The Young and the Restless: Monday’s Preview

The bar is being set…..

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    DD was on the R.S. cruise and he is one of the funniest people I have ever met and really nice too.
    I told him you’d never know from Y & R and that Paul needs to get a sense of humor and he laughed and agreed.
    They showed clips of Eva Longorio as Isabella with Paul on “movie night” and Doug kept calling Isabella names…like “liar” and he would jump and hit the screen when she came on. It was hilarious.
    He also talked about how the soap industry has not been the same since the death of Bill Bell (did not mention him by name) a few years ago and how storylines are not character driven anymore, as Bill used to write them.
    Jackie Z. was there and agreed with him.
    Check out
    there is a photo of Rick, Paul and Ronnie Grinnell (Rick’s manager) outside the 3 Amigos restaurant in Cozumel on Saturday night.
    It’s hilarious.


    Doug did say that he taped something
    just before he left for the cruise
    romance with an old flame
    (think this video is any hint?)

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