Guiding Light and The Return of the Dastardly Prince

No that isn’t the title to a Harlequin Romance about a Dubai royal who forces his personal assistant into a marriage of convenience only to ascend to his father’s throne—though it would be a good one if I do type so myself— Guiding Light is bringing back Prince Nasty Pants, Edmund Winslow (David Andrew Macdonald), according to We Love Soaps.

When we last saw the former ruler of San Cristobel, he was on perma drool thanks to Cassie’s demon seed, adopt-o-brat. I always liked Edmund. He was like the Jan Brady of the House of Winslow. "Richard! Richard! Richard!"

 My guess is with Cassie (mercifully) gone, Edmund will be back to cause trouble for Richard’s doppelganger Jeffrey and Edmund’s one-time sister-in-law Reva, or to sell the story of her pregnancy to The National Examiner.  

It seems like Ellen Wheeler has finally taken a break from her The Hills: The Complete First Season DVD Collection and has gotten busy quietly reshaping her soap opera. If she brings back Maureen Garrett (Holly), Krista Tesreau (Mindy) Nancy St. Alban (Michelle) and Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) and finally casts the role of Marah Lewis, I vow not to  mention her ridiculous comparison of GL to The Hills again this year!

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    Bangel Angle

    Oh my God! First Phillip. Then Elani. Then Edmond! The might from “I might have to watch GL” is gone.

    I will definitely be watching. Atleast I’ll give it a chance.

    F*** Jonathan. GL, this is how you bring back fans!

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    “F*** Jonathan.”


    I hope you have the proper protection if you’re going to make a comment like that. LOL!

    Also, it’s great that they are bring back some of these actors but it’s not going to mean a thing if they don’t WRITE properly for these characters. Bringing back fan favorites isn’t going to help this show if they don’t do right by the characters and the fans that love them. That being said I’d take Edmund any day over the sloppy grease ball mess named Grady!

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    Bangel Angle

    LOL! I know there are Jammy fans. Just like EJami fans. I’ll say it double dose. F*** Jonathan. F*** EJ.

    They are prime examples of new characters being pimped to a godlike degree at the expense of veteran actors and ultimately the shows.

    But with these actors coming back to GL, it will give them a chance. That’s all a show needs. Someone to tune in for a moment to give them a chance. If TPTB doesn’t take out the hook and write them properly, they miss their opprotunity.

    Want to keep me here longer. How about bringing back Ross, Holly, and Michelle. They ruined Ben but if they could rewrite him back, I’d be happy as well.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Tom Pelphrey is one of the best actors to come to any show in a generation, so pimping him didn’t bother me so much. Stephanie, however, was a hair model. I am sorry, it is what it is. GL is good about getting charismatic men and pairing them with one note little girls. They should have kept Jonathan with Dinah, they were smoking hot, fun and witty, or mixed him up with Blake or Lizzie, this show has got to stop wasting it’s popular leading men on hair models.

  5. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    My dislike of those characters have nothing to do with the actors. The pimping of those characters, to me, are what’s killing these shows.

    I agree that T.P. was an awesome actor and I loved that three seconds of Jon and Dinah, but there is no way that I will believe that making GL the Jonathan hour didn’t help ruin this show.

    And bringing back T.P. means nothing to me. Maybe after the show is stable, but not now.

    The show has spent more time on Tammy’s death than they did with Ross’ death. And I couldn’t stand the fickle character that was Tammy.

    GL, finally, looks like it’s seen the light. Hopefully that means the writers aren’t writing in the dark anymore.

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    OH MY GOD!!!! EDMUND!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! I was just coming to post this! FINALLY, he’s back. The prince of darnkness. Edmund is one of my favorite characters and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he causes for Springfield. First, Eleni, then Phillip, and now Edmund. GL is really trying to save their asses at the last minute, huh? Now only if we could get Jonathan to come back and reunite a few key couples GL would the show again!

  7. Profile photo of season1217

    “Now only if we could get Jonathan to come back….”


    If you want some ham then get it for Thanksgiving but I don’t need it one my television screen!:P

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    Days of our Lives might be breaking my heart right now, but GL is slowly winning me back!

    First Philip….
    Now Edmund….
    All I need is the Josh and Reva reunion and I am golden.

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    I agree with some other posters, you bring back the one and only Phillip played by GA, and then to top it off Edmund is coming back, and that is another character that I thought was gone for good with this new reincarnation of GL. DAM plays the villain role extremely well, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for him. And I am all for him causing some turmoil in Jeffrey’s life. That will be fun to see. Yeah someone really must have bound and gagged Ellen Wheeler for all these latest developments to be happening.

  10. Profile photo of GusJaq

    I’m so happy!! DAM is a great actor and I love Edmund.

    As for the writing…I read somewhere that what we’re seeing now is the new writers trying to clean up the previous mess. I think we’re supposed to start seeing their writing, w/o Ellen’s influence, soon.

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    Want to keep me here longer. How about bringing back Ross, Holly, and Michelle. They ruined Ben but if they could rewrite him back, I’d be happy as well.

    Have you been watching the same “Guiding Light” that I have? They can’t bring Ross back, because he was killed in a plane crash, when Jerry Ver Dorn left to be on “One Life To Live.” And as for Ben, if you mean Ben Reede, that can’t happen, either. Ben killed himself in front of Marina with a lethal injection. I know it’s a soap opera, but those returns would be as likely as Richard or Gus coming back to reclaim their respective hearts.

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