ATWT: Austin Peck is not leaving, Agim Kaba has been dropped to recurring status

A couple of weeks ago there were rumors that Austin Peck (Brad Snyder) and Agim Kaba (Aaron Snyder) were leaving As the World Turns. The CBS edition of Soaps in Depth is now reporting that Austin is not leaving, but that Agim has been dropped to recurring status. Will Agim have to face the same destiny as Dylan Bruce (Chris Hughes)? He was dropped to recurring status too, but still ended up leaving the show.

Austin Peck Out at As The World Turns?
Agim Kaba Leaving ATWT?

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    Brad & Katie are one of the great reasons about watching. Aaron needs to just be written out. Where is Casey’s hot friend, Matt? He was the only one that Alison had chemistry with…

    All of this good news concerning the P&G soaps has me kinda worried. LOL!

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

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    "Aaron needs to just be written out." Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who likes Agim/Aaron LOL!. But they’ve wasted his talent since he returned last year. I know they’re recasting Lucy, so maybe they will revisit that couple.

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    Bangel Angle

    I’m not a big Brad and Katie fan. I guess it will always be Skatie for me. Katie just doesn’t seem as invested in this relationship as she is usually in the others.

    I love Aaron. I thought Alison an Aaron had good chemistry. But so did her and Chris. But the writing was all over the place, and I don’t really know if they know how to write Aaron.

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    Yay I love Brad & Katie, and Austin Peck is the only Brad! I wish Agim wasn’t leaving now the Alison is alone, (PLEASE DONT PUT HER WITH CASEY) Agim could acctually have a sorta story with her but they just can’t give him one for some reason!

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    Agim’s first stint on ATWT was great. He had a good story, romances etc. This time, they really dropped the ball with him. He just was a supporting player. I feel bad for Agim for being placed on recurring status, but the writers weren’t doing his character any justice..perhaps this is best for Agim.


    You gotta love daytime!

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