Hogestyn and Hall’s Firing Starts to Have Ripple Effect

The dust hasn’t settled yet and already the news of Days of Our Lives firing stars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn has set off a frenzy. Yahoo TV blog writer Rebecca Detken  stated:
As much as I hate to say it, I’m not sure if the soaps can be saved, but in staying true to the genre’s form, a dramatic death is inevitable.

This comes from a fan and ardent protector of the soap industry who also asked,

Can you imagine the town of Salem without Marlena (aka "Doc") and John?

No truer line has been uttered. Read Detken’s entire blog posting on Ken Corday’s grotesque solution for his birthright.

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    Do you think Corday even realizes what he has done? Or does he even care? I never really believed the theories out there that he was purposly trying to get Days cancelled. But now, I just don’t know. This defies all logic to me.

    In the end, it was about buisness. But as a soap fan, I don’t give a rat’s ass about buisness. I want good stories which Days is not delivering right now.

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    NBC is just covering its ass. If DOOL was cancelled, even in its current state, fans would protest and go crazy. By making the shows owner, Corday, responsible for the cast cuts, NBC is blameless. And after the eventual erosion of the audience, and Days plunges to new lows, its cancellation will be seen as inevitable. and there will be no backlash or fans sending sand or some craziness to the execs.

    But I can’t blame NBC! They have to make money and they have no creative control of the show – Corday does. Quality always shines through and the ratings usually reflect that.

    If Corday really wanted to save the show he would have relinquished creative control of the show to someone with a better vision than his. If he were wise, he would have realized that he did not have the skills to guide the ship anymore.

    At the end of the day (Days, sigh) there’s one person and one preson alone to blame for this – Corday. And it’s such a shame.

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    As long as the show has Nicole and Melanie as their front burner stories, it’s all good! I mean really..Who needs the Brady/Hortons/DiMera/Johnsons when you have a Walker and a whatever-Melanie’s-last-name is on the canvas?? They are the new generation of Days!
    :sick: I needed to add that just in case my sarcasm wasn’t picked up.

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    I’m mad about this, but you some of the blmae can go to Ken cordey he was writng some of the show and it kind of his flunt too, and I love days and this is a sad day and someone need to save from happening because Days has been on so long

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    John and Marlena isn’t THE SHOW! The show did great when they weren’t on. And it’s going to do good now. The ratings are good when they aren’t on. Why would that change when their gone?

    gosh, not everyone watch for them.

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    It’s evident that corday hasnt cared about the show for a while.And he’s so insulting on the way he says everyones recastable.This past year he shouldve just retired and turned the show over to ed scott.

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    Well lene91 your assertion would be true if this was still 1987 and soaps were still highly popular also would be true if Days had a person on staff that could write. Considering none of that is true I would say the sands are about to run out.

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    I agree ajpp50.

    If Days had halfway decent stories, then this might not be so devastating to fans. But the stories on this show right now are either boring, stupid, sleazy, or confusing. (I think Blake B. is doing an amazing job, but even his performance isn’t saving this “murder mystery” for me)

    For most soap fans it comes down to this. Molly Burnett is still employed and Deidre Hall is not. It’s disgraceful.

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    I think everyone knows i am pissed off about this, but I have to comment about how you used the pretty picture…. that is one of my favorites of them… :) GOSH I am going to miss them…

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    John and Marlena isn’t THE SHOW! The show did great when they weren’t on. And it’s going to do good now. The ratings are good when they aren’t on. Why would that change when their gone.
    Are you related to Corday or Higley?

    13 Month Of Sunshine!!!!

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    I agree gush.

    True not everyone is a Jarlena fan (myself included), but they do recognize that Deidre Hall is the face of Days. These firings show a complete lack of respect for the show and it’s fans.

    Then again, when has Days ever cared about what the fans want to see?

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    I agree gush and snowi,
    I was just curious with lene91 post. I don’t know if we are watching the same show, but the show is not getting better and without Deidre and Drake it will get worst. Wish Corday sell the damn show to someone with a creative vision and not addicted of going on vacation every week.

    13 Month Of Sunshine!!!!

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