How Guiding Light Co-Head Writer Jill Lorie Hurst Got "Phillip" To Come Home

Fans of Guiding Light's Grant Aleksander and his trademark character, troubled Spaulding scion Phillip, have none other than co-head writer Jill Lorie Hurst to thank for the actor agreeing to reprise the role he made famous and notoriously vacated four years ago. In the new issue of Soap Opera Weekly, Aleksander reveals how Hurst, an old friend of his, put in a call letting Aleksander know how missed he was. Someone should give Hurst the key to Peapack. For more on how Hurst helped facilitate Aleksander's return check out the new SOW on newstand's now.


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2 January 2008
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I dont understand gl says they need to save money and cut costs.Now they have money to bring grant back is he going to be under contract if not whats the point of bringing him back for a sweeps stunt

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23 April 2008
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want I want to know is how long is he there a contract involved? Answer that and then I'll feel a little bit better.

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8 August 2008
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I read that Grant signed a long term contract, so he should be around for awhile...if the show lasts that long.

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25 August 2008
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well they've lost Gus, Harley and Cassie without really bringing anyone on. So there should be a bit of cash in the casting fund.
I really hope it's a contract but even if it's not it's at least an opportunity to wrap up Phillip in a way more fitting for the character before GL disappears down the drain.

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31 October 2008
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Well the characters GL lost Were Gus, Harley, Ava, and Cassie.

They brought back Grady, will bring back Shayne and Phillip.

So really they need to fill one more contract role if they want too.

Grant's leaving was not about money but about the way Phillip would be written.