Twilight Sucks Up $35 million at Box Office

Big screen vampire opera Twilight really showed its fangs Friday earning $35.7 million dollars.  Based on the hugely popular book series by Stephanie Meyer, Twilight is part of the resurgence of a major vampire craze in the pop universe, including True Blood on HBO, also based on a series of books.Wouldn’t now be the perfect time for Buffy The Vampire Slayer to make her return to the big screen? Only this time with TV Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, in the lead, as opposed to that one girl from the 90’s no one remembers.

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    I’ll probably wait till it comes out on DVD. I’ve been mulling over reading the book. See, stuff like this is not good for me. I already have an extremely false perception of reality. Some have Denial Island. I have La La Land Island. First, Angel. Then, Spike. Now, Edward. This is gonna kill me!

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    I saw Twilight on Thrusday night. It was really good. They did a great job adapting the book. Although, it was a shame they cast such a hot guy to play James – what a waste… Maybe they’ll put him in flashbacks in a future movie -lol!

    And I’m with you Jamey, let’s bring Buffy back ASAP!!! I know Joss is busy with Dollhouse, but since Fox sucks monkey balls and put it on Friday Nights, I’m sure he’ll be free soon anyway!

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    Bangel Angle

    I haven’t seen this movie but I’ve heard the raves. As I’ve heard about True Blood.

    And oh, Buffy. How I loved it so. So many yummy characters. It was so great, I could even forgive the blandness of its last season. Let’s face it. The worse season of Buffy is still tons better than the best of other shows.

    I’m all for a new Buffy movie. But can we ignore the season 8 comic in the filmmaking? Can we kill off Kennedy and bring back Tara or Oz? Can Spike lose his soul again? And Xander regain his eye? can we bring Anya back to life and hook her up with Giles for a onetimer?

    Is that too big of a list?

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    i loved this movie…most of the people who gave it bad reviews more than likely never read the books. you don’t really have to read the books to get it, but there are some parts where if you never read the books u might be like um why is he doing that?…lol my sis never read the books and i did, so i had to like explain everything to her throughout the movie!

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    People often complain that films are not true enough to the books. I know lots of people who complain about all of the things that are left out of the Harry Potter films but if they left them in the film would be about 20 hours long. I read all of the Twilight books about two weeks ago. I watched this film Thursday morning and this film was too true to the books but didn’t explain some of the plot points like that Edward could hear other people’s thoughts. I had someone asking me questions throughout the film. You shouldn’t have to read the book to understand the film. It wasn’t a bad film but it wasn’t a great film either. Maybe the next one will be better.
    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

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    I haven’t seen the movie but I will wait for the DVD. I’ve read all the books, and found them to be quite overrated. Perhaps I am biased because I adored JK Rowling’s writing style, but when people began comparing the Twilight saga to Harry Potter, I figured I would check them out, and was very disappointed. The first book didn’t even really have a plot until the last fourth of the book, and besides that I hated most of the characters. Hated Edward, hated Bella, and if I hated the two main characters, I didn’t really find much reason to like the story itself. I kept on reading though. Out of all of them, New Moon is the only one I liked, and that is because Edward was gone for much of the book and I really took to Jacob. The last book was the worst, it was the biggest piece of garbage I have ever read.

    Don’t get me started lol It just amazes me that a series so much like a teenage harlequin romance series has become so huge. I seriously felt like I was reading internet fanfiction when I read the first book. And not even GOOD fanfiction, but the mediocre kind.

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    Question: I have neither read the books nor seen the movie but could someone explain to me what a vampire who’s over one hundred years old is still doing in HIGH SCHOOL?! I know he physically looks seventeen but is he really that dumb that he needs to repeat. LOL! I mean if you’re going to lie about being seventeen some eighty years later why can’t he just say that he’s 23 and looks 17 or something like that? Help a sister out here. I need to understand!

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    I would say read the books but i’ll be nice and answer.

    The younger they ‘start out’ in a new place the longer they can stay there.

    So if you start out at 16 you can stay looking young until mid/late 20’s then you have to leave and start over again before people figure things out.

    There is a running gag in the family and such about how many graduation caps they get and such.

    The movie was really good, had some issues with it but overall it was awesome.

    My full review is in the forums –here

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