Last Week’s B&B: Tramp Gets Dumped, Bratty Sons Scheme

Eric (John McCook) continued to string along Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) while he made up his mind over which one was worthy of him. What a silly old goat. Stephanie should crush him and Donna both, not put up with this nonsense. At the very least, she should drag that skank out by her hair (she’s done it before). It’s not the first time two women have been pitted against each other to “try out” as wifey on The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge (Ronn Moss) did the same thing, but even more sleazily, when Taylor (Hunter Tylo) last came back from the dead.

A highlight of sorts was Stephanie pushing the blonde trollop’s head underwater whilst she was having a bubble bath. Poor thing. If only she’d held her under a little longer. Murder may be harsh, but I’d be okay with it. Lieutenant Baker couldn’t find his ass in the dark, so Stephanie would never be prosecuted. Plus, they have a lovely spot on the Forrester estate for a grave, right next to Tiny. Just keep Prince Omar away from her corpse, I don’t want this one coming back.

Rick focused his attentions on Steffie, but she blew him off because she could see through his manipulations. She’s a smart girl, and she has some sass. I’m liking her. I’m liking Evil Rick even more – anyone determined to take down that arrogant jackass Ridge gets my vote.

Brooke and Ridge decided to marry (again) in Malibu. Damn, I was hoping for a recreation of the jungle wedding with Ridge in a loincloth.

Katie made it out of the house for once, but decided to spend her time moaning to Owen and Stephanie about Donna and Eric’s relationship. If your mother and sister had already been married to this old guy (Eric), would you be so keen to keep another sister in his bed? Seems a bit gross to me. Shut up and go and play Nerf basketball, Katie, you little drip.

By the week’s end, Thorne’s silly plot to break up Donna and Eric seemed to have worked. He hired two look-alikes, who were caught on camera doing the do. Eric got stroppy and pushed some things off his desk. I was half-fearing he’d have another heart attack. Thorne’s bound to end up with egg on his face at the end of this sorry mess of a storyline (please, tell me there is an end in sight). So, Donna got dumped, but how long is that going to last? I predict more screentime for her and Eric’s “romance” soon.

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    B & B has the distinction, at least for me, of having the least appealing cast in the history of soaps. The whole damn bunch — Ridge and Donna in particular –just gives me a bad case of the yecchs.

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    I with you, Scout, Donna is a two bit whore, Ridge is a overblown pig, and Brooke is the bed hopping mattress ho. I am so over this show. I feel bad for Darren for watching this crap of a soap.


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    I don’t know why they keep trying to portray any of the Logan sisters as heroines or as people we should feel for. All this latest plot is doing is setting up for a Donna/Eric reunion, and there is nothing particularly endearing about their being together.

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    Darren Lomas

    Scout, Ridge and Donna are bleurgh! :sick: Or as Simonstuart says, “a two bit whore” and “an overblown pig” :D

    Fsmith, much as I love Forrester Family Matress Brooke, flooding the show with her troll-ish sisters and their interminable storylines is trying my patience. Argh!

    Season, thanks… I think :D

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    Hey, Darren, I with you that this show needs an overhaul on things now. I just don’t care for Eric and Donna marriage, or Bridge for the umpteenth time, or Katie’s whining all the damn time. I love Heather Tom, but I am not loving her on the show. AT first, her character was spunk and morals, unlike Donna and Brooke, but after the Storm’s demise, she has been on a downside ever since. Maybe it is the writers trying to hard and shoving Katie down our throats and the whoa is me thing is worning out its welcome. I want Katie, Donna, and the Logan family gone from our screens and bring on a new family to fight the Forresters. I don’t know what happen to Brad Bell, who did great work before, but he turn the show in a bad episode of the “Jerry Springer” show.


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    I think you touched on part of my problem with B & B, SkyDancer, and that’s the sickeningly incestous relationship between the Forresters and the Logans.

    The show is one of the few soaps set in a real city — they’re in L.A., for cryin’ out loud! — so why can’t these two families find some outsiders to sleep with and then screw over?!

    Ridge’s relationship with Ashley Abbott — as much of a plot device as it was — at least made things seem, I don’t know, “less creepy” is the only phrase that springs to mind…

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    Darren Lomas

    “… marrying these women who keep dying 2 or 3 times…”
    SkyDancer, that’s the best laugh I had all day :D And I love your idea for Thorne – now that would be a better investment than this foolishness with the models-for-hire. 90-year-old hornybear, LOL!

    Simonstuart, Donna is such a dumbo with no depth, I dread watching her storylines. Please, Badley Bell, make it stop. As for Katie – HT rocks, but this character sucks big time, and I think she’s on contract till 2011, God help the viewers. Bridge makes me hurl too… Brooke needs to do a Bobbit on that slimeball and throw in it the blender – I am sick of women being captivated by the arrogant dressmaker.

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    Well, Nick is the male version of Brooke and he and the Logans can just go. I don’t want Ridge with anyone because he any loves himself. Eric is a old geezer who needs to get over and just design. Brooke needs to grow the hell up.


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    Darren Lomas

    Scout, it was, it was! Way “less creepy” than the mother/daughter/sister shagathons with the same guy we’re used to seeing onscreen! Or father/son/brother/half-brother shagathons with the same woman. Yuck!

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    “Brooke needs to do a Bobbit on that slimeball and throw in it the blender”


    You know what Darren? I don’t think I can talk to you any more. Throw it in the blender?! Really?! ROTFL!

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    The Logans are no worse then any other family on that show. Nick is making is way through the Logan women, Taylor has been with every Forrester man but Stephanie still loves her, Thorne needs to spend some money on an online dating service for himself instead of paying actors to break up his 90-year-old father’s marriage. If Ridge would stayed with Brooke in the first place instead of marrying these women who keep dying 2 or 3 times, then none of this wouldn’t happen in the first place.

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