B&B’s Upcoming Look-alike Story

Rumor has it that The Bold and the Beautiful‘s soon-to-air look-alike story will involve Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis). Was it a coincidence that Thorne (Winsor Harmon) mistook a model for Owen (Brandon Beemer) this week? With a surveillance camera installed in Owen’s new office and a supposed Owen double running around Forrester Creations, how long do you think it will be before Eric spies "Donna" and "Owen" getting some rumpy pumpy on his office desk? I give it two weeks.

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    Oh, I wondered what that Thorne/Model thing was all about, lol!

    While this plot twist sounds lame, I admit I’m relieved. When I heard about a Donna look-alike story I assumed it meant Gareis would start playing two roles (The HORROR!) But at least this just sounds like they’re going to hire some blonde actress that looks like Donna – much better, lol.

    Thanks Darren!!

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    Darren Lomas

    SJ, now, THAT would be awesome. How did I never think of it before?! Sick as I am of Donna, it would be a fantastic nod to history. If only TPTB had that much imagination :(

    Daisyclover, any other JG dual role would have me reaching for the sick bucket! Grace Turner would at least be inventive and fun (for a very short-term stint!).

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    Hey, I’m watching today’s B&B, and I just wanted to add something here. Is anyone else amused by how much Thorne is into watching Owen and Donna? The man is practically drooling all over the laptop. Heehee I’m loving it!! :D

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