McRambo Returns to ROME?

Could McRambo (Kevin McKidd) be returning to ROME? The Life Feed is reporting that Bruno Heller is looking to produce a "theatrical wrap-up" to ROME, which HBO canceled. In the piece HBO executives admit they may have canceled the show was probably a mistake and Heller hints that even though it appealed that Lucius Vorenus’s (Kevin McKidd)off camera fate was "far from fatal."

As a huge fan of the show I can’t help but grin at the fact that HBO admitted it made a mistake in canceling ROME, and while I love McKidd being paired with another HBO alum, Sandra Oh, on Grey’s Anatomy I would be one of the first in line if ROME: The Movie made it into theatres.

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    God, I hope so. I loved how we really didn’t see Vorenus die on the show, it was assumed naturaly. It would have broken my heart, especially after Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, amazing eppy that was. But he lived over a month just to get back to Rome to see his family so anything is possible. My favorite character on the series for sure. I also loved Polly Walker’s Atia, even though in reality she died before Caesar. I loved this show so much, I never cared that it was wrong history wise.

    Hey Luke, off topic, but do you like Showtime’s The Tudors? It wanted to capture HBO’s Rome fans.

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    The Tudors is just dressed up fancy porn w/ a plot! At least, I think it has a plot.

    Season, that sounds awesome! I’m putting it in my netflix que right now. You really know how to sell a show! lol :)

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    See, that’s exactly why I was hesitant to even say anything! LOL! That was NOT an endorsement but a criticism. I guess it’s too late now.

    Heck, if that’s what it takes to get ‘em then Pushing Daisies is porn w/ a plot and magic!:P

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    Jamey Giddens

    The Tudors is just dressed up fancy porn w/ a plot!
    I LURVE the Tudors. Any show where this is sex in open fields, corsets and people talking in British accents is my kind of pony race.

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    well maybe if the main character from Pushing Daisies had Sonny’s magic wand instead of a magic finger it would have survived? LOL

    Ewwww!!! Thanks for putting a lovely image in my head, LOL!!

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    Just thought of something, love to see Kevin McKidd on the Tudors, he’s done it before sort of. I mean he was Queen Elizabeth’s cousin in The Virgin Queen, Mary of Scots lover in Gunpowder, Treason & Plot. (All british tv minis.) He could fit right in over there. Hell, he could fit in anywhere, lol.

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    Ned does have a magic wand. If he has sex w/ the woman he loves, she’ll die! Now, THAT’S what you call a magic wand! LOL!

    Off topic: I’m watching today’s episode of Guiding Light and I’m loving Jeff. Angry and wounded… oh, I’m in love. Take that, Jonothing!:P

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    OH MY GOD! I would be so psyched to see this. I loved HBO’s Rome. Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson have a place in my heart as two of my all time favorite television actors. Plus, I felt we were so cheated out of a royal battle between Atia (superbly played by Polly Walker) and her daughter-in-law Livia. I really hope they can make the movie happen.

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