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Hey Days fans, my apologies for the lack of Denial Island Previews last week, if you rely on my preview rather than watching the show, let’s just say you didn’t miss much. This week there are two things that are good about Days – a) the show’s not airing on Thursday because it’s Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving!); and b) John and Marlena are onscreen again. Alright, alright, so I heard a rumor that Nicole’s reaction to losing the baby is worth watching too, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. What else is in store? Keep reading for this week’s Preview from Denial Island (where the weather is a sunny 76F and we don’t allow any crap storylines).

More stomach pains for (*warning*) Nicole. As EJ is unavailable (on DiMera business with Stefano – should that excite me? I don’t want to get my hopes up that we might be getting the REAL EJ back or anything), Nicole dials her last called number and gets Brady – he rushes her to the clinic (where she meets Dr. Baker [John Callahan]). Unfortunately for Nicole, she goes into pre-term labor and has a miscarriage. When she wakes up, Brady tells her the truth – the baby has not survived. I’m told Nicole’s reaction is worth watching, if only for some knock-out acting by Arianne Zucker. Nicole dreams of a baby girl. When she wakes up, EJ calls her back but she um’s and ah’s on what to tell him. When he asks her straight out, Nicole lies and says everything is fine. One fake pregnancy, coming right up…

Over at the safe house, Sami is still umm-ing and ahh-ing herself over what to do about her and EJ’s unborn child. Rafe tells her about a convent orphanage nearby and Sami sneaks out to investigate. There she meets a nun called Sister Teresa, where Sami introduces herself as Colleen and asks for her help. Sister Teresa agrees to give it. Is Sami going to put unborn baby DiMera up for adoption? Will Nicole pursue adoption and end up with Sami’s baby? Gawd…that is just too awful to think about! And where’s Rafe in all this? Well, he leaves Sami with returning bodyguard #2 Hilda while he goes to spy on EJ. For those who wanted to see him interact with other cast members this week, he meets up and has a conversation with Hope.

Jawn is in mercenary mode and Marlena doesn’t like it. After she almost gets shot, she convinces Jawn to stay with her rather than going after her attacker (the Mayor’s killer). Marlena lays down the law with Jawn – either he starts therapy or never see her or her family again. Jawn eventually chooses the therapy option (one session only) which surprises Marlena, but not us Days watchers who have known about Sandra Ferguson’s upcoming role as a psychiatrist for weeks. Maybe one of us should have said something. Oh, but it hurts being snarky about J&M, I’m too depressed that this is the beginning of their exit storyline.

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    As usual, thanks Brooke!!

    I’m so excited about…uhm…ahh… getting to see Marlena and John before they’re thrown out like yesterday’s trash? (sorry, still a little bitter :( )

    Actually, I will be pleased to see Rafe interacting with someone else on the show – YAY!

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    Season, you forgot to add that Melanie is the annoying red head that Dena feels like shoving down our throats in order to torture us for bothering to tune in.

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    Well to be fair, she might not know exactly which one of the unfamiliar faces Melanie is, so we really should help her out. I say look for the girl with the big hair and bigger teeth.

    Oh wait, that’s not nice is it? Look for the lovely future hair model who couldn’t act her way out of a tube of toothpaste.

    No, no…we need to narrow it down: When a girl comes on the screen that makes you think “Dear Soap God, how the h*ll did this girl get an acting job!?” then you’ll know – That’s Melanie!

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    Brooke I just love your spoilers every week. I have to say I feel the same way about Melanie. I do have one good thing to say about her though, atleast she broke up Max and Stephanie. That couple needed to end because we were all over hearing about, “No More STAX!”, all over the message boards.
    If it’s true what you suggest about Nicole/Sami baby adoption switch thing, I am going to be loving that s/l and I don’t care what anyone says. This is clearly JER’s dieing wish to have another s/l that he would have come up for the show. I mean this brings me back to the days of Kristen trying to get a baby from Susan Banks who was pregnant with her own adoptive fathers son (who is speak of the devil Elivs Jr or we know and love EJ. I think we are going to get some good s/l’s out of this new one. Imagine Sami giving her baby to her enemy #1, Nicole. I just can’t wait for this to happen.
    As far as the rest of the show I am not too happy right now. When is Steve and Kayla going to get a s/l? There are the favorite couple on the show and always have been since they came back. Why has Steve never really finished telling Kayla what happened all those years when he was out of Salem? We already found out about crazy Ava, I am sure a playboy like Steve “Patch” Johnson would have many encouters with pretty young ladies. He must have a young son out there somewhere. This would be something great to put our favorites back on the front burner. Enough of the Melanie show, bring on Stayla!

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    Well, we know “that” writing team is back. Twice today we heard that line ad nauseum… “So-n-so is my past, hoofie-do is my future…” UGH…

    The really good news? The hair stylists parted Steph’s hair to the side, not down the center. It made her look much more mature! And too, the chemistry between “Stephanie” and “Phillip” was terrific! I could see a renewing of the old days of Jack and Jennifer for a brief moment in time.

    Let’s not give up hope. Maybe Melanie will tick off a DiMera in the near future and she’ll be tossed in a dungeon somewhere… Okay, a fan can dream, can’t she?

    “Star Trekkin’ across the universe; boldly going forward ’cause we can’t find reverse!”

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    “Dear Soap God, how the h*ll did this girl get an acting job!?” then you’ll know – That’s Melanie!

    Daisy, i love you ^_^ seriously arg that thing just needs to get off my screen -.-.

    Thanks for posting B :)

    Yea i am actually watching this (piece of trash) show but my ratings go to the lovely people of Salem place :), even if i had a nelsen box i would turn on GL before i turned on DAYS -.-.

    At least i can watch GL and actually kinda sortof care about characters, DAYS i just dont -.- but whatever if you guys post on the forums then check out my Days Dish in the DAYS section :)

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