The Young and the Restless 2009 Spoilers

Interesting things are happening with The Young and the Restless coming 2009.

According to Maria Arena Bell, Victoria Rowell (Drucilla) is not coming back and there aren’t any plans for her to return either.

Her return from the dead is going to be complicated.

Christine: The lawyer formerly known as Cricket (Lauralee Bell) will return to Genoa City.

  A extravagant wedding is going to be organized for two main characters in the Spring

Death: A central character will bite the bullet in a stunning way.

Rumor: Adam and Heather on the way out? That’s the word from Soap Opera Weekly, once the duo get married. Keep in mind its a RUMOR and not fact.

Coming up: A wedding planner for Adam and Heather makes their way onscreen on Dec. 12.

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    Katherine’s slow return will be great. I can’t wait.
    I’m glad that Christine will return!
    No plans for Dru… well there’s nothing surprising about that.
    Adam and Heather out? Baaaad decision. I hope it stays a rumor only.
    I guess the death will be Brad’s.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    happy to see chris coming back. but why now and not two weeks ago on katherine’s funeral?

    and i would be also happy when adam and heather leave. one role model less. it’s a beginning.

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    I guess we know that Dru isn’t going to be back in 2009 (at least for the moment).

    All I will say is that if they ever plan to bring back Dru, it need to be w/Rowell or else ppl will be pissed.

    Me if they ever were to recast Dru, I would love for Kimberly Elise to play her, but like I said unless that happens they need to bring Dru back w/Rowell in the role.

    Other than that, according to the scoop 2009 is goin to be lookin great for Y&R.

    Thanxs for the scoop Jillian.

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    Darren Lomas

    I guess the death is Brad :jawdrop: Yikes!

    Christine I’m not a major fan of, but otherwise it sounds intriguing. I’m loving Jeanne Cooper right now, so more of her is good news for me.

    Thanks Jillian!

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    OMG Cricket’s coming back?!

    Oh Maria Arena Bell, do us right and reunite Cricket and Danny!!!!!!

    I do not want to see Adam and Heather out. They are my favourite younger couple/characters on the show and I want them to stay!!!

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    I like Heather & Adam but they have neutered his character but I would still miss Chris Engen if he left. Vail, on the other hand, I could take or leave. Now, that would be one hair model down and how many more to go? Sursok anyone?

  7. Profile photo of seattlegirl

    Looks like a lot of exciting things coming up on Y&R. Thanks for the spoilers.

    I’m sure Katherines return is going to be hard for everyone around her. What will happen to Glo’s Jabot stock (without it the power shifts back to the Chancellors), will Katherine be mad at how Jill has acted in her absence especially towards her close friends, will Kevin be asked to give back the money he is spending, will Amber and Daniel need their jobs back. Can’t wait to see how Katherine returns and what she will have in store for everyone.

    Since Don (Brad) is leaving the show you would think it would be his character that would be killed off but I feel like it will be someone else. I know there were rumors that Michael (Daniel) wouldn’t renew his contract in March so I really hope it isn’t him that will be killed off. I really do hope he stays on because he brings a lot to the show.

    I’m so excited that they are going to have a lavish wedding…can’t wait to see who the couple will be. I don’t think it will be anyone that is engaged currently.

    I hope it turns out only to be a rumor that Adam and Heather are leaving. I’d rather see Colleen leave before these two.

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