BREAKING NEWS: Massive, Across the Board Pay Cuts at ABC Daytime?!

A source close to ABC Daytime says Mouse House daytime employees were all informed they would have to take across the board pay cuts.

"It affects everyone, actors, writers, producers," says the source.

I guess it could be worse. They could work for NBC. Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential as the story develops.

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    “I guess it could be worse. They could work for NBC.”

    Or P&G!

    But nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like “sorry, your salary’s been cut!”

    But, then again – with this economy – I’m not shocked!

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    This is not shocking. As I pointed out a while back, media stocks have been pummeled mercilessly in the economic downturn and every network and studio is feeling the heat. As always, the most vulnerable parts of a media conglomerate’s assets get hit first and hardest, in this case the soaps.

    Remember, Disney/ABC wholly owns its entire daytime lineup so what ails the parent company affects all all directly held properties. Corday Productions owns Days, while P&G owns ATWT & GL and Bell Serial owns Y&R and B&B, so they are not as directly hit as the ABC soaps are by the economic crisis unless the respective soaps’ owners are seriously affected, too.

    Bell and Corday make their money through licensing, so if the networks cut their licensing fees the soaps follow suit. ABC on the other hand just applies cuts as it sees fit.

    Folks, it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

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    My guess is that we will see a bunch of people that are rarely on but have contracts cut. And we will see a bunch of stars who get paid but have a lot of outs told to be there or be gone. Who could I see facing a crossroads – Walt Wiley, tony geary, hilary b. smith…. I think we will see smaller permanent, contracted casts. JMHO. I hope I am wrong

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    With ABC- I see the women and children eating their paychecks first. That includes Hilary B. Smith, Kassie Depaiva, and whatever child actor is on any soap. They’ll most likely go after the actors who don’t wish to abandon their show. But I also don’t see ABC airing their dirty laundry in the same way of Days. I think the actors that aren’t happy will have walked regardless of the money.

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    Kassie is too central to the show to be at too much risk, but thats just a guess whereas HBS really is only related to a core family by marriage. Similarly WW’s Jackson is a Montgomery with Bianca coming and going, Greenlee slated to be off camera, and the rest of his clan off camera…he is only part of the Kane “family” through marriage.

  6. Profile photo of salem2005

    Here’s my advice to the Mouse House with regards to GH…

    Fire Guza and Phelps and bring on the guy who wrote NS…I’m sure he will cost much less money since he is newer to the business. That should free up a chunk of change.

    Get rid of the ZaCrazy family in PC…we already have enough mobsters around. Sorry, I love Sarah Brown, but the ZaCrazy family is just another dumb mob family on this show. There’s anothe nice chunk of money to save. And do not add yet another mob family to this show – save that money for something more valuable.

    I love Ingo, but he’s got too sweet a deal with ABC, his vacation schedule and the money he makes are not worth it. Cut him loose and free up his salary.

    And while I know this will never happen, I say cut Maurice loose too…he’s way past his stay on this show…there’s nothing more they can do with the character of Sonny. It’s the same ol’ story with him year after year, mobster falls in love, mobster’s woman gets shot, mob war breaks out, mob war ends, mobster falls in love, mobster’s woman gets shot, mob war breaks out…well, you get my point. MB’s salary alone could save probably about 5 other jobs on GH.

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    Maybe they could get rid of Phelps and Guza – they’ve been at GH for years and have to be making some big bucks by now. Then GH could hire some newbie people behind the scenes for less money and breath some fresh air into this stale show.

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    Not really a surprise, given the combination of their ratings in a downward spiral and the economy. Maybe using so much money to hire a Spice Girl to pimp their shows wasn’t the most fiscally responsible thing they could have done? Hmm…

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    Hey, salem, I totally agree with you assessment about ABC. They need to cut loose Guza and Phelps and hired lower level writers who would be a hell a lot better than what Guza writes out and get rid of Steve, Maurice and Ingo and the Zacrazies, except for Johnny. I like Brandon and think that he is a salvageable character and he is interesting without the mob family.


  10. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Quick fix – specifically for GH $ issues.
    Fire Guza/Frons immediately and rehire those writing last winter when SKate was in Bensonhurst/Manhattan and things actually had story to it rather than just shock and awe.
    do NOT renew SJB
    do NOT sign LLC to a contract – she is just another Carly and looking to replay the Kate thing.
    do NOT bring a “Dante” to the show
    – easy out with this one. Olivia could have been lying to herself and Kate all these years. In fact she was the whore her reputation had her pegged as and she lied to Kate all those years ago so she wouldn’t run away with Sonny. Therefore Kate lost out on her future with her one love. Sonny was drawn into the mob for good and Dante is in fact someone else’s kid…Olivia is to blame for all of it. Kill her off :) reunite Sonny/KATE :)
    You can do away with Nadine too while you are at it. She is a fool.
    Carly pair with Nic.
    Jax doesn’t want to be there anyway. do NOT renew.
    You haven’t done a thing with Matt – do away with him and solidify Maxie/Spinelli
    Give Liason the true chance they deserve
    Lusam – run with it.
    Ric – he needs a woman if you’re not going to repair Sonny/Kate… Kate can get it on with Ric. That would be hot! Megan Ward would make that hot as would R Hearst… see All Souls youtube clip or Boomtown clips for first hand evidence. This actress is not being utilized properly…or give her back to MB!!!!
    Obviously WHY I watch!

  11. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I guess hiring their bevy of newbies finally caught up with them..

    Steve & Becky contracts are on the table soon enough so who knows if they’ll resign; give Liasons our long awaited story from 8 or 9 yrs ago…ASAP..afterthat, don’t care what this show does. I’m out permanently after decades, tired of being jerked around.

    …as long as Jr w/his “team” of highly paid scribers are writing Frons’ vision; I seriously don’t expect much change unless he goes. The storyline direction remains w/him so who the HW/EP is of little to no consequence (imo).

    I’m only in for Liason; after they’re done so am I.

    I’ll watch Sri on NS3 if he pens it. Maybe Frons gave him more of a freehand. He’s a wonderful story teller not riddled w/angular choppy angst…its so smooth, seamlessly integrats and flows with his story- not a plot point after a plot point.

    If they want #s for sweeps why breakup pairings w/large active fanbases to tick them off. It doesn’t make sense…why not just wait until he gest the #s then break them up after sweeps.

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