BREAKING NEWS: Will Biggest Loser Star Alison Sweeney Take Pay Cut to Stay on Soap?

It’s official no one is safe at Days of Our Lives. This week’s Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that Alison Sweeney, along with Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso have been approached about taking salary cuts in the range of 40-50 percent. As Daytime Confidential revealed, Reckell and Alfonso have reportedly accepted offers to remain on the NBC sudser with substantial reductions in pay, but what about Sweeney?
Many soap opera industry experts, as well as fans of the struggling soap, figured Sweeney to be the one Days star above reproach, considering the show has written most of its front burner storylines around her character Sami for years. That, coupled with the clout Sweeney allegedly wields as a result of her turn as host of the NBC primetime hit The Biggest Loser, seemingly made her untouchable. Apparently that isn’t the case.

An insider tells the magazine:

Everyone is walking around on eggshells, wondering who is going to be the next to go."

Looks like the title of Sweeney’s show could soon take on a whole new meaning.

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    Jamey rememeber corday just stated in this weeks soap opera digest and i quote”nobodys above recasting” so as far as im concerned this show needs to be off the air asap

  2. Profile photo of Scout

    NBC is wasting time and money keeping on the air for even 18 months. This show is gasping its last breath and now is the time to say goodbye, while the veteran cast is still somewhat in tact.

  3. Profile photo of ssjohn

    Im sorry but if Ken attempts to recast one of these Iconic roles i am done.

    There are characters you dont recast, i know its been done (Lily on ATWT) but not very well, i barely even watched when MB was Lily on ATWT but I still know she is Lily and this person is just another character with the same name.

    Yea the show ‘must go on’ and thats why i am trying to be optimistic about the show, but seriously if they lose Sami who / what is there left to watch for?

    This show should just be renamed Days of Terry’s lives because lord knows thats who they are writing for and dang it if every crazy person on the internet is not jumping for joy because Molly Burnet is on 5 days a week then Ken/Dena will not be happy

    Arg now i’m just pissed again at this stupid, waste of a show.

  4. Profile photo of SusieQ

    lmao ssjohn! Terry sure won’t mind the Molly Burnett Show!

    Well, Ali loves Days so she might take the pay cut. Who knows. But will Days be striking up even more controversy if they let her go since she’s pregnant right now? All I know is that if Ali goes, I’m problably done too. Ali is the only Sami I want to watch and she has been the one character who has kept me watching Days all these years through a lot of crap – so if she leaves, that’s the nail in the coffin of this show for me.

  5. Profile photo of dmfj

    I think it has been a failed strategy to write the Sami show and it has been a trigger of why the show is in the state it is in today. Sami is a good character, yes. However, she is not more important than Marlena, John, Patch, Kayla, Bo, Hope or any of the vetern characters. Sami’s stupidity about EJ is the last straw for her. I hardly care about her at all anymore. They have sacraficed her for EJ and it is not worth it. I would rather see Sami than Mel, but not at the cost of her character being completely destroyed.

  6. Profile photo of snowi

    As an EJami fan, trust me, Sami had the upper hand in that story as well. She certainly wasn’t sacrificed….

    Anyways, this is gone past the point of insanity. I know this isn’t a popular opinion on the web, but I know at least four of my friends that started watching Days because they recognized Ali from the Biggest Loser. IMO, Sami is certainly not a character that can be recast. I don’t care what Ken “Soap Killer” Corday says.

  7. Profile photo of soccerandtvgirl

    same here snowi. and like ur friends i too started watching days cuz ali is on BL. i heard about her being on days and i though ” r soaps actually good?” and now i’m totally addicted.

    but on topic..alison will take the pay cut cuz she luvs days. but what this shows is ali probably after the “big four” is the highest payed actor or actress on the show cuz they dealed with the big four and now the first person after them is ali.

    i REALLY hope she stays. i don’t need sami on everyday but i do want her a 2-3 days a week.

  8. Profile photo of dmfj

    The real Sami would have more hatred in her heart for somebody who line jumped her at Starbucks than she currently does for the man who raped her at gunpoint. I want the real Sami back who will reclaim her child and destroy EJ’s life the way she has previously done to her own friends and family.

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    i just wanted to add to this…if alison leaves like Terrifictam I”M GONE. there is no recast in the whole world who would get me back. Ali has played Sami since sami was aged so other than the little kids she was and is the ONLY sami.

  10. Profile photo of season1217

    What’s w/ the “real Sami” stuff?! Didn’t the real Sami spend the better part of the nineties attached to Austin’s leg like a dog in heat! Sami was always a schemer but she was never the best representation of what a strong woman is. While, I don’t agree w/ it I totally see Sami falling in love w/ a guy that used someone’s life as a bargaining chip for sex or a guy that would call her a whore.

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