There’s Always (Bo and) Hope

Like most Days of Our Lives fans, I’m still reeling from the news that we are losing Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn (Marlena and John), however the news that my all-time favorite soap opera supercouple Beauregard "Bo" Brady and Hope Williams Brady (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) will be sticking around gives me well, hope.

Since Dena Higley can’t be bothered to watch the current air shows she gets paid an obscene amount of money to write—who could blame her? They’re dreadful— I figured she just might be able to squeeze in a few of these clips— in between blog posts of course— to see why this couple is so iconic and magical to millions of soap fans.

Anyone who can’t come up with further story for this couple either a.) has never known what it feels like to be in love or b.) is lazy and a hack and should get out of the business instead of making excuses about happy couples being boring, those "pesky" fans (you know, the ones keep the lights on) or there not being an appetite for five-day-a-week soaps anymore.

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    Dear Jamey,

    Bo and Hope are not, I repeat, NOT, a substitute for John and Marlena. Without Marlena and John on Days, Bo and Hope’s roles are a non-issue.

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    Bo and Hope are a non-issue? Since when?

    Jamey these clips are just making me sad. Mostly because I know Dena Higley is incapable of writing such wonderful love stories.

    We need to take back our soap!

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    The death of DAYS will not come w/ the departure of John and Marlena. I know they are extremely popular but, hell, when Luke and Laura left GH still went on. Granted, they weren’t fired like Deidre and Drake but left of their own accord. If DAYS fails it will be because of the piss poor writing and the people in charge who don’t give a damn!

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    I figured Bo and Hope were safe because TPTB seem to feel they’re more ‘useful’ to them. Plus, and I hate to say this, they’re younger than John and Marlena and I think that probably helped them :(

    What’s amazing to me about DAYS is that, unlike a lot of other shows, they have a few icon couples who are still together (Bo/Hope, John/Marlena, Kayla/Patch, Doug/Julie)…that’s an amazing thing and it’s a shame that the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with them :(

    Great clips, btw!!!

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    IA, season.

    One couple doesn’t make or break a soap. It does however contribute to the downfall. If there was better stories and writing on Days, this would easier to swallow.

    Dena needs to go. Corday could give her 2 million to write her own name, and she still wouldn’t get that right.

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    I am personally not a fan of John and Marlena. I prefer Bo and Hope and Patch and Kayla. But I understand the enormous popularity of Jarlena and respect it. When Deidre and Drake leave they will definitely take a considerable portion of the audience w/ them but to read that the show WILL die just set me off. I’m tired of the Doomsday prophecies.

    Every poster here has a complaint about many things on soaps and it’s understandable and in many, many cases justifiable. Jamey, I love your post because it goes along w/ the podcast of things to be grateful for. Having said that, when you look at the past it sometimes depresses you because of what you presently see. You look at those clips and you know Dena isn’t going to be the one to give you anything remotely close to those scenes.

    No matter how I feel about Higley, Corday, or any writer or producer or actor of a soap I in no way want the show to fail or would say that it will die. Sometimes, I have a tendency to not be able to let things go (I’m still holding on to hope that Pushing Daisies will be picked up) and it’s the inner Scarlett O’Hara in me. But if I have to stand on barren property after eating a bad carrot and say as God as my witness I will because I refuse to kill daytime w/ my words! Because, after all… tomorrow is another day!:)

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    It’s always been Bo & Hope for me….they are the reason I started watching DAYS so many years ago!

    Keep up the good work Jamey!! Your blog is great…I read it EVERY day…:)

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    What a great walk down memory lane! I haven’t watched Days in years now but the two couples that were my passion and reason for watching were always Bo&Hope and Jack&Jen.

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    I love John and Marlena too, but I think the show will go on without them too. Will it be hard hell yes, will it take some time hell yes. The thing that really worries me about Days is the fact that they fired them and they did not quit. That pisses me off but I will still watch, but I do wonder how many will watch?

    I believe Bo and Hope are the best couple ever.

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    I personally will not watch the show anymore, because I really only watch Days for J&M… but I agree that the show should not depend on two characters…. I think that if the show wasn’t in such a shitty position and if they had more than a 18 month renewal it would be FINE… BUT with the crappy position they are in, the show doesn’t have much hope IMO….. but hey I am going to go back to Denial Island and pretend none of this is happening… :D

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    I think this is the biggest soap PR stunt ever. They did it last year when they “killed” John. This year they decided to see how many more feathers they could ruffle by getting rid of both of them. And when the howls of outrage reach fever pitch, they’ll bring them back. Or perhaps not, since they’re dumping Nick and it looks like Kate is on her way out. I’m so confused….

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    I love Hope, but Bo and Hope are boring. I would love for Hope to be with someone else. She is stuck amongst all the Bradys who have no glamour or panache.

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