Brooke and Ridge’s “Sexy” Sushi Dinner on The Soup

The Soup
weighed in on The Bold and the Beautifiul’s latest shenanigans. This time it was Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge’s (Ronn Moss) "sexy" sushi dinner.

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    ROTFL! Ridge ain’t tired of Brooke’s raw fish, YET?!

    Everything about that was disgusting! Just last week I said that I could maybe start to like Ridge and Brooke if they were written differently, but, now, NOPE! Nothing could ever happen that would ever make me a fan! LOL!

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    Darren Lomas

    You’re right Jamey, SATC rip off alert!

    Season, everytime I see sushi now, I’m going to be haunted by Ridge telling his DAUGHTER, "you should see the spread I’ve got in front of me." :sick:

    And poor Brooke having to settle for Ridge-san’s shrimp when she’s already tasted Nick’s catch of the day.

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    Jamey! As soon as I saw the sushi on Brooke’s body, I said to myself that is a total rip-off from “Sex and the City” movie where Samantha tried to entice Smith into sex by layering the raw fish up and down herself. You know the writers of B&B have just given up when they are blatantly copying a famous scene from a hit movie from just this year. Not that it is against Brooke’s values to do something such as this but the writers could have been more creative then that or resist the urge to replicate it. This show is turning into “9 1/2 Weeks” with all the food, honey and who-knows what else is being used to new sexual uses.

    As far as B&B, they seem to go in cycles, 6 months of bad crap and 6 months of good, juicy soap. Right now, they are stuck in the 6 months bad period. And with Kay Alden, Bill Bell’s apprentice, co-writing this show, I am shamed that these ridiculous, illogical, junk stories being carried out over there. The look-alike Donna and Owen? Brooke and Ridge reunite part 28? What happened to Katie, Nick, Bridget? Is Leslie Kay still on the show? The only good thing going on is Rick’s transformation from goody-good to hell bent on revenge and power. Bringing Stephanie into it at least gives her something to chew on. Anyway, not looking forward to anything currently.

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