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Sorry for being MIA… it’s been Baby madness (she’s too precious for words) and then I went and caught the flu, again. Thankfully this one seems to be only the 24 hour type. I hope everyone had a safe and thankful holiday.

Here’s the Scoop! 12.02.08

Jerry’s back… Sebastian Roche returns. Remember we’ve been saying how Jerry is only presumed dead. Roche returns to wrap it all up. Will this be a classic GH re-do? RUMORS have Jerry getting a little revenge ala Diego before he really dies but does anyone ever really die on a soap?

Carly is on the revenge path… will Trevor team up with her? Who else would be interested in sticking it to Jax? Nikolas! There are a few fans that think a Nikolas and Carly pairing could be hot but what we MAY get is the pair teaming up to take down Kate and Jax. Also, remember I mentioned Lulu playing a part in this. Lulu is back at work, shocking I know, and Carly wants her cousin to give her as much dirt on Kate as possible. There are RUMORS about Carly inserting her way into Crimson with Maxie and Lulu taking sides. Now, if you were Carly and wanted the perfect revenge what would you do? It seems like taking away the career that had Kate giving up her identity is a good place to start.

Will Kate give Carly a public setting to carry out her plan? RUMORS have Kate throwing a Holiday Party with most of the town in attendance. Is this that long forgotten Crimson Party? If the RUMORS are true, Carly gets her hands on Crimson, outs Kate as Connie to the entire party and announces that she is out of a job. Is this the lead up to Megan Ward‘s exit? It’s been RUMORED that she will exit by the end of the year.

Maxie and Lulu… They MAY be standing in their respective corners where work is concerned but will the one-time rivals become roomies? RUMORS have both ladies over their family’s involvement in their social life and decide to move out and in with each other. What about the RUMORS that Johnny and Lulu would be cohabitating? Would you live where you killed your ex-boyfriend?

Are the Zacharra’s making a move against Jason? Wouldn’t that be Sonny making a move against Jason? Is this all a part of Anthony’s plan? Sonny is in charge of the Z Family biz, but is he really? It’s all about putting Jason and Sonny against each other for Anthony and it looks like the Z’s make a strike against Jason.

Sonny and Olivia… Sonny and his new wife… Which end is up? For now, Skate appears to be dead. Will they ever get back on the same track? What about Olivia? We SHOULD be seeing Sonny spending more time with his old flame, most likely as a build up to the big Dante reveal. What about Claudia? There are RUMORS that Claudia puts an end to her tryst with Ric and that she wants to consummate her marriage to Sonny. Will Sonny ever learn that Claudia set up the shooting that landed Michael in a coma? It looks like we’re heading down that road. Is it all too much for one character?

Nikolas and Nadine… There’s the stuff with Aunt Raylene coming up, a possible last wish and NIkadine seriously considering a walk down the aisle. Are Nadine’s hopes crushed when Nikolas’ attorneys come through with the immigration papers?

Liason… Very bumpy road ahead. December sounds like a bad month for a Liason fan. We’ve talked about most of what’s out there. Elizabeth tells Jason she can’t do it anymore. Will they ever get it together? RUMORS say Dante will affect Liason’s story. How? Well it looks like when Dante hits town he’s dealing with a father he never knew, a father who is a mob boss no less and his mom’s decision to keep his paternity a secret. Sounds a lot like Jake doesn’t it?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Dante will appear in late January. LuSam get engaged. Some feel the Dante story is a good way to revisit Liason. Good news for Scrubs fans is RUMORED to be coming. Lucky wants Lulu to see what Elizabeth had to go through just for loving a mob man. Elizabeth starts having nightmares. Johnny needs a job. Sonny catches his brother and his bride in bed together. Diane quits as Sonny’s attorney. Will we see a Davis and Miller Law Firm? RUMOR that Sarah Brown is staying for another year.

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  1. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Welcome back regan, congrats on the new addition and i hope u r feeling better…you truly have been missed :)

    If done correctly a carly/lulu and kate/maxie showdown would be awesome, i really hope that happens.

    If dante’s sole purpose is to get liason to think about the choices that they made and ultimatly they get together than i am all for it, other than that we really don’t need sonny’s kid in port charles.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Good to have you back Regan!!!
    I am happy for you and your family!!
    I am strating to think that LIASON isn’t over yet!!
    It could be that when Dante arrives,it will bring LIASON together…
    I have hope, and so should you Regan!!!!
    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  3. Profile photo of Scout

    “Carly gets her hands on Crimson, outs Kate as Connie to the entire party…”

    Geez! Carly and Olivia both act like Kate is hiding a past as a serial killer — as opposed to simply being a self-conscious young woman from Bensonhurst who changed her name, bettered herself and got an education.

    Hell, she probably changed her name to keep her high school sweetheart (whose biggest aspiration was to get mobbed up) and her mobster baby mama/stone-throwing cousin from finding her. Who wouldn’t want to hide from that gruesome twosome?

    What’s the deal? Are the mob sluts just a teensy bit jealous of Ms. Howard…?

  4. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Welcome back Regan, hope you get better soon and congratulations with your new family member. I hated GH yesterday, it just seemed so flat with everything. I went from crying after watching a wonderful OLTL from frowning the whole time I watched GH. I am so sick of the mob stuff. So Liz and Jason together is supposed to be dangerous, well Liz and Jason apart has been damn dangerous hasn’t it? I really wish GH would change their mob direction and take a few pointers from OLTL, it is awesome!!

  5. Profile photo of Scout

    I doubt Kate’s “secret” would even cause much of a ripple in the publishing community — and it’s pretty clear that no one besides Carly and Cousin Olivia.

  6. Profile photo of nycdancer

    Regan is back!! Yipeeeee! Congrats on your new family member and so glad to hear your feeling better!

    Thanks again for the scoop this morning. Hoping my couple (Liason) is far from over. Bring on Dante if he is going to help move this storyline along!

  7. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Oh and I forgot to comment earlier, Sonny kissing Claudia . . . anyone remember Michael kissing his brother Fredo right before he had him killed in The Godfather II? That kiss reminded me so much of that scene in that movie when I saw it. Come on Guza, stop watching old mob movies and give us some real love in the afternoon.

  8. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I am all for Carly and her revenge on Kate. It will make for great watching(I hope) and this is when Laura Wright is at her best!

    Maxie and Lulu living together would be fun. Hopefully, they will still snark at each other.

    Liason, I am still at a loss for words.

  9. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    First off, I am very tired of reading about MW leaving! The writers certainly are trying to assasinate Kate’s character but she is far from done. In fact in an interview with Michael Fairman she said she has to cut her trip to NYC short because she has a lot of story to tape in January…hmm perhaps this is where your Dante stuff comes in who the heck knows. All I know and all I care about is that Megan is still with the show and Kate Howard, although down, is certainly not out!

    It is blatently obvious Olivia is exactly what Kate has said, waiting to jump in where she left off – she makes me sick. Olivia is the hypocrite of all hypocrites. Carly, Claudia – all the same.

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Olivia and Carly are not the only ones that know Kate’s secret. Jax, Sonny and Jason know as well. I would think that the publishing community would care, considering she lied about her past. Remember when they shunned her at Couture for her DUI?

    Liason/Lusam/Jasam… some say no Jasam, that it was just a PR stunt, we know that Frons thinks Jasam can boost ratings. Lusam has some interesting GOSSIP popping up… engagement and then ending (sounds like Liason doesn’t it?). Liason… some are SPECULATING that Dante’s story will either pull them out of their funk or end them once and for all.

    I thought the only good part of yesterday’s show was Becky’s little monologue. Not so much her time with Lucky… in fact while were on that topic, I thought the Jason and Sam stuff was dumb, the lack of emotion from Jason, Sam and Lucky was stupid. It was like “Jake’s gone? OK” There was more emotion in the promo than the actual scenes.

    Baby details… Luke was worried you all thought I had the baby LOL, it wasn’t me, my cousin is the prouid new mommy. A little girl, 5 pounds 15 ounces, both are doing great!

  11. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Kate… there have been RUMORS for months now that Kate would be written out. ABCD is trimming their budget. Where there’s smoke there’s fire… blah blah blah. IF Megan Ward is in fact leaving, she would have to play out her part of the Dante story first. So IF we go by the RUMORS that Dante debuts in late January, I would imagine Megan has plenty coming up in January.

  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Regan tell us her name!!!!
    About Liason- I also didn’t feel emotion there, Maybe the actors didn’t like playing this scenes…..

    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  13. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    it’s beautiful Name
    congratulations to you and your family
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura


    Am I hopeful for Liason… I’ve held out this long and through all this crap, of course I’m hopeful, but I am also realistic and I feel that the writing is on the wall.

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER


    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  16. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    I agree this mth is really gonna suck for us Liason fans…Jason better get down on his knees and beg Liz to forgive him….and be the one to protect his family not unlucky who I’m really blaming for this whole Jake kidnapping mess…time for Jason fight for Liason
    Liason is love

  17. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan welcome back and congradualations on your cousin, what a pretty name.I know you are the spoiler godess but as you know alot of things rumored didn’t come true. For instance, they showed on that promo that Sam got hit by a car, never happened as well as the rumor that Sam gets shot by Jason(that I wanted to see)anyway, we all know to take these rumors with a grain of salt because of things constantly changing so I am not giving up on Liason. Since it has such a huge fanbase and everyone is complaining and calling/writting, things might(hope so) change and if the rumor is true about Dante having an impact on Liason, if written correctly(God only hopes so) it could really work in our favor so on that note, I am not giving up. I also hope that Megan Ward does not leave since I really enjoyed her character with Maurice. They always mess things up, they bring on Olivia now who will probably end up with Sonny. Same thing happened with Logan and Lulu, I enjoyed that storyline, Scotty/Luke’s kids and they messed that up by brining on Johnny. They keep adding characters that are not needed and should just keep the ones they have and work with them. I personally also like Lyla why not hook her up with Matt? Speaking of, they bring this character on(Matt) and he has not had a decent storyline yet, sure he will leave in due time for lack thereof. Dante is also a waste of a new character, if he helps bring Liason together fine, but do we really need him? Sorry for ranting but after watching yesterdays show which I thought stunk, I am disgusted in GH.

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    You are an aunt – that counts!! Congrats!!

    A little baffled about these “flat” comments – so basically what is being said is that some of you think that SBu and RH phone it in when they arent paired with each other , that basically they cant/wont do their job (give their all in an acting scene) unless they get the pairing they want. Boy I hope thats not true, because that would make me think less of them for sure.

    I actually didnt find yesterday’s scenes flat – JaSam were in work mode. I was glad that Lizard finally realized that Jason was a mistake, although I wonder if part of the redemption of Sam will be that after she risked her life multiple times for the boys and said such nice things about her nemisis, Lizard will once again seek out “comfort” sex by bedding Lucky whilest he is engaged to Sam.

    Carly will run Crimson I guess. could be interesting. If MW stays, seeing her sans the “kate” persona might be interesting – watch her rebuild. I always like those kinds of stories.

    SBU staying is fabulous news. Love Claudia and I hope that the ric-claws-sonny triangle is explosive.

    I really liked yesterdays epi all in all. No, it wasnt OLTL T-day, but it was exciting. Loved the Sonny/AZ stuff, loved the JaSam on the hunt for Jake stuff, loved the carly finding Jax and Kate.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    What promo where Sam almost gets hit by a car?

    And yes not all RUMORS come true but there are some that do.

    I was hoping for more excitement out of yesterday’s episode, I didn’t feel it.

    I think with anyone’s job when that person is frustrated it can be reflected in their work but as an actor you should be able to act around that, so EET we agree, it shouldn’t show in their performances.

  20. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    A little baffled about these “flat” comments – so basically what is being said is that some of you think that SBu and RH phone it in when they arent paired with each other , that basically they cant/wont do their job (give their all in an acting scene) unless they get the pairing they want. Boy I hope thats not true, because that would make me think less of them for sure.

    I don’t think anyone means that…spam, liz jason and plucky seemed bored.

    ITA ICPINNOW agree that the first kidnapping was great the reactions were awesome everyone had some great scenes and jake was only kidnapped by a crazy mother as oppose to being kidnapped by 10 russian gangsters u would think people would be freaking out and going crazy.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I disagree, sorry. Some of it was poorly written, but the performances were good. JaSam were chasing bad guys, usually when you are in that mode, you would be focused, not randomly chit chatting.

    What I was commenting on was posts like GH Lover’s “Maybe the actors didn’t like playing this scenes” explanation for why the scenes were “flat” (and gh isnt the only one to comment like that) If the actors are choosing to downplay any chem. they might have with others to force tptb into pairing them the way they want then that would stink and I would say that whether its Sbu and Rh or KeMo and GV. We pay them with our time (which translates into ad revenue) to entertain us to the best of their ability. If the writing stinks, the acting should still be committed. JMHO.

    It just seems like Jiz fans view everything in terms of what it means for those two. Dante coming is BAD, VERY BAD unless of course it further pimps Jiz, then its tolerabe or good. That kind of thing drives me crazy. ( I am also thinking back to the suggestions that the drug investigation story would have been MUCH MUCH better if it was Lizard instead of Nadine as the fourth, which of course wouldnt have changed the fact that the writing was bad one bit.)

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I do agree that Jake’s kidnapping 1.0 was much better. Even in it’s first moments, it was far better than what we’re getting right now. Could that be it? Are we all bored? It’s all so repetitive… if you were RH, SB, GV and KM, would you be bored doing the same thing all over again? Now, I know, they’re playing the same character day in and day out but I would imagine they look forward to a new, fresh storyline. Is this new or fresh?

  23. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I am pretty sure the same people who thought Jason and Liz came off “flat” also thought Lucky and Sam were phoning it in as well. The actors probably looked at the crappy script and were baffled. The stuff made no sense whatsoever. They had Sam and Liz hiding kids a stones throw from the Russian hide out. How does that make sense? It was lazy writing. How can you expect the actors to sell that?
    I wouldn’t have characterized it as flat but I respect those that saw it that way. I felt like it was all just lazy silliness. Do the writers read what they have written? Elizabeth was the only one of the four who managed to emote. Jason went into work mode which is standard. Sam was just way too excited for having a child in danger. She managed to have it all about her. Lucky was just pure silliness. He knocked on the cabin door for crying out loud!!! It was riddled with bullets and the glass was broken out. Oy!!

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  24. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    OMG Sue… when I was watching in my flu induced haze ( I too watched it live ) I was thinking who the hell knocks on a door that’s been shot out? Especially when your children, girlfriend and ex-wife are all supposed to be inside.

    Lazy writing seems to be a running theme on GH these days.

  25. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agree with sueboo, you got to remember, that the actors are human after all……..
    Think about it, it seems like all the scenes with the word “JAKE” in it are the same…….
    for the past two years now we are getting the same dialogue and the same stories………
    when you work and you are doing the same thing you are getting tired, and that maybe what happened.
    Cos GV, RH , SBU and KM, weren’t at there best!!!

    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  26. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    It’s all so repetitive… if you were RH, SB, GV and KM, would you be bored doing the same thing all over again? Now, I know, they’re playing the same character day in and day out but I would imagine they look forward to a new, fresh storyline. Is this new or fresh?

    But how many actors/shows could we say that about? My goodness, most shows suffer from RSS (Repetitive Story Sydrome). Look at B&B – they’re doing year 18 of Brooke/Taylor/Ridge. Or look at stage actors that perform the same play day after day. I don’t blame actors for getting bored (imo, it’s *much* more boring for the viewers), but that said, professions don’t phone it in because they’re not into a story or because they’re bored (unless they’re having an off day or going through personal problems.)

    I haven’t watched yesterday or today’s eps yet, so I can’t say if their performances were all flat, but *IF* the implication is that SB & RH (or KM/GV) so desperately want to be paired together onscreen that they’ve decided to phone it in until they get what they want, well that seems highly unlikely…

  27. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Now that I agree with – didnt get the knocking and dont get having a cave explosion and then not airing it the next day. HUH?

    As far as the not selling it, thanks Regan, thats exactly what I meant. The writing hasnt be great in a lot of places but you do your best with what you have. Look at Scrubs. Robin doenst know how to be a mom – the idea is silly – but damn if KMc and JT arent doing a good job with it.

    But then again I dont find it repeatitive either. Yeah jake is napped again, but one was a story about the quads reaction and so far this story to me feels more like action adventure. Sue me, I like action adventure. My favorite shows at night are 24 and lost and of the last 3 movies I watched two were horror flicks and the other was an serial killer/psych profile action movie with LL Cool J and Kathryn Morris. Not that I dont like other genre’s as well, but I love a/a

  28. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No Daisy… I’m not saying that in respect to what they want in terms of pairings. As I said earlier, they’re actors, even if its not what they want, they still should be able to act around that. What I’m saying is, as bored as we are as viewers with the same crap different day, can you imagine being these actors? I know there are stage productions where the same thing is done 8 times a week, this however is not the case here. We want character development and stories that move. I am sure the actors who play these characters want the same thing. And yes, I know its not something only GH suffers from, it’s a soap thing, but IMO, its a soap thing that didn’t used to happen, at least not nearly as much. Maybe since I blog on a daily basis, I have a much more critical eye than I used to, maybe I’ve run my course with GH and watching is more like a job to me than entertainment. Which goes back to my original thought… if it wasn’t so repetitive and boring, maybe it wouldn’t feel like work. It would excite me everyday.

  29. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I like action T.V. and films as much as the next person but it all falls flat if there isn’t any character development or a good script. It is all in the words. Yesterday, that wasn’t action and adventure. That was repetitive B.S. It has to further the story. It didn’t. It was silliness. The only thing they haven’t done yet is put Sam in a “I’m with stupid” T-shirt. Poor Lucky!!! I miss his brain.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Regan I hear what you are saying and agree with you about the writing.

    What you are saying is something I agree with for the most part but what I am objecting to is this idea:

    from a poster in perkie’s obs thread yesterday: “I felt SB and KM just did not feel like acting in todays eppy. It was so flat, that whole stuff with jason and Sam. I even felt it with Liz and Lucky. It’s just like they weren’t in to it. Maybe it was just me.”

    Maybe it’s because they’re acting flat on purpose…their way of saying “we like the Liason pairing and the LuSam pairing just fine, and we’ll bide our time until things get back in that direction.”

    It seems that everytime JaSam are together, there are some that take the position that actors dont want to revert to the old pairings and thus phone it in and the loudest voices seem to be regarding SBu. I have also seen that said about MB, asserting that he doesnt want this or he doesnt want that and therefore plays it in a way that isnt interesting so that fans dont clamor for the wrong match. I object to that in the same way I hate the whole, he or she wont re-sign if they dont get paired with x or y crud. I think its one thing to say, okay I have been around for so long and I have earned the right to say that I want to see some growth for my character or a commitment of a front burner story or to push hard for a certain story or pairing, but it is another to hold the creative team hostage to very specific demands. We have about 10-15 lead/supporting leads – imagine if they all did that. And for the record, I feel this way regardless of whether its about one of actors that portrays a character I love or one of the actors that portrays a character I loathe.

  31. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I hear ya EET…. These actors usually only get one take and they move on so it is possible that if they’re not into a scene or story it could translate on screen. I’m not saying they should do that, they’re actors who get paid to act. If they hate it, fake it.

    Now, these actors do give TPTB notes on their characters. They do play them day in and day out and most likely feel that they know them best. So I could see why they make certain requests for certain things and I can see how that plays into matters for contract talks. IF were basing this all on what we read on the net, TPTB also play that game by promising these actors certain storylines or pairings that bring them frontburner to entice them to re-sign. Rick Hearst was supposedly promised a story…. where is it? Buried behind Sonny? I’m not your typical Sonny hater that you may find here, I used to be into alot of Sonny’s stuff and I most likely would still be into it if it wasn’t written so horribly. It really is the writing. It’s sub par at best. Something needs to give. I’ve been saying for awhile now, Guza needs to be balanced out with a co-head writer who has a focus outside of the mob.

  32. Profile photo of lwong82d

    I love the idea that Maxie and Lulu can be frenemies. They can now get along, yet have no problems being honest and blunt with each other. A lot like Diane and Alexis. They know each other so well that they expect no better and no worse from each other. They do their battles, but can meet on the sidelines and be friends.

  33. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am with you Regan all the way…………
    I also love action , but I love romance!!
    I want to see Jason and Sonny outside the mob, I think that they can have a storylines with these characters, that will not involved the mob!!
    they are putting so much on the mob element , that it is getting boring……………..

    I want to see LIASON in a scenes like scrubs have!

    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  34. Profile photo of samrocks

    Are you kidding me? Is today really only about JoLu, Sonny, and the Qs? Yuck. I like the Qs, but I’m not willing to watch this live. I guess it’s naptime…

  35. Profile photo of samrocks

    Oh yeah – welcome back Regan!!!

    And I may be speaking only for myself, but I think we were to desperate to hear from you b/c 1) it meant everything went smoothly with the delivery, and 2) we wanted details! So thanks for filling us in.

    Back to the show: The only thing that would tick me off about having a MaxLu roomie situation would be that I couldn’t see my girl Maxie w/o also having to see LooLoo, too. Bummer.

  36. Profile photo of engradypind

    You know Kate isn’t going to be allowed to rebuild/succeed because she went up against the Guza/Frons favorite, Carly the slutty piece of trash who bedded her best friend’s father, came to PC to destroy her mother for giving her up for adoption and did so by seducing her mother’s husban;, who destroyed an already unstable AJ; who lied about the paternity of her first child and enabled her husband (the mobster) to hang her son’s biological father on a meathook so she could have full custody of said child; who doesn’t want any of her leftovers to have another woman in their life, and who has no regard for the truth or integrity or any of the other positive characteristics which make a character admirable. All these things Carly did to get what she wanted. Kate isn’t allowed to change her name to reach her goals?

    Does anyone actually think Kate will be allowed to bring any of this up to deflect some of Carly’s venom? I think we all know just how hypocritical Carly has always been.

    With IR going on vacation soon we won’t even get a Jax countermove against Carly. When it comes to women, Jax has really deplorable tastes.

  37. Profile photo of samrocks

    Sorry Engradypind, but I was so filled with more and more Carly love with every bad deed you mentioned that I missed your point at the end.

    Boy, I love me some Carly!

    Reese was the BFF whose daddy she bedded, right? She had plastic surgery so Carly didn’t recognize her or something like that…?

  38. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT


    Carly has done some crazy things, i love crazy carly

    The needy & whiny carly that has been on the last months was so annoying.

    Hopefully, THE BITCH IS BACK !!!!!!!!!

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I didnt think it was possible, but something got my fingers flying even faster than my loathing of all things Lizard….

    Carly was raped!! She did NOT seduce the father of her best friend. We saw how it played out and the father killed himself because of his actions – seducing a child. What kind of a pig sleeps with a minor, let alone a minor that is best friends with his daughter. Moreover, it was his actions that triggered all the abandonment issues and anger toward’s bobbie…she believed reese’s family was the picturebook all-american family and that such a life was possible. When he co-erced her into sex, he shattered her illusions as well as the illusion that she could be a surrogate member of that family. She turned that anger of having a mother that was never there and a father who split on bobbie because in her immature thinking, had bobbie not abandoned her she would not have had to grow up so hard.

    I have no problem with Connie changing her name, but how is connie any less slutty than carly. Connie slept with trevor for money, mentoring and connections. Lets call it as it is, all of these characters are somewhat slutty by real life standards, so lets not start the great debate part 2 LOL.

  40. Profile photo of roe0824

    To respond Regan to the promo we saw when Liz is yelling at Jason to find her son and they show you Jason shooting at someone and Sonny as well, there is a scene with Sam looking like she got hit by a car unless it was an old scene they threw in from when she was hit by the car way back with Monica. I also agree that these 4 actors are probably bored with what they are given, yes they are actors and should act but when it’s the same story again, I can see them getting bored. Steve mentioned at the event that he hates weddings & funerals, so can you imagine doing the same story over again that was just done not to long ago? Also, I love Scrubs but a 2nd wedding ceramony? Why couldn’t they do it right the first time, Robert giving her away, vows being said and then Robin going into labor. Is Robin wearing a new wedding dress? I think they just need to sit down the writters and read what they write before airing it. I also think they should read our comments as well and get some ideas.

  41. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    But what about it is the same other than the fact that a. everyone is worried and b. Jake is missing.

    In the last one, L&L2 were fighting with one another. They had no clue where the baby could possible be, so Spin doing research was a big part of it. Amelia was trying to use everything to split up JaSam and Sam was in meltdown. And when the baby was found, there was no gun shots, no nothing.

    In this one, JaSam are fighting the russians together, Lizard is re-examining her choices, everyone knows who has the baby and they are dodging bullets, explosions and falling caves.

    The biggest difference of all was that the first story was about splitting up JaSam and destroying the character of Sam. This one is about the redemption of Sam and quite possibly the ending of Jiz. The only thing that I think is 100% the same is that Lizard is once again sitting on her arse while other people are out finding her baby, so I suppose its fair to say that Lizard fans might see this as the same story, while SuperSam fans see this as the return to glory this character so richly deserves.

  42. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “I have no problem with Connie changing her name, but how is connie any less slutty than carly. Connie slept with trevor for money, mentoring and connections. Lets call it as it is, all of these characters are somewhat slutty by real life standards, so lets not start the great debate part 2 LOL.”

    Are we putting down Kate for sleeping with Trevor for connections and money? That sounds a lot like Sam. Or is it superSAm? Just wonderin, not debating!!! They do have similar backgrounds. Why don’t they bond?

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  43. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    How is EET putting down Kate? She just said she wasn’t any better than Carly (who EET likes) and soap characters are slutty by our standards (which they *are*). I’m pretty sure that inculdes AweSam and ScuzzaBeth :)

  44. Profile photo of katclaws

    Congratulations to you & your family on your sweet little addition, Cecile! Go Pink!

    I so hate what “they” aka TIIC are doing to LIASON! I just keep hoping this is just more angst and we will finally get a big, happy family payoff!
    At least, that’s what I’m asking Santa for this year!

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Scuzzabeth – thats a new one – an instant classic Daisy. And yes thats exactly my point – that if carly is slutty then so is Kate. And actually IMHO Kate and Scuzzie have more in common – SuperSam and Carly both recognize their faults and mistakes more readily than Kate and Scuzzie (who have both done some pretty less than stellar things but gloss over them like they are nothing) and they both put an incredible premimum on image. Moreover, neither sees their love interest as they really are, only the way they need them to be, and they both are willing to put others in danger (Dante and Cake) to further their own “needs”. Not to mention that both of them tend to look down their nose at other women a fair amount of the time. The only thing that makes Sleazie far more loathesome is that at least Kate is fairly brilliant and she never had to lie, cheat and reproduce in order to get Sonny into bed. Plus, call me as superficial as Lizard, but I also look forward to seeing Kate because she carries the best handbags whereas I pretty much never look forward to seeing Lizard.

  46. Profile photo of lowlo28020

    Always agree with EET! We are on the same page! Your last comment was perfectly said! The difference between Carly/Sam/Maxie/etc and Kate/Elizabeth is the former actually own up to their crap which makes them tolerable. They don’t pretend to be anything they aren’t.

    As for Dante’s return- If this reunites Liason, any respect I could find for Elizabeth’s character is gone! I think the thing you have to remember is that regardless of how angry Dante may be for not knowing his father..He is still ALIVE! He wasn’t kidnapped as a child, he’s never had bullets flying at his head placing him in a coma! The children of mobsters are in danger! I loved what Olivia said when she was talking to Carly about Sonny picking a mother for his children that had the strength to protect them! (I still think Carly and Sonny will eventually end up back together, but anyways) I have to say I’ve gained some respect for Liz with her comments to Lucky about how she screwed up and put her children in danger! And I loved how Lucky didn’t excuse her (he could have given her a hug though, poor girl).

  47. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Hi Regan, Congrats, we want baby details. So already hearing next sweeps is Liason, here we go again, also hearing Jason and Sam are a big no go, can you confirm? Are we suppose to sit and wait again, I will say this yesterdays epi was bad even SB and RH where just flat saying words no emotion, maybe they are just as frustrated as we are.

  48. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Oh guys by the way totally ticked off yesterday, did anyone else hear Carly tell Jax she put her heart in her hands for him, are these writters braindead or what? Liz just said that to Jason a few weeks ago, same words!!!!!! Hello can anyone else say writters block!!!!!!!!!

  49. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    EricasEvilTwin-Are you sure you where watching the right channel, they all stunk yesterday, including Lucky,Sam,Liz and Jason, It was crap, very poor acting on all fronts, but then again look at the material they are working with, i’m sure they are all as frustraed as the rest of us. When writters can’t come up with any new storylines it’s bad for everyone involved. But the first time Jake was kidnapped was excellent, loved it.

  50. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Ok, how is this for planning, going over todays recaps, the whole Jake kidnapping thing isn’t even on, I guess getting trapped in a cave doesn’t have people tuning in the next day, more important to see more of Sonny and Claudia, how crazy is that? TPTB at GH have LOST it.

  51. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Hey Regan, here is a thought, maybe we will all wake up tomorrow and it was all a dream,(Or nightmare) that’s why no airtime for this non-storyline today. Or, maybe TPTB woke up and said what the hell are we doing, scratch that mess.

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