Days of Our Golfing Excursions Mercifully Writes Talented Berris Out

Several online sites are reporting what we have all been suspecting for quite some time. Writers Guild of America champion/ blogger/(bee keeper?) Dena Higley has in fact written the most talented young adult actor in her cast, Blake Berris (Nick), into a corner at Days of Our Lives.

Message boards at Daytime Royalty and  Soap Opera Network, are citing the upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest in confirming Berris’s exit from the NBC sudser. I guess now Gary Tomlin can continue on his sinister quest to fill out the cast of Days with vapid, "name", male hair models from defunct, dead last sudsers. Who needs acting chops? That strategy worked so well for Sunset Beach and Passions.

 All things considered, Higley, Tomlin and Soap Opera Mafia Don Ken Corday have done the much-too-gifted for Days of Our Golfing Excursions, Berris a favor. Maybe he will thank them in his acceptance speech when he wins his first Academy Award?

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  1. Profile photo of Desertrose

    Dena Is busy writing out as many as possible in order to write in as many of her OWN characters…KA-CHING!

    Blake Berris is better off but dayum…he will be missed on Days.

    PS I have no respect for Higley.She is a lazy hack of the first order.

  2. Profile photo of snowi

    DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!

    I have officially lost all respect for this show. They would rather keep a hair model than actual talent. I agree, Blake is better off and Days is going to regret letting him go.

  3. Profile photo of jeannelw

    why does every one BLAME passions actors for wanting to work again geez if they had hired some unknowns for brady and rafe no one would have a thing to whine about just because so many days fans hated passions they blame all the actors

    is it jealousy that passions had so much press early on
    sod sow tv guide covers

    all of us soap fans my self over 38 yrs of watching’ most of the soaps
    have seen tons of actors go from one soap to another
    why is galen/eric any different oh thats
    right they came from that DREADED PASSIONS

    so far i have not seen this same hatred from amc fans
    about mckenzie joining most do not know who she is since they did not watch passions but many that
    have love that she is back on tv

    let never forget every single soap star we love or hate
    was a UNKNOWN or had been on another show

    i am not happy that days is firing dee and drake i think it sux ( btw have watched days over 20 yrs ) also the fact that days is going the same route as passions with all the cut backs
    i thought i did not have to worry about my fav soap being canned again but here we ago again

    seems all soap writers need to take a refresher course
    not sure where all the awesome talented writers we had

  4. Profile photo of desertgal

    I feel the same way jeannelw. I too am in total shock at the firing of Dee & Drake and the poor way Corday is going about this whole cut back mess. This was certainly not the way to do it.

    I am also sick of all these posters bashing the “model” actors. That is such a cheap shot! Both of the recent Passions actors that have joined Days have 10+ years of acting experience. I am very excited about them joining the show and believe they will bring a fresh approach to the storylines. Come on folks, give these guys a chance – they certainly deserve it!

  5. Profile photo of Chez_44

    Ok so I was going to give Days a go with Deidre & Drake if the show started to focus more on the younger set (cause well lets face it I’ve only been watching since the early 1990’s, but really 1988 – with the delay in broadcast for Oz) so I wasn’t into JOhn & Marlena that much. But now with the firing of Blake whats the point of even watching Days anymore, I know now officially I’m out.

  6. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    No one is blaming the Passions actors. I am blaming the Days of Our Lives execs who are writing out their popular vets and talented younger actors, all why saying it is budgetary, yet somehow they manage to afford Passions actors. What is the point of a Nu-Brady without John and Marlena? What is the point of Rafe when Sami already has two leading men, one of whom will no doubt soon lose his job. Days will kill this soap dead if they fill it with actors from other soaps as some sort of quick, cheap fit.

  7. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I’m sorry Desertgirl but when this show will no doubt toss Bryan Datillo, whom Days fans have watched for almost two decades, in favor of Galen and Eric, it is a hard pill to swallow.

  8. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yes, Jamey, you’re right. who is the younger set to take the show into the future when it is Sami, Nicole, Lucas, Johnny, Ali, Will, Nick, Step, Philip and Shawn and Belle. But they need strong young actors and the show needs Deidre Marlena to s They don’t have a Shawn and Belle on here, Sami should not be the heroine, she should be the Vivian Alamain type and Nicole can play the Kate Roberts to Sami. We need a next rivalry and they are it. Nick could been the anti hero or damage guy who wants to make up for what he done to people and he is a Horton. Philip is the next Kirakis/Roberts legacy and to take over Victor’s place, and Brady could fight him for it. Blake is the best thing for this soap and getting rid of him is a big mistake. Dena can’t write a good s/l to save her life. Ken, you is the biggest jackA@$ of daytime television, with Frons and Guza, Goutman, Pissant, Brad Bell, Ellen Wheeler and Kriezman, and Barbara Bloom.


  9. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    And here’s the thing about MacKenzie at AMC. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if ABC had announced it like the second comming, then booted Susan Lucci and David Canary, you can bet Pine Valley fans would have cried foul.

  10. Profile photo of ssjohn

    Seeya BB :-/ look forward to seeing whereever you go.

    Cant say i am shocked, just hope he takes Melanie with him.

    And is it wrong i would rather Rafe and Sami then with Lucas? i know he is a ‘vet’ but i dont think i will miss him, he hasn’t had one good storyline since i started watching and thats a shame.

  11. Profile photo of

    I never liked Nick. As a creation of Hogan Sheffer, he is part of what is wrong with the show. Glad to see him go (not that I watch), and good luck to Blake!

  12. Profile photo of SusieQ

    Wonderful – Days continues to give me reasons not to watch. I’m so glad they’ve sacrificed Nick at the altar of annoying spoiled brat Melanie – thanks so much Days!!!!!

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