Y&R’s Billy Miller on Jeanne Cooper, “She’s Brilliant Man!”

Billy Miller, who, along with Young and Restless costar Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), are daytime’s breakout stars of 2008, recently sat down with soap journalist Michael Fairman for a fun, informative chat.
The interview traces the Texas (This explains why he’s so phenomenal, he’s a fellow Lone Star Stater!) native’s journey from Pine Valley, as All My Children‘s intensely-erotic whack job Richie, to Genoa City, where he has quickly made the oft-recast role of Billy Abbott his own. 

Here’s what Miller had to say about working with the front runner for next year’s Best Lead Actress Emmy trophy, Jeanne Cooper, who play’s his grandmother Kay Chancellor:

She is brilliant, man! Jeanne comes from an era where she had to be really theatrically trained. You see a lot of actors who cut corners in their training. She is so funny and she has earned the right to say whatever comes out of her mouth. Whenever there is a cracked joke, it breaks the ice. She is brilliant, and she knows what she is doing. Jeanne knows what she wants from somebody else. It’s good to have support, not that fluff, going, “That’s great kid.” Jeanne will say much more than that, which is so wonderful.

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  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I claim Billy Miller best recast of ’08. The show got it right this time and he is playing the Abbott/Chancellor guy with charm, manipulation and spunk that makes me root for him against Cane and Jill. Jill will pay for forgetting about her real kid and focusing on the “faux Philip”. I hope he gives it good to Jill and them.


  2. Profile photo of timepass

    I agree, Billie is the best recast so good in fact that we were able right away to root for him instead of Cane!

    WTH is wrong with Jill, it is obvious to anyone that Cane does NOT have what it takes to be CEO of Jabot, and she still pushes him to the detriment of John Abbott real son!?! WTH is wrong with Jill!

    Cane, get real man, you were a bartender one year ago and YOU think YOU deserved the CEO position and not YOUR brother who works his ass off for that company for years! On which planet!

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