Paging Mark Pinter to General Hospital

Mark Pinter (Roger Smythe, All My Children; Grant Harrison, Another World) has been cast as Agent Rayner on General Hospital. We’ve talked about the possible casting in the Spoilers and Nelson Branco has Pinter debuting on December 11th in today’s Suds Report.

According to the RUMOR MILL, Pinter’s character is an FBI Agent brought in to help in the kidnapping investigation of little Jacob Martin Spencer, er Morgan. Agent Rayner will take an obvious interest in the mob element in town as it was the Russian Mob who took Jake and Jason Morgan’s interest in the missing tot will also have the agent going hmmmmm.

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    Regan Cellura

    Yes… as I said in the spoiler post, didn’t they already do this when Reese was introduced? Remember the “real Carly”? Here it is….

    I’ve been waiting on a little more, maybe even a little birdie to confirm, but hell I’m a girl with too much work and very little time. LOL. So here it is… there are RUMORS about an Agent coming to PC…an FBI agent. Would make a lot of sense if it was Jagger coming back but he was written out of Night Shift and back to Cali (is that where he was prior to the return?) to deal with his baby’s momma. So the LATEST RUMOR…SCOOP…maybe Fanfic is that an FBI Agent comes to help in the kidnapping investigation. Possibly being played by Mark Pinter (Roger Smythe, AMC; Grant, AW). This Agent will take an obvious interest in the mob element in town as it was the Russian Mob who took Jake and Jason Morgan’s interest in the missing tot will also have the agent going hmmmmm.

    Another re-do? Isn’t this how we met Reese? Is there a dictionary in the writer’s room at GH? I’d like for them to look up the definition of ORIGINALITY.

    Here’s a thought… how about you have the PCPD succeed in something. Maybe Mac can find Jake? Maybe Harper can…he’s hot, I wouldn’t mind seeing him more. It’s a fellow officer’s son that is missing AGAIN… let them rally. Your precious Mob stays in tact and the PCPD don’t look like idiots…. wait, I’ve said this before haven’t I? Gee… think it’s because it’s what the fans would like to see? KUDOS to John J. York! He rocked his scenes yesterday (Tuesday)!

    So now let’s guess… this FBI Agent being brought in (IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE) we all know how this story goes. He’ll wind up being someone from someone’s past… Sam’s Dad? Maybe Spinelli’s? Jeff Weber with a new face?

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    Another FBI agent with interest in the mob? Why couldn’t they have brought him on as Liz’s father, Jeff Webber? That would be way more interesting then the same recycled garbage.

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    I have always enjoyed Mark Pinter, especially when he was the wicked Grant on AW. But as with all things on GH, I am sure this new agent will soon be revealed to be working for Sonny, and will do whatever Sonny wants. How could it possibly be anything else.

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    Well for goodness sakes can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if this is going to be a story, for ONCE in about 20 years, have the good guys SOLVE the puzzle. Sheesh!

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    So, ummmm, why can’t Mac and the Port Chuck police department handle this? Why do they consistently portray Mac and the cops as inept? I wanna know when Mac downgraded his Scorpio brain for a lower end model?

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    They are not going to find this baby before the 2nd week in december? Sheesh!!! THey better not kill this kid. I will be seriously p.o.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

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    Mark Pinter is a daytime great! I’ve been a fan of his since his first day as Grant Harrison on the late, great “Another WOrld”. Since AW went off the air, Pinter has only been able to land recurring and short term roles on soaps. I’m guessing his GH role is the same.


    You gotta love daytime!

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    Mark would be a good fit to general hospital. That show is long running and good entertainment. It always has a new twist. My hospital should take notes from General Hospital. We finally got a new hospital paging system from http://www.turn-keytechnologies and it is about time! Now our doctors get their pages in time and not an hour or two later.

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