Legendary Soap Scribe Agnes Nixon on Days Firings, “Big Mistakes”

Thank you SOAP GODS! The people who made this industry a success in the first place, and kept it steady through economic hard times just as rocky as we are currently experiencing, by relying on the tenets of good ,old-fashioned, character-driven, storytelling and the horse sense to hire good actors, are finally speaking out. First Thom Racina, now Agnes Nixon.

Daytime’s grand dame decried Ken Corday‘s move to get rid of his top tier stars at Days of Our Lives, as well as the genre’s quest for the coveted younger viewer, by saying this to Ad Age:

"I think they [soap operas] are viable [businesses], but I am afraid the suits are making some big mistakes," she said of NBC’s decision to kill off older characters on "Days."

"In my experience over the years, young people are interested in ‘older’ stories," she said. "I have always tried to keep various age groups involved instead of concentrating on just one. … I think that to represent life, in all its varieties, one needs various age groups."

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    Jillian Bowe

    OH HALLELUJAH AGNES! If this can come from one of the great soap writer of our entire family’s time what more is there to be said?! KenKen needs to man up and stop passing the buck and pray and I do mean PRAY that he can get Dee and Drake back. I seriously doubt they’d come back (I wouldn’t want them to either!) but hell stranger things have happened.

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