Enough With the Stupidity Guiding Light


Moments of Thursday's episode of Guiding Light, literally made me want to pull my hair out. Bill and Lizzie were in a car accident and the aftermath affected many different characters. However, I didn't expect that effect to be stupidity.

Stupidity example number one, Bill and Lizzie. Bill rescues Lizzie, confesses his love for her, and then kisses her passionately in a mound of dirt instead of running to safety first. To begin with, Lizzie Spaulding would never ever be lying in a pile of dirt with anyone on purpose. It just wouldn't happen. Furthermore, I understand that the couple was happy to finally be reunited, but wouldn't anyone with common sense get out of danger before celebrating. Then, they were out in the open making out while Bill knew the kidnapper was still out there somewhere. I just don't get it sometimes.

Stupidity example number two, Daisy, or as I like to call her Dumb Daisy. The fact that she still wants to be with Grady despite everything he's done, makes her stupid. She knows what he's capable of, yet she still has those "deep" feelings for him. I feel like she's just asking for something bad to happen to her. After her little talk with Grady, Daisy comes upon a bad car accident. Of all the characters on the show to find Bill and Lizzie, it had to be Daisy. I thought they were goners when I saw it was Daisy to the rescue. What took her so long to call for help? If I were to ever see a scene like that, my first reaction would be to call 911. It was like she had a delayed reaction that lasted the whole scene. She just makes my head hurt most of the time.

Stupidity example number three, the king of stupid, Mr. "Which way did he go" himself, Grady Foley. Who in there right mind would ever pour liquor on an open wound? He couldn't just go to the store and get some peroxide? There's even a convenience store set for him to buy some. Here's another question: Why was he sitting in the middle of the front yard doing this? I thought criminals were all about being hidden and secluded. I guess this one just didn't get the memo. Later on, he goes to the hospital where he knows Lizzie is. Lizzie could easily identify him by height and more specifically the limp. Why would he risk something like that? I've come to the conclusion that Grady does dumb things like this because he only has half a brain. That's the only thing I can come up with to even possibly explain the actions of this character. If anyone else has any theories on Grady, I'd love to hear them.

On another note, why didn't Mallet just perform CPR on Bill himself? I know the police academy trains officers to perform CPR. Therefore, it really didn't make sense for the former police chief to sit there and keep saying "I can't find a pulse." Was it really necessary for the police to wait for the EMT's to show up before doing anything? Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

Speaking of EMT's, why weren't there more on the scene? You mean to tell me that Remy is the only EMT in Springfield? I just don't buy that. I truly feel like Guiding Light insults my intelligence sometimes and Thursday's episode was a prime example.


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Please it has been a long time since there was a person in Springfield with a brain. I do have one question though since I no longer watch this show. How old is Daisy? I was thinking she is either 16 or 17 still a minor so when they were having a problem with her seeing Grady. Her family could have drugged her and shipped her little behind to her mother in Europe instead of complaining about it.

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Oh I wish they'd send Daisy to Europe! Maybe Grady can go off in search of her.
Though all the things mentioned are fine examples of stupidity they didn't bother me. In fact after griping about GL for days on end, I finally got bored enough last night and today to catch up on this weeks eps and I thought they were pretty good. There was actual plot affecting a spectrum of characters.
I find myself loving the friendship between Olivia and Natalia (much to my surprise).
I don't understand what Dinah is thinking or doing but that's never stopped me from enjoying her (Wendy Moinz's Dinah always left me puzzled and delighted).
I don't think this weeks eps were golden by any means but by the standards I've been forced to adopt for Guiding Light they weren't to bad IMO.

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Mel thanks for offering these things and pointing out these things that cause me to yell too!

Hey, just a little tip I do not kow if they do this in other parts of the country, but pouring liquor on a wound does stop bleeding.

My husband's family is from the Deep South and they do that all the time to stop small and large cuts. It works.

Did Lizzie know he had a limp? I did not know she saw him limp. But she did know he was hurt.

Yeah the writing sucks big time.

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Everything about GL makes my head hurt...

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I was so looking forward to the Bill/Lizzie reunion and it lasted all of 1 minute. So disappointing! Like a lot of the other things you pointed out.