B&B DVD Released in Australia!


I was browsing through some junk mail the other day and guess what caught my eye? The Bold and the Beautiful: Fan Favourites Collection has just been released on DVD in Australia! In a 5-disc set, you’ll get to view classic episodes such as B&B’s original episode, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) as the Arabian princess and a drunk Sally Spectra (as played by the recently passed Darlene Conley) cutting off Stephanie’s hair (Susan Flannery). Who said you couldn’t market soaps on DVD?

If you’re interested in getting yourself a copy, you’ll need a multi-region DVD player (the DVD is Region 4) and the EzyDVD website. Happy Christmas shopping!

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    I wish they would put soaps out on dvd here! I agree dmfj, putting out Port Charles’s Arc on DVD right now would be a good idea. I just got two of my younger cousins who are obsessed with vampires hooked on clips from youtube.

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    In Germany they released the first 12 episodes of “Sunset Beach” on DVD this year. And it might continue …

    I think they should try this with Soaps more often. All episodes would be too much and probable won’t sell, but some highlight DVDs with special episodes and maybe a little recap for each year – I sure would buy something like that.

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    A 5 disc set?!? Okay, I’m actually drooling!! I – Want – This!! Yet another reason to get a region free dvd player, because something tells me they’re not going to be doing a US version anytime soon :(

    Thanks for posting this Brooke!! btw, are you going to be getting it??

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    Lucky Aussie :P

    look forward to hearing whats on it and all :)

    I like B&B and if it was here i would support it :) now if only they would do a ‘year one’ release or something and release all the episodes :) then i would be even more happy lol *though i would be buying H&A / Neighbours first -.- dang you and getting me hooked on Aussie soaps……….okay it is actually not your fault at all considering you said they were crap -.- but meh you are here, and a aussie so i can blame you :P*

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    I think Neighbours released a 10 year anniversary DVD… I know there was a soundtrack/CD of all the *stars* who’ve launched their careers on the show. Definitely used to be some H&A DVDs, back when Tammin Sursok was on the show – and Bec Cartwright (now married to Aussie tennis player, Llayton Hewitt and currently expecting their second child).

    I haven’t had the chance to watch any of the B&B DVDs yet, maybe tonight.

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    Oh yea i so wanna watch old Tammin Sursok…………………………………………..because she has improved so much……………….. *lol sorry, she has improved but ugh dont want to see worse lol*

    Though i would like to see the rape and the whole Kane/Kirsty forbidden romance…………dang i would buy those DVD’s -.-

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