Andrea Evans Out!

Soap Opera Weekly has confirmed reported rumors by TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco that Andrea Evans is on her way out. The mag is reporting that the door is open for Evans' return as Tina.

Thanks to Daytime Confidential reader Gush900 for the heads up.

Should Andrea Evans stay as Tina or should she go?


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29 December 2007
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I voted she needs to go, I knew I was gonna be in the minority on that vote but I haven't seen the big deal with her to this point so I won't miss anything.

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19 December 2007
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I will miss her Sad i loved Tina, love AE so losing her sucks.

I hope to see Andrea Evans on another show soon Smile

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8 May 2008
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I am not blaming Andrea Evans for the bad return, it was probably Frons or RC did her and the fans wrong by putting her with a bunch of "non-actors" that it ruining any part of her return. She should have been with Viki and Todd and Blair and David and Dorian, not in a horrible remake of a campy s/l that worked in the 80s. I hope that she comes on "Y&R" and be Patty Williams/Tawny Moore and make Amber related to Paul.


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i ****LOVE**** her!!!
she needs to come back so they can tell CJ's story!!!