Caption This: Edward vs. Luke

Take your best Caption This shot at what Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle) might be saying to Luke (Anthony Geary)

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    Tony: What’s wrong John?

    John: What’s wrong is I was just fed an enormous amount of bs by Frons and Guza. I asked them why I was hardly getting any screen time and they proceeded to explain to me how most of the actors on the show are paper plates and I’m fine china!

    Tony: Why fine china?!

    John: Because you only take it out during special occasions.

    Tony: That’s a coincidence. My girlfriend said that same thing to me last night.:P

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    Luke Kerr

    LMAO!!! For a brief second when I thought you meant Tony Jones when it said Tony and I was like huh? Then I realized you were talking real names and not character names. lol

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    Edward: “I’m telling you, these little caps are going to be all the rage. ELQ is opening a cap division. Just say the word and I can get you in on the ground floor.”

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