Amber Tamblyn is Unusual

Nathan Fillion isn’t the only ABC Daytime Star making the leap to ABC’s Primetime line-up. General Hospital‘s Amber Tamblyn (Emily 1.0) stars in the mid-season replacement The Unusuals. Tamblyn’s new series is a dramedy about a NYPD vice squad detective who finds herself transferred to the homicide beat with no explanantion for the transfer.

The Unusuals premiers on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 in the cancelled Dirty Sexy Money’s timeslot.

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    Just a fyi, i have been doing some digging and well DSM isn’t ‘canceled’ yet, the option for more episodes this season has been declined and they will make a ‘final’ decicion at upfronts, same goes for Pushing daises and other shows.

    But with that said it still isn’t looking good for the darlings, and about this show…. don’t really plan on tuning in, mite check it out but its unlikely i mean its a midseason show on abc, the chances of it getting picked up and surviving are not ‘awesome’ last season Eli made it but only because there was nothing else and the year before October road made it but ABC showed how well they liked that show *cough* Open ending *cough*.

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    Jillian Bowe

    ssjohn I’m a HUGE DSM fan and I just wish that they either stay on ABC or go to another network. Hell I’d LOVE for it to hit HBO. Can you imagine the type of show it would be if it were on HBO?

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    I love you, ssjohn! I’m like a dog w/ a bone, a Liason fan after watching that damn 48 seconds! I refuse to let go of my Pushing Daisies!

    And, Jillian, as great as a move to HBO would be I refuse to imagine that show on that channel. I don’t watch the show but the thought of a possible naked Donald Sutherland does not entice me! LOL!

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    I don’t want to let go of either show, i love them, I do see the decicion and kinda agree with it, I mean hey could have handeled some things better (promotion, timeslot, summer reruns), but the problem is the viewers that are tuning in are tuning out, they are not even able to maintain the season opener, it doesn’t help the the international ratings are crap as well.

    I would love for lifetime or something to pick up DSM, i actually think the ‘best’ network would be FX but that’s just me lol, i see it being a good replacement for the riches.

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