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Here’s the Scoop! 11.20.08

It’s all about Sonny and Jason. Isn’t that what it always boils down to? Guza’s greatest pairing ever… Love in the Afternoon. One time friends turn enemies running rival mob syndicates. Will their relationship be destroyed beyond repair? Is this all one big fake out as previously RUMORED? Does anyone care?

Jason’s distracted, his son has been kidnapped and Sam thinks he’s walking into a trap. Will Sonny start reclaiming his old stomping grounds while Jason’s head is elsewhere?

Sonny and Claudia marry… Anthony thinks he has the upper hand. Sonny thinks he’s playing the old man. Claudia wants the power that comes along with her new title. Will Sonny find out that his new bride is responsible for Michael’s shooting? RUMORS have said it’s coming and remember Sarah Brown is only signed on through January. No word on her status with the show as many SPECULATE she’ll be throwing her hat into the Pilot season this year.

Jason’s arrested. Alexis, after they get the cobwebs off her, refuses to release him and wants him to pay for the turmoil happening all over town. Diane begs her friend to cut her client loose or things may get worse.

Elizabeth walking away… Sorry Liason fans but it’s coming. Does this mean the end of Liason? I have very little hope left. Elizabeth will blame herself as we already discussed. She’ll tell Lucky he was right about her staying away from Jason. "I told you so" coming from Lucky? Not really but he’ll agree that she should have stayed away and tells Elizabeth finding Jake and keeping Cameron safe is what is most important.

Is Sasha’s time in Port Chuck ending? RUMORS have her dying. Doesn’t Jason Morgan have a policy against killing women?

Lulu vs. Claudia round 200,000… Do I need to send these writers a dictionary? Originality… say it with me. How many times is Claudia going to go after her brother’s girlfriend?

Scrubs… so Kudos to whoever wrote the Scrubs going home with baby stuff earlier in the week. But I must ask who’s idea it was to have Robin look like a complete idiot yesterday. Before you say you don’t know what baby Emma needs, how about you try something? Robin has cared for a baby before… remember the kid you shot in the head and put in a coma?

Divorce is an ugly experience. Will Carly go after Jax’s half of Crimson? Will Carly find herself with another secret? RUMORS say she finds out about Dante.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat… Jake’s kidnapped, again. Claudia and Lulu argue, again. Stupid Scrubs stuff, again. Jason’s too dangerous for Elizabeth, again. Sonny gets married, again. Paternity secret, again. Jason arrested, again. I’m over it, again.

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    i hope this isnt the end of liason i know liz is up set but i hope they work thing out win they fined jake becoues if sam luck havent steart this miss it wouldnt had happen win it comes out its more lucky sam foult jake was taken .and not jason i hope liz will change her mind. luck said that he will go with them and that they dont need jason guard and lucky leaving them by there self . so it should come back on on lucky and sam . this a liason story senes jake got taken jason should be the one comforting her . i cant see liason being over and if it is im done with GH .liz new what kind of life jason live and the chances she would be taken be with him and claiming jack i just cant see her walking away. they need to get sam out of liason story and put her with lucky.

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why can’t they just go back to the ORIGINAL idea from several years ago when Jason took the mob away from Sonny because he was dating Emily. Guza said the break up of Sonny and Jason would be so bad it would be YEARS before the 2 of them could even be in the same room together. Jason was supposed to find out that Sonny put the hit on him that accidentally shot Sam and made her unable to have children.

    Can’t Jason and Sam find out about the hit and Sam kill Sonny and go away to prison therefore getting both of them off the show?

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    why is everyone blaming jason? sonny is the one who started this whole mess.

    because sonny wants to be tough and stab people now jason has to run around and clean up his mess when he could be at home with liz and the boys.

    i really hate sonny right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i still have hope for my liason

    these are two people who belong with each other and just want to love each other and guza has to screw it up

    jason has been with so many women and he didn’t have so manny damn interruptions to deal with

    this is so frustrating

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    If Liason breaks up, which will be a shame, I hope Elizabeth gets a new love interest. Otherwise, we’ll only see her standing at the nurses’ station like Epiphany and Nurse Mir. And I hope we’ll see Jason suffer. Half the time it seems that he loses the women he loves and just stands there and blinks!

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    “Robin has cared for a baby before… remember the kid you shot in the head and put in a coma?”


    True Regan! I had almost forgotten about that. She played momma to Michael when Carly was in the nuthouse.

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    lilmomma – please explain to me how jake’s kidnapping is lucky and sam’s fault?
    at the very least, how is it lucky’s fault? all he’s done is love jake. i don’t recall him doing anything (other than the custody thing which i assume he did out of love.) to hurt jake or cam.

    ewww – michael knight, i forgot sonny was behind sam getting shot – good one!

    Lcp – i put this whole russian thing squarely on sonny – so i’m not blaming jason on this one.

    here’s a thing about liz and jason. if olivia who’s only been in town 5 seconds talks to liz in the middle of the hospital about “her guy” jason and liz drops everything to run to check on jason and liz told the airline person at the airport she was meeting jason morgan for a trip to italy and mental, crazy anthony could figure out the two of them are connected and it’s a matter of public knowledge from the trial that they slept together around jake’s conception it doesn’t take that much brains for anyone else to figure out liz and jason have a relationship – so maybe the russian mob was smart enough to figure that out all by themselves and it’s no one’s fault that jake is taken – it just happens.

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    I HATE GUZZA!!!!!!!!!!
    If I hear from Lucky “I told you saw” I will scream!!
    This is his falt of Jake , He told Sam to go with them!!
    Also I Just can’t see Jake with Lucky!!
    Jason will be a better father than Lucky!!!
    I think This story will need to show Liz that she needs Jason!!!!
    One other think I HATE ALEXIS AND ALL PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate that everyone balmes Jason , he is truly not the one to blame!!!!!
    Because of the PCPD, he wasnt there to protect his son!!
    I think I will stop see GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lison forever!!!!!!

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    Regan Cellura

    Sonny did put a hit out on Jason. He called it off. It was Manny who shot Sam and if my memory serves, there was some confusion over who the sniper was. Was it Sonny’s guy and he didn’t back off as ordered, or someone else….

    I don’t blame Sam for the kidnapping. They are followed out of town because the Russians follow Jason and Sam to Liz’s house.

    It’s blatantly obvious to EVERYONE that Elizabeth is important to Jason. However, where Olivia is concerned, she didn’t just pick up on it. Jason brought Elizabeth to Kate’s room and Olivia was there. SPOILER… more Olivia and Elizabeth coming. Mother to mother.

    I don’t see how any of this is supposed to get ratings. I am usually the one preaching my GH love to all the fans who have given up. Now, I’ve given up.

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    I hope the spoilers are wrong. I hope fans are surprised and that Elizabeth comforts Jason and he comforts her. I hope the impossible happens, that love triumphs because this is a soap opera, is it not?

    Also, there are alot of depressed people in this county that look for escape when they turn on the TV, are they getting it GH? I find this show bait and switch quite consuming and I have gone back to reading again. It is not healthy.

    The walk down the aisle before Robin’s wedding, the broken engagement, the painting of the studio, the confrontation at Jason about Sam…what was it all about? Filling time? Even this debate of Liason v. Jasam has been a waste.

    All of it was unnecessary to any plot line if they wanted LIASON apart, nothing should have happened since the broken engagement.

    I am a GH fan and I will not stop watching. I want Elizabeth set free from the quad at this point, and all the quad set free from each other, BUT I do think that the writing has been so poor that something has to change. Had it been written better, we would all get why non event had to happen, but it has not been.

    If you are teasing fans to the point of alienating them, what product are you selling and why? Also why have fans go to Las Vegas and spend money on a fan event. It seems cruel. It seems to be that bait and switch has gone on, that real stories are being replaced by high jinks.

    If the Liason decision is made, it is made. However, the decision about the writing and the management of this show is ongoing and that is what we should write and call in about now.

    Free those characters from the poor writing at GH.
    I just do not get it anymore.

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    regan i know about jason dragging liz to the hospital to school her, but i was refering to olivia talking about it in the middle of the common area.

    don’t give up! if there are no viewers or shows, what will i have to do on my down time? i need you guys to brighten my days!

    regan you are a spoiler goddess!

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    Back in the old days, when one storyline was boring, there was usually another storyline that would be more exciting. Unfortunately, there’s only really one storyline these days so if it’s boring, there’s nothing else to look forward to. What’s worse are the boring storylines of GH aren’t even new … they’re remakes of previously boring storylines. Every relationship on the show seems to be in some weird time warp where nothing progresses.

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    The only good thing about the story of the mob war is:
    That it gived us the chance to see JASON IN HIS HOTNES!!
    JASON LOOKED SO HOT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    don’t you think so Regan???????

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    Yeaa Jason does looks Hot when he is happy!!!!!!
    but Yesterday he was so hot , in his long black T- shirt!!!!!!!!

    I also think that the main Reason for all this mess is – SONNY!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is not Jason,Liz falt!!!

    The only thing that could have prevented this , was If everyone would have known that Jake is Jason’s son.
    Because than they would have had gurds, Jason sent them away, for caution, he didn’t think that they know that Jake and Liz matter to him.
    In a way it is Lucky’s falt , he should have let go of Jake before, Jake would have been more safe if Jason was there!!!

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    I though Liz and Jason find out they are stronger together. I don’t know whose fault it would be that Jake get’s kidnapped, but I think it’s an inevitable result. If Jason doesn’t cause enemies to go after him, then Sam with her “adventures” and chasing Jason will make her an enemy, then returning to Lucky, who claims Jake, will make him a target. Liz has not put Jake in harms way at all. I think Jason and Liz can get together and make the boys a lot safer than out there where common everyday soap world can’t.

    I hope Carly gets Jax’s half of Crimson. In my opinion, Kate deserves some suffering. If Kate hooked herself up to a guy who would let her believe that he turned to his ex-wife instead of explaining the situation that she saved his life, then she deserves the self-centered idiot. She also has no place telling Sonny about Dante. She did it to punish Olivia. Reasons for keeping a secret is not what should be keeping her mouth shut, but the the fact that the secret has NOTHING to do with her. I would love for Carly to take charge at Crimson and make Kate’s life a living hell, especially since she keeps dumping the fault onto Carly’s head. Sonny should get the blame. Not only that, but Sonny belittles the situation. How many times did he “betray” Kate? Yet he asks her all the time what the problem is. Now we are going to see him go all cold and furious at her for keeping a secret. How many people did he cut off because they “betrayed” him. Why are other people’s secrets an act of betrayal, but his are an act of love and protection?

    Jax needs some serious humiliation. He yo-yos his wife, making her think it’s over and try to deal maturely (very well on her part) with him and keep it business, then giving her hope to save the marriage, only to jerk it away from her and make her desperate and pathetic. Seriously, Carly, tell him to screw off and chase you for once. Then, Jax takes Nik’s island with his ancestral home. I think Nik should find a away to take the whole hotel from under Jax. Jax being rich with a lot of businesses, shouldn’t he also have a corporation? A corporation who can outvote him?

    Lucky should quit the PCPD and start being an investigator. Seriously, he always ends up breaking the law anyway. At least he would be able to do the right thing without restrictions that ruin his attempts of being the hero. With Sam, and possibly drawing in Spin, they could let Jason have a normal life and they can save everyone. Then Sam will have her perfect partner with Lucky and an exciting life.

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    I am with Seasons on this one – sort of – I think everyone has some responsibility. Yeah Sonny went after Karpov after Kate, but this was inevitable. Karpov intended to sell illegal drugs and weapons in PC. At some point Jason was going to have to put a stop to that. Sonny’s actions may have sped up that time table but one way or another this is where things were going.

    BUT Jake’s kidnapping we will have to see how it plays out. If its because Maxie was followed for being a witness which led them to Sam which led them to Lizard then thats random. But if all of Lizard’s cashin Jason tipped the scales, then a lot of it falls on her.

  16. Profile photo of blackjack21

    lwong – i forgot none of the responsibility lies on the person who started all the lies.

    ghlover – you say lucky should have let jake go but isn’t involved because jason and liz asked him to be?

  17. Profile photo of lwong82d

    blackjack21, Is there ONE person responsible for everything? If memory serves correct, many people were involved in how things started. We can’t say it was all Sam’s fault. Or Lucky’s, Jason’s, Liz’s, Sonny’s. Because of everyone’s decisions, the kidnapping of Jake is an inevitable event.

  18. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I think That Lucky should have know from the beging That Jake needs his real parents, He Came toL iz when Jason was there, and he told her that if she loves her kids she needs Lucky, he shouldn’t have said that.
    She felt so traped so she agreed, and when she said that it is what best for Jake Jason agreed.!
    Lucky should have let it go,he should have just say to Jason and Liz, that what Jake needs is his real father, and a real father.!!
    If Jason was known as Jake’s father , he would have sent someone to help them, but, because Jason didn’t think that they know the truth,and he only sent them away for caution, Sam and Liz alone couldn’t keep them safe!!

  19. Profile photo of blackjack21

    lwong -thanks for asking me to explain myself. whichever couple you like or whomever you hold responsible for sam/ric and liz/jason hookups – putting all that aside, liz is the one and only person who decided to lie about jake’s paternity (i still hold out that this will be wrong, but i digress). sure, after the truth came out decisions were made, but liz decided to let lucky raise her boys – jason agreed and everyone else agreed to keep their mouths shut, from this point others got involved. but liz lied to jason’s face for months about it. so i put alot of the blame on her.
    also, if she had stuck to her initial reasons of wanting to help lucky (which is pretty weak) or wanting to keep jake safe, then she should have stuck with it. it is her waffling that keeps causing trouble for her and jason and jake (you can even take sam and lucky completely out of the picture). liz keeps changing her mind about what she wants and expecting jason to agree with every change. first jason’s not safe, then she loves him too much to not be with him, then he’s not safe again, but she won’t stop running after him. i can even understand the whole tortured love thing, but jason has tried to be with liz and she says no, then she says yes. honestly, i’m surprised that jason hasn’t said “enough. take my kid, go live abroad and i’ll come visit you every few months.”

  20. Profile photo of season1217

    I’m so tired of this “real parents” nonsense. If children need their “real parents” then let’s go dig up Zander. That would be one hell of a Thanksgiving! A real father wouldn’t let the mother of his child tell him whether or not he can or cannot be a father to his child. A real father would give up any criminal activity that he was in to ensure his child’s safety. A real father would be there for his child no matter. I believe that Jason loves Jake but actions will always speak louder than words!

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    honestly, i’m surprised that jason hasn’t said “enough. take my kid, go live abroad and i’ll come visit you every few months.”


    Now thats a Liason scene that I would look forward to watching! (the one where he tells her to go live abroad not the visits LOL)

  22. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan, sorry, I am still not buying it. Maybe Liason will break up for awhile but I am convinced the new year will bring them back together again. Why would they be having a Liason fan event in January in Las Vegas? I think after the event, we “might” know alittle more. Hey, Becky said to write/call, lets start so maybe they will hear us. I just think that they will realize that they are better together than apart. I think Guza has something up his sleeve and he knows the Liason fanbase is huge and if he messes it up, people are not going to tune in.

  23. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Steve and Rebecca are both very good to their fans. They do these fan events for them, not the show. The Liason event they held last year was a huge success and they promised to do another one. These events are not necessarily because of storylines and are not dictated by ABC.

    Steve has an event on Saturday in Chicago.

    I’ve stopped trying to rationalize Mr. Guza’s choices. He is not interested in developing true love stories. The only couple right now experiencing any sort of happiness is Scrubs and Guza was the one that broke them up. He is 100% about the mob storylines and is in desperate need of someone to balance his ass out. Someone needs to be named the Co-Headwriter (if they refuse to release him) that has an interest outside of the mob.

  24. Profile photo of lwong82d

    Blackjack – I have to disagree with the level of blame you put on Liz. She lied at first because of the burden and guilt Lucky placed on her by depending on the baby as a reason to get help. She intended to tell him but he kept interrupting and going on about how happy he was. She wanted to tell Jason, but he was with Sam and she didn’t want to a) cause more of a problem with him and Sam, and b) put Jason in a position of claiming or denying his son when Lucky didn’t know yet. She probably, during that time, convinced herself that Lucky would be a safer father anyway, even after she told Jason. During and after the time she was convincing Jason to give up Jake, she wanted him to take charge and claim him. She even told him that she wanted him to just take the decision out of her hands. Jason was too much of a wiener, and prone to dramatics of his happiness, to make the call. Liz did the best she could as the sole decision maker of the situation. She battled, and continues to battle, over what was right vs what she wanted vs the safety of her children. She’s lucky that she didn’t have a nervous break down. I don’t see anyone else around her giving her advice. Lucky demands while he cavorts with the woman who threatened the boys AND had every intention to allow Jake stay kidnapped.

  25. Profile photo of purplebraids

    Regan why is it that Jason gets the blame but not Sam or Lucky for matter because they should be blamed for Jake`s kidnapping and for Sam trying to play Pi when she shouldn`t.This storyline has been done before it`s not like it has happened before it happpened to Robin when she was kidnapped and Anna, Robert ,and Duke went find her .

  26. Profile photo of blackjack21

    lwong – correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t lucky know liz was pregnant when he walked away from her after the metrocourt thing? it would seem to me that at that point he was strong enough to handle the truth if he was willing to allow her to out of any obligation to him.

    the point was liz made that choice all by herself – as you yourself said. therefore everyone’s reactions and actions since that moment have come from that choice.

    i also think she would have caused fewer problems with jason and sam had she just been honest and let jason decide what he wanted to do. he’s a big boy and has been making his own decisions for a long time. she kept making excuses as to why it wouldn’t work. and by the way being friendly with the father of your baby’s girlfriend while wanting him for yourself is deceptive.
    and she could have told emily – who was still alive at the time- if she needed a confidant.

  27. Profile photo of Nettie84115

    I think it’s funny that everyone is stating whose fault it is when it hasn’t actually happened yet for us to make an educated decision :)

    At this point all fault lay with the Russians because they are the ones who take the poor child.

  28. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agreee, with You , Liz should have said the truth from the start.!
    She should have let Jason clame his son , she was the one who started this all thing.
    when Jason wanted to tell the truth, she should have said Yes.
    Maybe Lucky would have get hurt,but it would have been better for Jake growing with , sorry season, his Real father!!!
    I am sory all , but I don’t see Lucky as Jake’s father!
    For me ,from the start Jason was his father.
    right , Jason should have left the mob, but Jason tried before, and he failed.
    Jason is a man that can’t leave his obligations,he felt that he owes Sonny to be there , helping him with the mob.!
    I want the morgan family!!!!!!!!

  29. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    everyone lied and made mistakes that resulted in certain things happening.

    we just need guza to do right by both couples let jason and liz be together taking care of the boys, plucky can have them on weekends since they grew up with him i think he is entitled to still being with them.

    let plucky and spam have their life , spam can have a baby and fight crime at the same time she can put the kid in a baby bijorn and do her thing….lol

    let everyone move on with their lives

  30. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes…everyone had their role in all of this. Jason wanted to tell Sam, Elizabeth was fine with it and then he chickened out. Remember? Sam found out she could not have children and Jason held back the truth.

  31. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    season and liason addicted are the best!!
    But there is something I am not with you I don’t want Plucky see Jake after he is with Jason, it will just not be a good thing for Jake.
    But he can see Cam……………………..

  32. Profile photo of lwong82d

    Thank you, Regan. Liz is not the sole fault of the paternity decision of Jake. She is for most of it, but not all. As far as Lucky being able to walk away and able to handle the truth, well, Liz wasn’t sure, and neither was I. He was able to walk away because he thought he still had his baby. If he couldn’t get help to save his marriage, but could because he thought he was going to be a father, then why would he not go back to drugs if he found out, then, he wasn’t. How many times has he told people during that time how hard it is to not go back? How many times did he stare longingly at the pills he confiscated? No matter how much she loved Jason, she felt burdened to protect Lucky. When he did find out, he was much stronger and his rage kept him from falling. If he wasn’t so angry and felt depressed, then he would have.

    Of course I was rooting for Liz and Jason to tell the truth because I wanted Lucky and Liz over! He was such an ass. I was sooo mad that he called her a whore when she never cheated on him and he cheated, what, three times? When he was high, he threw her to the ground. When Liz caught him with Maxie, instead of going after her, he stayed, and Liz went to Jason. If Lucky went after Liz, she wouldn’t have made it to Jason. So I do agree that Liz should have told the truth from the beginning, and Liz thinks so too. It’s just that her reasons are understandable.

    But the kidnapping is not a “it’s your fault” situation. Just that certain events and decision took place that led to this path being taken.

    Yeah! What kind of human beings would kidnap a child anyway but one that is pure evil!! Forget who led to the event (Sonny), but look at the evil Russians! Excellent point, Nettie.

  33. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I agree LW…Lizard is not the SOLE fault but she is MOST OF IT. (in terms of the baby paternity debacle not the kidnapping and the mob war part of it.)

    What I dont see is how anyone can hold Sam and or Lucky at all responsible for the mob war. Yes LuSam investigated, but the mob war didnt start over the counterfeit drugs, it started over territory, power, and attacks against the families of Jason and Sonny.

    Now how Jake gets kidnapped plays out will tell us what finger pointing can be done, but only as Nettie points out, after we have seen it. Does Jason want guards and Lucky says NO. Do Lizard go slithering after Jason again and get busted? Does Sam get followed from the warehouse straight to Lizard’s house. But even if all three of those things happen, ultimately Jason shares in the blame as does sonny as do the Zacharras as do the Russians. They are ALL mobsters and in a mob war I dont see how there are any non-blameable mob dudes running around. Who do I hold the least responsible – Lucky…because he (and mac) is the one wondering why all these hot chicks are glomming on to guys that will get them killed.

  34. Profile photo of toytoy74

    First I want to point out that I am a huge Liason fan,but I am a realist. Guza has no intention of making GH anything but a continuous mob story. He is unable to write a woman with any complexities. Every woman in PC has her specific purpose,and Elizabeths role is Sainted Mommy.There is no way that one trick pony is even remotely talented enough to figure out how to write a story about his boy crush Jason,and Saint Elizabeth that has either of them evolving enough to make a life together work out for more than a day.It will never happen. Guza loves that all of the Liason fans are in a tizzy right now.He takes all of the online stuff and takes it to Frons and convinces him that all the fan uproars mean he is telling a great story.These two have no concept of how to tell a classic daytime love story,and we’re the idiots who have been standing around for years getting distracted by gimmicks(daily shoot outs,explosions,nu-mobsters etc.)My guess is he wants to reunite Sam and Jason because they’re both so one dimensional that all he has to do with them is provide some ‘event’ storyline,and an explosion,and a bed and he thinks that longtime fans will accept that as the new love in the afternoon.Note to ABC Daytime bras:You will never break us viewers over 24(and I suspect even most under).We have seen good storylines before,we have taken sick days to watch our faves fall in and out of love.We remember when characters use to evolve,before all of their motives became storyline dictated and they actually made decisions based on character.Now I will admit OLTL has been having me use my FFWD button less,but I dont know what the hell is going on on AMC and GH.I am 34 y/o, why is it since Guza took over I fell like an old lady watching soap operas.I loved it when Jamey pointed out that Laura Wright is about to be 40,and they don’t play that,but in all reality it’s really about 30y/o when they start writing you like a back drop.Does anybody out there remember how sexy Bobbie and Lucy Coe were,and they were not zygotes.I know every soap fan says they could write a better story,i’m starting to think we’re ALL right.Thanks for letting me vent.


  35. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I think Claudia has been a bust and unless they are going to seriously pair her with Nic or Ric then IMO she should just leave and dont let the door hit you in your well worked out rear on the way out.

    Carly is gonna be a whole bunch of trouble for Jax there is no doubt and unfortunately that means Kate is going to get wrapped into it.

    I THINK Carly is going to think Dante is Kate’s son she left behind but what she wont know is Kate was a “good girl” and so when she her plans to spill the beans to Sonny he’s gonna be like, I never slept with her… but I did sleep with the Wannabe… and Carly’s new BFF is not gonna be happy :) At least that is how I hope it plays out and then I of course hope Sonny is pissed at Carly and Olivia and goes back to the only one who truly loves and believes in whatever good is left in the guy, KATE!

  36. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I watched the clip on YouTube again. Lucky didn’t want Liz, Sam, and the boys to go to a safehouse that had anything to do with Jason or Sonny, and Lucky added he didn’t want to argue over it. Instead Lucky suggested the cabin in the woods where he thought they wouldn’t be found. All 4 agreed to the plan and should share in the outcome…though I agree Sonny started the whole mess going to the Russians in the first place.

  37. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Yup, and then Lucky went in to work instead of ensuring the ladies made it to the cabin safely. So, it is going to be one of those things where you can see everyone has some responsibility for how it turned out, but the parents are going to blame themselves more.

    The odd thing is, if they want this to be because of Jason, it makes no sense why they don’t actually reveal the paternity. Then it would without a doubt be because of Jason. Or if it was supposed to be all Liz’s fault, then they should have shown
    the Russians seeing them hug right after the fire or something.

    This just proves Sam and Jason were followed, and Lucky didn’t follow through to ensure they made it safely. So basically, they ALL thought they had more time/were safer than they actually were.
    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  38. Profile photo of justliason

    i wasn’t going to comment at all to this post, but my head will explode if i don’t so…..
    wth are the writers doing to this show? imo it’s like they have noooo clue what to do with any of them any more…first of all they have totally messed up claudia and have no idea what to do with her…then they messed up, or have no idea what do with ummm let’s see *thinking here*….
    sonny, carly, jax, jason, liz, sam, lucky, nik, nadine, leyla, matt, olivia, ric…it’s like they are running around with no heads….all i can say is that i am a liason fan (sometimes i wish i wasn’t cuz it’s killin me) and i am so tired. Tired of the dropped story lines, push pull, sonny/carly/kate/jax/olivia/claudia-just do something already…if liason not going to be, then so be it, but let’s move on shall we!

  39. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan, loved how you threw in about Lulu maybe being pregnant. They did mention that someone is suppose to be but I just thought it would be Sam and Plucky(loved that name) and his wonder sperm. We all know that Elizabeth will probably walk away from Jason but there will always be Jake in the middle of them. So I have a feeling, we are going to have a bumpy ride until the new year and that Jason will be the one fighting to get his family back. We know they both love each other and want to be with each other. Sonny/Sam/Lucky, they were the ones who started this whole mess. Jason had nothing to do with it and it’s the Russians who take Jake not because of him being Jason’s son either so again Jason is not totally to blame for this. Jake got kidnapped twice, none of it being Jason’s fault. I am a romantic, waited this long, I believe that there will be a happy ending we just have to wait alittle bit longer. Now Regan SNAP OUT OF IT!! You have always been positive for all us Liason fans, don’t stop now. You call the comment line too, tell them who you are, tell them about this website and all the Liason fans(most anyway) and tell them how we feel too.

  40. Profile photo of mymyelle

    Hi Regan,

    I enjoy reading your spoilers everyday – especially if it involves LIASON. I’m starting to lose faith in this couple with what I’m reading, so I would like to contact TPTB to voice my opinion.

    Could you please forward me the GH phone number, so they can hear what I have to say. I’m hoping with a large LIASON fanbase their direction will change to a positive one if everyone expresses how they feel.

    Again, I appreciate all of your efforts for providing us with our daily dose of spoilers!!

    Happy Friday!!

  41. Profile photo of allikat

    After yesterdays episode I am still sitting here scratching my head. Did Guza decide to write Sam and Jason with no brain at all? What in the hell would make either of them think that after leaving a shoot out, where Sam’s cover was blown, that it would be a good idea to go beeline over to Liz and the boys? Jason doesn’t even go to Liz’s when there is no mob war, but suddenly yesterday he pulls Sam out of a warehouse and high tails it over to Lizzy’s? Even Liz was like WTH is Sam coming here with the boys upstairs if it sounded like gunshots in the background. Then you have Plucky (sorry but I love it too) who insists on picking the location and then can’t even follow through with escorting them there? Is there not one useable brain cell between this entire quad? Very frustrated and venting….sorry guys. On the upside I think I fell in lust with Johnny yesterday:) Such a freaking hottie and in a hero kind of way.

    OH and did anyone else catch the Olivia “bros before hoes” thing? I laughed my ass off!

  42. Profile photo of Nettie84115

    The weird thing about all this is that the Russian, who was sitting outside of Liz’s house with his cell phone, was at the hospital stalking Kate when Lucky, Sam and Jason all arrived at Liz’s house. So, did we miss something in how they knew where Liz lived or who she is or is it just bad writing that we weren’t supposed to catch again??

  43. Profile photo of txriotgrrl

    lorraine, i’ve already changed the channel to OLTL and i have not looked back. not even missing GH at this point, which is pretty sad considering i watched it for over a decade.

    a fan can only take so much, i suppose. make the switch! you won’t regret it.

  44. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    I could really kick myself in the butt for ever getting interested in this show, Jason gets blamed for everything and everyone will do the I TOLD YOU SO! Don’t think I can watch anymore. The best part is these changes are suppose to boost ratings, a single Jason (the loner), we had that since May. Regan have you heard anything about Olivia and her son’s reaction when he finds out about Sonny changing Liz’s mind about Jason? So this whole Jake kidnapping thing, do you think this was a way to break up Liason for good because we should understand Elizabeth’s choice and that’s it.

  45. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    I have to put this out there, why wouldn’t this make Jason determined to take of his family so nothing like this would ever happen again, everyone is talking about there relationship and I’m sure more people are going to figure out Jake, remember the spoiler when it was known about Liason and Jake they would figure out they would be safer and stronger together, could this be it? After all of this why would Jason just walk away from his son and leave him unprotected, doesn’t make any since.

  46. Profile photo of sevenkell

    ecoues if sam luck havent steart this miss it wouldnt had happen win it comes out its more lucky sam foult jake was taken .

    What do you mean it’s Sam and Lucky’s fault? All of this is happening because of Sonny. Sonny went after Karpov for shooting Kate without any real evidence that he did. He tried to kill Karpov and then Karpov in turn tried to kill him…then in turn Sonny really DID kill Karpov and this is the Russians acting in retaliation. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching and actually really resent your dislike for one coupling and LOVE for another cloud your judgement. This is not Sam and Lucky’s fault! Wake up!

  47. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    I wish we knew someone going to Steve’s event, I’m interested on his views of all of this, he has a way of getting his point accross without letting anything out of the bag. Wow Regan, you really have to think about Jason looking happy, (SEEING AS WE SEE SO LITTLE OF THAT!!!), I can’t remember. My favorite is the way he cuts Liz off when she is talking and goes in for another kiss, SO FRICKEN CUTE!!!!

  48. Profile photo of Nettie84115

    LOL! Nah, it’s just a defense mechanism because I don’t know as much as everyone else :)

    I started watching when Luke and Laura returned then lost interest when JY started playing Lucky. A few years ago I had ACL reconstruction and got hooked again. I like GV as Lucky so I’ve stuck around. Mostly I appreciate all the characters and don’t hate on any of them. I just wish they would share the screentime wealth a little and give us some variety. I have learned that is a common complaint amongst GH fans though.

  49. Profile photo of katclaws

    kgbmc…….you hit the nail on the head!
    What a sad comentary on how GH is being written these days.

    Regan, you’ve been our (LIASON fans) cheerleader for so long & I thank you for that. I feel your frustration & disappointment & sadness as well.

    I still hope somehow, someway we will get LIASON, but if that doesn’t happen, I know I won’t be tuning in to GH anymore because I’m just sick of feeling like a pawn in Guza’s/Frons/Phelps sick game of toying with loyal fans.

  50. Profile photo of carly2098

    I’m mad because they can’t go break-up liason because guza said this break-up was not real. That would be getting back together. and how in the heck can Sonny have a life and loves and Jason can’t be happy with Liz, it not fair Sonny start this whole dam mess in the frist place. I know working for mob is not a good place for liz and the boys to be. But if Jake get kidnaped and they break-up over this, I will be bad because. Liz loves Loves jason more then life, and I’m tried of people blame Jason for this blame sonny he was the one that was in the wherehouse micheal got shoot and all this undone because of him.

    Jason and liz belong together for a long time

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