Love it or Hate it: Kelly Monaco

Check out Kelly Monaco with Mel B at the news conference where they announced they would be in PEEPSHOW.

Love it or Hate it: Kelly Monaco

Love it or Hate it: Kelly Monaco

  • Hate it! (51%, 281 Votes)
  • Love it! (49%, 268 Votes)

Total Voters: 549


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  1. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I don’t know about that. She doesn’t look very comfortable in that photo. Is it the dress or the dude with his arm wrapped around her? Who knows?
    The dress reminds me of ribbon candy.
    I like the dress Mel B. has on.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  2. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I love KM. I think she takes a lot of unnecessary crap from a lot of people. But I hate that dress and I think her involvement in this show will mean her days at GH are numbered. Following DWTS Guza assisinated Sam’s character on the show and made her out as a kidnapping crazy con-artist unworthy of Jason. Her screen time was cut in half and suddenly the popular actress was an outcast. I see him doing a similiar stunt or cutting her out all together.

  3. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    LuvSkate I agree she does take a lot of unnecessary crap LOL

    I think the sam assassination though had more to do with her contract status and less to do with DWTS. (they didnt know and she didnt know whether she would re-sign) In fact, I think they wanted her to do DWTS.

    I hope that her new venture goes well – maybe it will have the opposite effect if it is – they will see how popular she is and will give her a story worthy of her talents.

  4. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ITA with the unnecessary crap too, lol.

    But as far as I know, GH didn’t have a problem with her DWTS stint. I know Guza wrote in a little nod to it in one of JaSam’s stories – the one that featured his real-life wife Meg Bennett (GH’s Allegra, Y&R’s Julia). If anything soaps encourage their actors to do stuff like DWTS – it gets them free publicity.

    Of course I voted for Love It! KeMo is lovely in anything she wears :)

  5. Profile photo of Brooke

    I’m confused – what am I supposed to be loving or hating? Kelly’s dress, Kelly, or the fact that she’s in a peepshow?

    If it’s her dress, I hate it. If it’s Kelly, I love her. If it’s the fact she’s in a peepshow, good luck to her!

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