Tristan Rogers Calls the Scrubs Wedding "Soapish"

According to Robin's (Kimberly McCullough) proud on-screen dad (Tristan Rogers) the upcoming wedding re-do for Robin and Patrick (Jason Thompson) was a "soapish" event. Here's Tristan's latest update on his time at General Hospital.

Here comes the Bride

I have just finished shooting the wedding sequence for Patrick and Robin's wedding, and if I do say so it was upbeat and intimate. More a gathering of a close group to witness the ceremony. The emotion was high as were all the normal attributes that you find at any soap wedding. Robert and Anna were very much the proud parents, who throughout the ceremony reflected on their life and what brought them to this moment.

I liked it because it was a gradual build to the moment with Robert realising he was giving away AND losing his daughter. The realisation of all the time he had lost over the years, and moments that he could never be part of, I think weigh heavily on him. But the one thing I was aware of through out the four days we shot was the rise of "the Scorpio family as a solid unit". In this, we see something that could really be built on for the future. The family generated a great vibe, with Robin, Patrick, Mac, Anna, Robert and baby Emma creating something very "soapish" yet reassuring in its own way. I believe you will enjoy this celebration.

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wow I can`t wait to see the wedding redo because I got sick the frist time and fall asleep and were are Maxi and Matt.

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It should have been the LIASON WEDDING...........
The Qs also deserve this moments!!!!!

Jason Morgan, Jake's real father!!!!!!!

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If only the Scorpio famiy story coud be continued.
I could see it happening on Night Shift Three, but
certainly not on GH. Hey, give the Scorpios their
own show. But, that won't happen either.

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I'm excited, looking forward to this.

And man, Liason fans crash every post. There's more than one couple on this show, like three, and this is about Robin and Patrick not about Liason.

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I'm SO excited!! I was so happy with the first wedding attempt that I haven't been able to delete those episodes from my DVR (even though I KNOW I could watch them again any time on youtube).

SO excited!!

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I can't wait to see it either. Scrubs are my favorite couple on GH with Maxie and Spinelli in second! Smile

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Scrubs, the one bright spot to's hoping it to be a sweet wedding.

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I think everyone is excited for the wedding. Man, when was GH's last good for love wedding where the couple ended up married? Bring on some love in the afternoon!!!

Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

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Well, at least we have one good thing to look forward to on GH that we all agree that we enjoy. I remember when Robin first came on the show, nice that they did right by one of it's characters and they didn't kill her off or make her older before her time.

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I love the Scrubs should be a great wedding. Maxie and Spinelli are just to cute.