Sarah Signed On for Another Year!

Sarah Brown updated her status on Facebook.

Sarah Brown’s Agent Rhonda Price, who she loves, closed a deal to keep Sarah on GH another year ;) Oh Happy Day!

We agree Sarah, it’s a very happy day!

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    Tht’s sounds great!!
    I like Claudia!!!!

    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  2. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I wish they hadn’t written her all year as if she was leaving. They have kind of dug her a huge hole. It will be interesting to see how they dig her out of it.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

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    I wonder if her re-signing had anything to do with getting to work with Maurice again.

    I didn’t think she would leave after just one year. I’m glad she is staying. I think she is great with Maurice and I believe if they make them a couple (which I do believe) then they can redeem her somehow. People have been forgiven for worse atrocities on this show.

  4. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    i wonder with Jerry leaving if it wont be re-written that he instructed Ian to aim for michael or something dumb like that. Or maybe Claudia will find a way to pin it on trevor. I would love for it to not be Claudia for exactly that reason.

    That said, lets not forget Jason almost did the same thing.

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    I love SJB and I’m one of the few who love Claudia.
    I just hope they finally figure out what to do with her charcter.
    I love Claudia in all her bitchy glory, but right now [and for the past year] all she’s basically done is run around inserting herself into other character’s storylines.
    She needs some real foundations. Maybe a realy job. She needs to do more than try to get her daddy’s approval.
    That being said, I still love her :)

    Sam McCall’s favorite accessory? A shotgun :).

  6. Profile photo of BigDede

    I so agree with that comment about the pilot season not looking good.

    her character is crap, she’s not getting any good material. There is no reason for SJB to stay. If they would have written her to bond with Ric to take down Sonny and her father and her and Ric fall in love while doing it, then I would be happy.

    But now Claudia nothing but one of Sonny’s hos and Olivia looks like she wants that position.

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    i think it has already paid off to hire sarah (again). she rocks in GH. her character is awesome…loads of potential so i am hoping she’ll stay a while…

    can’t wait until sonny finally finds out about claudia having to do with michael’s condition…

    anyway, SARAH ROCKS and you “cast-responsible people” better try and not let her go again.

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