Laying Down the Law

I hate that Days of Our Lives is writing Nick (Blake Berris) into a corner. I hate that Days of Our Lives seems so intent on building a house of cards around a pointless character like Melanie (Molly Burnett). I hate that in order for Suzanne Rogers to get screentime she has to end up in such a clunker of a storyline. However, one must take a moment to applaud Rogers for doing her best to help pull this story up by the boot straps and giving it her all. I particularly enjoyed today’s show when Maggie wouldn’t let Melanie sass her and laid down the law while trying to honor Nick’s wishes.

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    Agreed Luke.

    I hate that only reason we are seeing Suzanne R. is because of Melanie.

    I think Blake B. is doing a great job, but it’s not enough to save this storyline for me.

    Seriously, how does Dena still have a job?

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    I’m wishing them to let MB have a break from screen time but honestly I’m enjoying the story.

    I do think though that they will be keeping BB around, otherwise why keep showing his post arrest. Surely they aren’t planning on letting him off himself?

    And RM and BB were great today. I’d love for Chick to return!

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    Melanie, like Trent before her, is an ill-conceived character from the mind of a writer who really comes up with nothing but ill-conceived characters.

    When Higley wrote OLTL, she created psycho-bitch-stalker Margaret Cochran and we were forced to endure months and months of the Margaret Cochran show, hogging screen time and chewing scenery while holding Todd in that stupid cabin and raping him to conceive (ill-conceive?) a child.

    And it wasn’t just Todd who got trapped in this vortex of suck: Bo, Blair, McBain, Rex — damned near everyone collided with this by-the-numbers whack job.

    Melanie is nothing but a screen time hog and a scenery chewer. At best, she’s Chelsea 2.0 — but the heart of the problem is that Melanie lacks a true tie to established characters. And, no, Max doesn’t really count.

    At least Chelsea turned out to be Bo and Billie’s daughter and Rachel Melvin has contributed to the show.

    Just who the hell is Melanie supposed to be?

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    I “watch (muting anything w/Melonie except for Maggie telling her how it is)” todays episode and I was suprise. I like Eric as Brady, Arianne was heartbreaking and this episode is a great Emmy reel for her, and Blake and Suzanne (the woman can still bring it) are killing it in this crap story or what I like to call the proping of the show’s next “Ali Sweeney”. Now I just insulted Ali, I’m sorry.

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