Don Diamont “Ousted” From Y&R

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Don Diamont has been "ousted" from The Young and the Restless.

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    *Crickets Chirping*

    Oh well…

    Brad hasn’t been needed in years and he was extremely one-note. If they had to free up the budget in some way, I’m glad he’s the one to go.

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    “… he’s the only Jewish character/actor on daytime.”


    No. Don’t forget Whoopi Goldberg.

    Oh no! So this means that Nick and Sharon will probably get back together then! Damn, damn, DAMN! Also, I think there are a few others that need to be shown the door before him.

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    Darren Lomas

    WHAT?! Two years ago, I would’ve whooped with joy, but I was looking forward to some Brad and Sharon hotness. Brad may be a pig, but he gets my girl Sharon’s juices flowing. Nick and Sharon are a yawn and Jack and Sharon are a bit creepy. Boo.

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    I’m upset by this, DD is a great actor yet they leave the likes of the mess that is Aussileen? WTF? Hopefully, she will leave town when he leaves but for some reason, I’m doubtful.

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    what a freakin minutes CBS has not made any official statment about this so for now this is just a romour and nothing more SOD is full of crap and can’t be trusted

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    I’m hoping this isn’t true. I can’t say I’m a Brad fan, but I’ve been watching him for so many years, I kind of have an affection for him, you know?

    AlistairCrane: I’m pretty sure Nora on OLTL is Jewish, but I’m not 100% on that.

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    I’m not a big Brad fan. I think he’s a viable part of the GC canvas but they’ve hardly used him and the last time they did is an SL most fans would like to forget so I’m okay with this.
    Still this was the first time in years I was looking forward to some Brad scenes. I hope this doesn’t mean we get stuck with Nick/Sharon. But I don’t really like either of them that much so they may as well be together.

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    I blame this all on LML.
    Her pimping of him, having him had that insulting Jewish background story, and him killing some art thief w/his thighs, the pool boy hasn’t been the same since.

    I do like him w/Sharon too and I wish they would’ve got together instead of the Jack/Sharon/Phyllis/Nick mess we got now.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot Nora is Jewish. Whoopi doesn’t count—talk shows aren’t soaps.

    I’m also willing to sacrifice Brad for Nina!

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    Oh they should get rid of this hair models Sursock and Bloom. Then they would have enough money to bring Tricia Cast back. But you don’t let go a longtime character like this. Specially not in times like this.

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    ^^^soapjunkie88… ICAM!! I was looking forward to TPTB giving Brad a storyline with Sharon. While they’re at it, get rid of Suresucks and Bloom both. It doesn’t make any sense to me that TIIC would leave them on contract when they are *thankfully* rarely seen.

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    Don Diamont was one of my earliest soap crushes. I remember him as Carlo on Days, when he seduced Liz to the Bruce Springsteen’s song “Fire” – oy – I remember every part of that scene.

    Then, he came on Y&R wearing those cutoff shorts as the gardener. Finally, he was one of the first in daytime to show his behind on camera. The cage, the 4th of July speedo, and his skimpy workout wear were legendary.

    He will be missed, but maybe not for his acting. He definitely earned his thunder thighs.

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    I’m really disappointed to learn that Don Diamont is leaving Y&R. I wonder how they’ll write Brad off the canvas?

    Well, I just hope that when Bradski leaves town, he takes not-Colleen with him!!!

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    mrbrooksgenoacitynews I saw this coming for years. Now i hope tey get rid of that ugly red aand green striped sofa and all the elephnts in the room from Cassandra Rollins 1988 decor. I think Colleen may be evil now!

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    I will say that Don is one of the hottest guys on Y&R. Y&R sure has a lot of grandpas! LOL! I would have liked to see him thrown in the middle of the Jack/Victor fight. It would have spiced things up, in my opinion.

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    mrbrooksgenoacitynews I hope the Nazis kill George off. I wonder what Sharon will do now. Phyliss really has a mess on her hands now that Bradley is gone and Sharon has left Jack.

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    This is terrible yet understandable news. Brad has truly been an essential part of Y&R for many years but the past few years, he has been basically wasted with the reliquary story and then going full force into the background. Besides Colleen, who we haven’t seen in months (and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear of her leaving next), Brad really has no other connection to anyone on the show anymore. The Abbotts are back at Jabot. Obviously, they are reuniting Sharon and Nick. Phyllis doesn’t need Brad to interfere because she has Jack to work with. Plus, they really have no woman available for him to get romantical with. I hate to see a veteran go, a character who I have watched since the day he got his job as the Abbott gardener (shirtless and sweaty). My favorite Brad stories were him being held captive in a cage by his previously unknown ex-wife, Lisa and his marriage to Ashley, through her cancer, their miscarriage and the revelation that Abby was Victor’s child, leading to the affair with Olivia. I will miss him for sure but I understand if the writers feel that they just have nothing left to write for him, that he doesn’t really have a place on the canvas right now. I always have had a big crush on Don Diamont, though, going all the way back to when he was on DOOL. Anyone else remember him on that show? He was definitely one of my first daytime hotties. LOL!

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I am not a Brad fan but I am sad to see Don Diamont leave. I was hoping for a Brad and Sharon tryst so that my Smilin’ Jack would be able to get rid of the worthless trophy wife (Sorry Sharon fans ;) but Jack needs a woman worthy of him and Sharon ain’t it).

    I agree with soap junkie that TPTB should have got rid of Vail Bloom and Tammin Sursok before DD’s name was even considered for termination. I hope the loss of DD does not adeversely affect Y&R and they give Brad and DD an excellent exit story.

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    I’m a relatively new Y&R viewer, but I have to say this sucks!!
    I think Brad is so sexy.
    Don Diamont is my second favorite Y&R hunk
    [behind Joshus Morrow of course].

    And like most everyone else, I was looking forward to some Brad/Sharon lovin’.
    At first, I wanted Sharon to get back with Nick [anything to get that hot peice away from witch Phyllis], but then I saw her in a scene with Brad! They have more chemistry than she does with Nick and Jack combined.

    Dammit, things like this always happen when stuff starts to go right on one of my stories!!

    Sam McCall’s favorite accessory? A shotgun :).

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    Well I do have to say that I’m shocked by this news. However, I can’t say I hate it. I’m not fond of the character at all. I never liked him. I still remember when he left the show in the 90’s and came back, and I felt the same way then that I do now. I’m kinda happy he’s gone. Sorry y’all but that’ just how I feel. Now does this mean we can get rid of that Awful Colleen now? That would be GREAT news!

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    This is a shock. Obviously, it reinforces that there are some issues with the writing staff at y&r. He and Colleen have been written poorly for sometime now. I like Tammin Sursok as Colleen, she is a great actress. This colleen has had bad writing but the actress has done fine. Sad to see brad go though, if it is true.

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    Now does this mean we can get rid of that Awful Colleen now? That would be GREAT news!
    While I would hate to see him go but if losing DD means we get to FINALLY see this painfully inept actress go, then by all means, do it!

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    The only thing more boring than Brad and Sharon would be Brad and . . .um Sharon. He’s already been w/all the main gals–Tracy, Ashley, Nikki, Sharon,and probably someone I’m forgetting. Sharon and Nick rule, CAN’T WAIT for them to be back together. YAY
    Brad. . .maybe he’ll come back and tend to Phyllis’s broken heart. She may be the only one he hasn’t had a relationship with that is as deserving of him, as Brad would be her.:D

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    The only thing more boring than Brad and Sharon together would be um. . .Brad and Sharon together. Sorry to see him go, but like Ashley was a while back, he’s sort of been with everyone, and little left for him on the canvas. Maybe after NICK and SHARON reunite, he can come back and tend to Phyllis’s broken heart. She is the only person he hasn’t bee w/on the show i think (he’s been married to or had a fling w/Victoria, Tracy, Ashley, Nikki–and probably someone I’m forgetting)so would be fitting to pair them and because they are both so deserving of one another;)

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