Nikki Inherits Katherine’s Family Jewels

If Jill (Jess Walton) wasn’t pissed already she will be now. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) just inherited Katherine’s (Jeanne Cooper) entire jewelry collection.

Expect to see Nikki sporting her inheritance at her next face off with Ashley (Eileen Davidson). Ok, that last sentence is a joke.

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    “Nikki inherits Katherine’s family jewels.”


    I think she’d rather have Victor’s in a box on a mantelpiece over her fireplace!:P

    She could do a remix version of D*ck in a Box.

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    The BEST part of the reading of Katherine Chancellor’s will was when Jill said “WHAT!?!?!” upon hearing what Kay left Amber. Jill – and Jess Walton – is HILARIOUS! But… I STILL miss Brenda Dickson’s portrayal of Jill. ;-)

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