Nicole Loses “Miracle Baby”

General Hospital’s Kung Fu Barbie got pregnant and had a "miracle baby." Reva’s pregnant with a "miracle baby" on Guiding Light after going through menopause something like 700 times, ok not really but you get the point. Now Days of Our Lives’ Nicole (Arianne Zuker) has lost her "miracle baby."

Personally, I’d have loved it to see Nicole have a baby, and assuming the show last longer than 18 months it would have been great to see a Lucky vs. Nikolas dynamic between Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Nicole’s children. Check out more pictures after the jump.

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    Totally agree purplebraids.

    This “miracle baby” story sucked from the start. I don’t want Nicole to have EJ’s baby and tied to the Dimeras forever. That would be an absolute nightmare!

    And before anyone throws a conniption about this, just remember, this is Dena! Nicole will magically be able to have children again with the next dude she’s hooking up with. And as a fomer Broe fan, can I say I’m irritated beyond belief that Chloe and Brady have become this chick’s closest confidents! Plot point writng at it’s worst….

    I guess putting flesh eating bacteria on someones’s face isn’t totally unforgivable.

    I said it before, Let the Pillow Stuffing Commence!

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    I’m a Nicole fan more for the character then Ari’s acting the majority of the time – that said I think she did a great job with the miscarriage scenes. Some of those tears were mixed with real emotions so GREAT JOB at bringing it during those scenes. I really liked that she called out for EJ and for the nurse to save her baby. She may be selfish drunken wreck most of the time but she does have a heart.

    Wish she had been able to keep the baby. Here’s hoping she gets pregnant again. You never really even see the soapkids till their teens so it’s not like she’d be “tied down”.

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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    who ever gave John that haircut needs to be shot and left for dead. It’s atrocious
    Not only his hair cut, he looks a hot mess, what happened to him? Does unemployment and divorce did this to him?

    13 Months Of Sunshine!!!!

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    Wow! Ari has some good teeth! That’s the only comment about the pics I can make since I’m still boycotting this poop. I’m glad that this stupid “miracle” pregnancy is over and now Nicole will go back to being the scheming bitch that she’s meant to be and not this pathetic whiner who all of a sudden wanted this meal ticket, I mean baby, with EJ.

    Holy crap? Is that John Callahan in the first pic?

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    Firstly AZ did a great job with her scenes. But, I am relieved the “miracle” is no more. It was a gross rewrite of Salem history from the moment this sl took this weird turn. I had no desire to see Nicole cement herself into EJ’s orbit with this plot contrivance. Now the two of them can be free to move on to other more believable stories. I miss boozy, snarky Nicole. She can be quite funny. This sappy, weepy queen of denial is not Nicole.

    Wouldn’t it be nice for DOOL to give the fans a Christmas present by having the characters we all know behave like themselves? Please writers, stop sacrificing the characters to serve the plot.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Yep, looks like it to me. Like you I am boycotting “Spokes of Our Lives”, but it looks like that is indeed AMC’s Edmund as a highly paid extra. Boy that Cordy sure is good at math! Bring on a bunch of names to play nonessential characters (Roscoe Born, John Callahan, Sandra Ferguson, Galen Gaering) and then have to fire your money couple. He missed his calling in corporate banking.

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    LOL season, Dena did this to us. It’s not Ari’s fault….

    I agree Jamey, there are too many kids (whose parent’s never take care of anyways) on this show right now. I’m glad Sami is pregnant, but I think I would have preferred EJ being revealed as Allie’s father. I hate the dual daddy thing as much as I hate the dual pregnancy story.

    I miss the old snarky Nicole too. This whiney doe-eyed thing on my screen lately has been painful to watch.

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    Wow is all I can say to how John Callahan looks! I was watching it today, and I was like this guy looks familiar, and now I know. Sad to say, he really has let himself go since his AMC days.

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    I am trying not to think about it, i haven’t watched DAYS Yet, trying to enjoy Fridays/Monday’s OLTL before i watch that ‘show’ but this plot breaks my heart, i know no one really wanted a Ejole baby but still i cared about the kid and by the way that is one healthy looking premature kid she has there…….

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    Confession: I’ve been thinking about that too season.

    If it happens, I would love it if James Scott went to Y&R. I could actually enjoy my favorite actor on a GOOD soap for once.

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    Kahuna lover and snowi just about summed up how I feel about this disaster of a story line. The whole making Nicole a mother and her “miracle baby” sucked from the beginning. Now I bet we get a baby switch story line. Oh goody! NOT.

    Step away from the computer Dena just step away.

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    Sign me up for the cold hearted bitch club. I am so glad that Nicole has finally lost her “miracle” baby. The Nicole that is on screen is totally unrecognizable to me and down right irritating. I cannot wait to see the Nicole I remember – the scheming *itch who plotted to kill anyone who got in her way. This new and supposedly improved Nicole is BORING. Not to mention she doesn’t have one ounce of respect with her swoony “OMG!!! EJ may love me someday if I work really, really hard” mentality. She’s pathetic and whiney and I can’t wait for her to be bounced from this triangle and move on to ruining Brady’s life. Most importantly I can’t wait for EJ to buy a clue and kick her to the curb. It’s a travesty that his character had to be dumbed down to move this plot along.

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    The one thing I am looking forward too in this storyline is when EJ finds out about the pillow stuffing (and you know it’s going there). Maybe, just maybe we will get the old EJ back and he’ll make Nicole pay for her lies and go all Dimera on her ass. You know, lock her up in the tunnels under the Dimera mansion for awhile. I think the Days audience deserves the break.

    But with Dena at the helm, I doubt it.

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    I couldn’t agree more. Most of the characters on this soap have been unrecognizable. Both and EJ and Nicole have become so boring.
    I am glad the miscarriage finally happened, Iknew it would from day one. It is just a plot device to occupy EJ with while Sami is WP. Now we will get months of the ever growing pillow and an even dumber EJ than we have seen yet.
    combine that with Drake and Deirdre being fired, lack of storylines for beloved characters. More screaming and screaching from melanie. ooooooooooo can’t wait. I think I’ll go paint my toenails instead.

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