Caption This: Dead Denny and Izzie Make Love

Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally got down to it on Grey’s Anatomy, only trouble is he’s dead. Is he is a figment of Izzie’s imagination, or is she having ghostly visitations? At least it’s not necrophilia, I guess.     

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    Wait a minute! A woman sleeping w/ the ghost of her dead fiance gets love but a show about a man who can bring dead things back to life gets cancelled. Damn you society! Damn you!

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    Bangel Angle

    Shhh… don’t let Palin know. She has hope for this afterlife thing.

    I found the entire scene weird. But I did enjoy when Meridith call for Derek. But isn’t she cheating on Alex? Is it cheating if you’re having sex with a ghost or is it the next step from daydreaming? Hmm…

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    Darren Lomas

    Bangel Angle, I agree, it was just weird. I can’t believe the ratings are going up because of this – it makes no sense! Was Denny that popular? I mean, I liked them together, but ghosty sex?!

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    What if Izzie has a tumor like Nikolas did on GH? That is the only thing I can think of. I remember how real the scenes were when Nik and Em in his mind. What if that is happening to Izzie? Just thought I would throw that out there and see what everyone thought.

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    I believe Michael Ausiello of EW got confirmation that Izzy does not have a brain tumor.

    Bangel, you bring up some excellent questions that are just to deeply thought provoking and downright icky for me to ponder! LOL!

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