The Young and the Restless Weekly Preview

The fab four’s not playing with the storylines are they!? Sidenote: Sharon asking JACK to move out of THE ABBOTT home? She’s got some balls..

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    Jamey Giddens

    Okay I have had quite enough of Sharon’s sanctimonious act. Who does she think she is? It’s okay for her to tongue kiss Nick in gay Paree, but Jack is Mr. Big Bad? That is Jack’s daddy’s house! Ashley needs to take out some vaseline and go upside Sharon’s head.

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    Well, Sharon’s been GC’s #1 self-righteous whorebag for a number of years now — and Jack has always been a top-seeded lying asshole; if Sharon wants to hurt him, kicking him outta that house is definitely the way to go. Those two deserve each other — they’re both toxic as hell.

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    mrbrooksgenoacitynews Sharon needs a good divorce attorney. She should have no problem getting the house. After all Jack lets Gloria reside in the Mansion. Tell your side to the judge Jack, while your explaining Frank’s interesting story.

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    If Sursok got fired … that’s good news. Thought something like that was coming, after Traci mentioned on the funeral she couldn’t be there.
    But I think if anything true is to that news, DC will let us know shortly. ;)

    The preview is great!!! There is going on some action. Michael and Phyllis in a scene together again – never a bad thing.
    Sharon asking Jack to move out … I will look into the situation. If he comes there with his “problem” we read in the spoilers, it would explain it…

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    Jillian Bowe

    Jamey all three Abbott women needs to slap some sense into Sharon. That’s Ashley/Tracy/Colleen… I like Sharon but girl you are too brazen to ask JACK to leave the Abbott estate! That’s like renaming Jabot, Gabardwell, its UNHEARD OF!

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    Sharon has stood by Jack time & time again, all she ask is that the be honest with her, but yet again, he has throwned her another curve ball, yeah & before anything is say, Sharon was wrong not to tell Jack about the kiss, but how much more can she take from him. It’s time for them to be honest with each other, they were on the rebound this was bound to happen.

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