Daytime Confidential Top 20, October

No. 20: Farah Fath – One Life to Live (Down 9)

Without a front burner storyline Farah Fath dropped nine spots from No. 11 on last month’s list to No. 20 this month. It will be interesting to see if the return of Brody to our screens will help Farah Fath and Gigi from falling out of the Daytime Confidential Top 20 next month.

No. 19: Alison Sweeney – Days of Our Lives (Top 20 Debut)

Alison Sweeney’s debut at No. 19 on the Daytime Confidential marks the first time since the DC Top 20’s debut where James Scott ranked No. 6 that a Days of Our Lives star has made the list. However, since the daytime industry was rocked by the firing of Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn it wouldn’t be surprising if more current and former Days of Our Lives stars appeared on next month’s list.

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  1. Profile photo of season1217

    “Not a single As the World Turns actor or actress made the DC Top 50 we track each month.”


    This is OUTRAGEOUS! No Van or Jake?! I demand a recount!

  2. Profile photo of soapfan14

    Days should be pretty heavy on that list next month LOL. Lets see Drake Deidre Ken Blake Beriis and b/c of her connection to Nick’s current s/l Molly Burnett are my predictions.

  3. Profile photo of ktuc

    So glad to see that Adrianne Leon is still right up there which just proves that she should not have been fired for the likes of what we are stuck with now on Y&R as Colleen.

  4. Profile photo of Heidi

    Wow, it’s so amazing that Adrianne Leon came in at #22 and she’s been off the show for a year and a half!!! Folks still want her back on Y&R as Colleen; that was confirmed after yesterday’s classic episode aired in which Adrianne and Eyal Podell lit up the screen with their incredible on-screen chemistry. Such a big reminder of what we lost and the mess we currently have. So curious that Y&R chose to air that episode if that current dud actress is still occupying the role.

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