Will Hope Spring Eternal For Days of Our Lives?

John and his "Doc" may be on their way out of Salem, but Days of Our Lives fans—those who plan to keep watching post Corday’s 2008 Thanksgiving Massacre— still have their Fancy Face aka Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and her dutiful beau Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), for now at least. My favorite soap heroine shares with Carolyn Hinsey her reaction to the firings of long time costars Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall.

"Everyone was aghast when we heard about Dee and Drake," she says. "Drake came up to me the other day and said, ‘It’s been so great working with you.’ I said, ‘Don’t you dare say goodbye to me.’ I felt tears starting to well."

Alfonso also reveals how she has gotten her entrepreneur on by taking her jewelry line, Hope, Faith, Miracles, to the next level. Check out this Must Read for fans Alfonso here.

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    Kristian Alfonso has been a favorite of mine for years. She is sexy, talented, and down to earth. I have followed her career in daytime, primetime, and in the movies. She is versatile and Days is lucky she is a team player and agreed to the paycut.

    I am disappointed Days has let Drake and Dee go. Trying to always be optimistic, I am hoping the soap is smart and gives Kristian and Peter (Bo) an amazing front burning storyline that involves other Salem staples like Maggie, Caroline, Victor, and Doug & Julie. If the soap just continues to shove characters like Melanie and Daniel down our throats, we, fans of the soap, won’t continue to watch! I’m guessing they’ll lose plenty of fans once John & Marlena leave anyhow..ugh! I love daytime, especially Days, but it is such a rough time right now.


    You gotta love daytime!

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    This is horrible lol, i feel so bad for everyone involved :(.

    But i can so see Drake saying that and her saying that as well lol its like a perfect good bye scene :).

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    Blake Berris is a good choice for firing, along with Melanie, Max, Stephanie and Chelsea. Can’t believe they kept those punks and got rid of Marlena and John!

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    I can, they are alot cheaper and they keep the show on the air, the show has been slowly cutting down on airtime for John/Marlena for years and pushing the ‘cheaper’ characters to the forfront.

    Now John/Marlena are barely on we wont notice hat big of a difference on screen when they leave.

    sucks but it makes sense.

    (I am not agreeing with Ken’s point, i don’t think they should have gotten rid of them, but i see his train of thinking lol)

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    I can handle the departure of Blake Berris (Nick). I enjoyed Nick’s initial romance with Chelsea, but lost interest in him afterward. The writers kind of just dragged him along. With that said, Blake has given some superb performance as of late, particularly opposite emmy winning actress Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). I know Blake has been popping up on “The New Starter Wife”, so it seems like a good time for him to try new things. Good luck, Blake!


    You gotta love daytime!

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    Jamey Giddens

    You get what you pay for in this instance. A good, front burner storyline for John and Marlena would do more for Days than any story featuring a bunch of unenthusiastic 12-year-olds, excluding Blake, Darren and Rachel. This “business decision” of Corday’s will be right up there with Coca Cola’s attempt to replace Coke with New Coke, as one of the worst moves for a brand in the history of free enterprise.

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    Firing Blake was not a good choice nor would firing Rachel Melvin. Blake and Rachel could have been the future of this show. While, I’m probably going to hear it from Passions fans but Galen and Eric should not have been hired, especially, if DAYS knew that they were going to have to make some financial cutbacks.

    Getting rid of characters w/ no real connection or purpose should have been the first ones to go, i.e., Melanie, Daniel, and the like. Then some of the younger, less experienced actors who couldn’t carry luggage let alone a scene. Then, you go from there. Pay cuts should be offered to ALL your biggest stars and make what ever fiscally responsible choices that will save money but also ensure the success of the show! Ken Corday is setting this show up for failure, in my opinion. At this point when ever I see a picture of Corday I feel I need to yell “Swiper, no swiping!” three times. It’s ridiculous!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Galen and Eric should not have been hired, especially, if DAYS knew that they were going to have to make some financial cutbacks
    Exactly! I think Galen is awesome, the other one, not so much, but hiring either one of them when the show is in a crisis is ludicrous. Gary Tomlin thinks bringing on people from other soaps is the answer and it is not.

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    I am in no way trying to say what he did was smart for the show in ‘today’s environment’, but the question is should a show’s fate rest on the shoulders of One person? in this case Deidre Hall, Guiding light would be Reva, and AMC Erica kane as some prime examples.

    Firing any of these characters in today’s environment would be death to the show.

    But let’s focus on DAYS, Ken has slowly been preparing for this firing for sometime now, at least as long as i have been watching.

    John and Marlena are on our screens ‘once in awhile’ and in crappy storylines but enough to keep fans tuning in, over the past two years he has slowly cut back from 3 days a week to two days a week to one day a week for these characters, thus showing that they are not as ‘vital’ to the show as everyone thinks (((Keep the pitchforks to your self for the moment please!)), Should DAYS be all about Melanie/Chelsea/Stephanie/Etc? No, should Ken have at least discussed budget cuts with DH/DDH YES, and i know it was reported that he didn’t but let’s just say for the point of this argument he did, he said “Okay guys i got us 18 months, I want the show to survive, but to do so you guys will have to take a dramatic budget cut.” They both say no way and leave.

    If the SHOW was good and it had a competent writer behind the scenes and there were storylines that we CARED ABOUT on our screens and enough going on that we wouldn’t really notice their absence because we have been whined off them, this ‘could have been’ a very smart business move.

    But we don’t, there is nothing to care about on this ‘show’, the few ‘highlights’ if we get to call them that is when we do see the veteran’s that we love, that there is that small sign of hope that with the right storyling for these characters the show could survive.

    Anyways what i am trying to say is the show shouldn’t live or die by the loss of one character, but because the show is THIS AWFUL right now i expect it to die.

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    Jamey Giddens

    ssjohn, you are absolutely right that a show shouldn’t live or die based on one or two stars, but that hasn’t been daytime’s reality in well over a decade. When soaps were more ensemble pieces, they could survive even the biggest departures, but in today’s climate, where the game plan should be to keep the audience you have—since lets face it, no new viewers are going to come—getting rid of your biggest couple, whether they are on a lot is a ludicrous move. I am convinced hundreds of thousands of Days fans still tune in for the hope that one day John and Marlena will get a decent storyline. Soap Opera Digest used to milk this every week, until Eric Braeden became their obsession. They knew that even the most remote hint of a storyline for John and Marlena would sell covers. Ken’s strategy makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He will lose a million viewers when this is all said and done—after it settles in that they are gone—then he will scramble to get them back, but the viewers won’t return this time. The smart strategy would have been for Corday, the moment he heard he had to cut the budget almost in half, was to gut the younger cast, except for Rachel, Darrin and Blake, suspend the new deals with Galen and Eric, stop bringing in names for guest spots and fire Josh Taylor, Thaao Penghlis, Leanne Hunley, Suzanne Rogers, Kevin Dobson, Shawn Christian, Peggy McKay and James Reynolds. Then write a tighter show around John and Marlena, with Kate as a spoiler, Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla, Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole and Chloe and Philip, putting Lexie, Stefano and Victor on recurring. Then when the ratings stabilize, they could strategically bring on younger characters that make sense. No more Molly Burnetts or Kristen Rentons, but a decent, viable actress as Abby Deveraux for Max, the return of Martha Madison and either Jason Cook or Brandon Beemer (both of whom are being misused on other soaps) as Shawn. That would have made much more sense than to risk an international public relations nightmare that resulted in the mainstream press sounding the full on death knell for the entire industry. Days would have been cancelled over a decade ago except for Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn. The show was near last in the ratings before Reilly took it to the top of Women 18-49, thanks in large part to the stories he spun for Deidre and Drake. Corday knows that. Entertainment Weekly never did full spreads about Sami. They did about Marlena though and not too long ago. Corday is a blithering idiot for not realizing that and he just killed his parents soap.

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    Look, as a Passions fan, I like Galen and all, but Rafe is such an unnecessary character. Same for Brady now that J&M are leaving.

    What gets me is that people are trying to assign blame to Eric and Galen for Days’ problems, which is not the case. The CHARACTERS are totally unnecessary, but the actors are a great catch for the show. But since the characters won’t work, it won’t work for Galen and Eric, ultimately. They are just as much a victim of Corday as everyone else on that show.

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    Jamey I agree 100% but I feel like discussing it some more so lets see.

    IF Ken was to hack away the rest of the show but still not allow John and Marlena to have a actual storyline and be reduced to one day a week, how could the show actually survive?

    Yea sacrificing the two most popular characters on your show is probably one of the stupidest moves you could make, and he should have talked to them about taking a pay cut first, but how many ‘little’ people would it take to add up to the cost of John and Marlena?

    Yea they can cut the fat and bump people to recurring and such but if we are still not going to see John and Marlena on our screens is it really worth slaughtering the show for the sake of two characters we rarely see?.

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