Johnson Inks New Deal at Days; Duhon, Prescott and Bruce Tested for Philip!

It appears Soap Opera Mafia Don/Days of Our Lives executive producer Ken Corday had three name actors lined up to replace Jay Kenneth Johnson as Philip Kiriakis had Corday’s strong arm tactics to scare the actor not worked. Reliable sources reveal Dylan Bruce (ex-Chris, ATWT), Jon Prescott (ex-Mike, ATWT) and Josh Duhon (ex-Logan, GH) all tested for the role of Philip Kiriakis. However, Johnson did indeed sign a new contract.

"They had to have already had these actors lined up," says the source. "No work is done in Hollywood on the weekend, so the Days execs must have already had them ready just in case."

I have to admit it was perfect strategy for "someone" to leak the news of Johnson allegedly clearing out his dressing room to Soap Opera  just before the magazine was set to break the soap story of the decade, the firing of Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn. I’m sure the logic was, what kind of sympathy will Johnson get from fans who are reeling from the loss of the show’s two biggest stars? Silly Corday, tricks are for kids.

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    Clearly you never watched Passions; otherwise, you’d know that Passions didn’t have a Philip Kiriakis-type character on the show.

    Frankly, Days is lucky to get Passions actors, but not at the expense of DD.

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    So happy Jay is staying! The one and only Philip, but I gotta admit the potential recasts are all talented and good looking. I think Dylan could have fit the role best. Duhon would make a great Jeremy Horton recast.

    Surprising not to see any passions actors or reality stars on that list.

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    All the Passions stars who aren’t Eric or Galen were smart enough to steer clear of a sinking ship. That being said, Heidi Mueller would be a fabulous Stephanie recast.

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    I would happily take any one of those hunks as nuPhillip!

    Heidi would be fantastic as Stephanie, but I kinda like the child that’s playing her (as long as she’s not with Max)…

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

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    Heidi would absolutely trump Shelly Hennig as Stephanie — and could we write the character with a little more backbone please?

    Oh, wait…this is Higley we’re talking about.

    Never mind.

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    Im glad that the JKJ is staying, but I really wish DAYS had snatched up Duhon . . . perhaps to play Sammy’s twin, “Eric” or to play Lawerence and Carly’s son . . . what was his name? I think he plays bad boy pretty well, and could have been a nice addition to the Days canvas . . .

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    Thanks Jamey . . . I couldn’t remember his name. I know Days’ canvas is really full right now, but that might be a younger character worth having. . . . as a corporate rival for Phillip. They could bring him in to run “Basic Black” once John and Marlena (sniff) are gone…. and, that would actually draw on history since John is Nicholas’ uncle . . . I think.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Well Joshua, John used to be Nicky’s uncle. That was I think his fourth or fifth retconned back history since the character appeared. First he was the mysterious Pawn, then Marlena thought he was Stefano, then she thought he was Roman, then it was revealed that the real Roman was alive and had been kept in a Mexican prison and that the Pawn was trained by Stefano to assume Roman’s identity. Then for a time he was jewel thief Romulus, who had some sort of past with Carly, then he was found out to be Forrest Alamain, which made him Lawrence’s brother, Vivian’s nephew and yes Nicky’s uncle. Since then, history was re-written to say John was the illegitimate child of Stefano’s former common law wife Daphne, which for a time made him Tony’s brother. Then the brilliant people at Days decided to make him the child of Colleen Brady and Stefano’s father! Then they wonder why viewers have tuned out.

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    Whew . . . that was a mouthful . . . I had conveniently forgotten the most recent re-write of John as Stefano’s son . . . Not that it matters anymore. Thanks for the review . . . strangely, I watched all of that stuff, but some of it just fails to register in my mind. I’ve been a loyal viewer since I was a kid, and I’ll continue to watch . . . with the slowly dying hope that something will change for the better. The only hope I have right now is that they might actually call on history and play Nick with DID or some sort of mental illness like his mother Jessica.

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    If nothing else, this clearly shows where the actors fall in the grand scheme of things on daytime TV (and primetime, for that matter) – somewhere between the cracks in the linoleum in the studio and a fly.

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    Technically it was spelled Nikki Alamain. They used the girl spelling for him, and the boy spelling when Paul called Nicole “Nicky”.

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