matt (adopted but loved as his own) and possibly even his stepson Jamie, but that wouldn’t have had the same dramatic impact of the three Cory women fighting it out for the company.

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