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Here’s the Scoop! 12.03.08

Sam saves Jake… Is this redemption for all that’s happened in the past? It looks like that’s the intent as Jason puts his son in further danger with guns blazin’ and causing the cabin where Jake is being held to explode. When he thinks his son is caught in the burning building, here comes Sam with Jake safe in her arms.

Jason tells Elizabeth all the gory details. He wants her to know just how close they came to losing their son. The feds interview the foursome regarding all the mobtacular activity that surrounded Jake’s kidnapping. Elizabeth and Jason call it quits. Jason tells Spinelli he’s lost everything. RUMORS say he tells the Jackal he lost the only family he ever wanted.

The feds… aka Mark Pinter when he checks in as Agent Rayner have questions and Sam tries to take the heat off of Jason. She’s not lying, she tells the truth that she worked for Karpov and the Russians could have been/were looking for her.

Before all this… Elizabeth leaves Cam with Patrick and the RUMORS have her confronting Sasha. What could Sasha say that sticks in Elizabeth’s head? Will it be along the same lines as what Jason will be telling her? Do the Russians know who Jake’s father is? If they do know, wouldn’t Elizabeth and the boys be safer under Jason’s protection? After Elizabeth gets a smack in on Sasha, she heads to her to Studio to release her frustrations by trashing it.

Still seeing RUMORS that LuSam take a big leap in their relationship. Some say it’s moving in together, others say they are getting engaged. Is Sam too much of an adrenaline junkie for Lucky? There are also RUMORS out there that Lucky ditches Sam a few times to go to Elizabeth when she needs him. Remember, Elizabeth is going to have a tough time with RUMORED nightmares and dealing with the fact that she killed someone.

Robert’s coming back to town to meet his granddaughter and give his daughter’s hand in marriage. It looks like we’ll get some nice Scorpio family moments as they bond over Baby Emma. RUMORS have Matt and Maxie serving as godparents.

More Nadine silliness… Nikolas is SUPPOSED to be heading to see her to help with whatever crisis she has. Remember, the Prince is milking a cow. With Nikolas working with Carly to take down Jax, expect more ridiculous jealousy from Nadine.

Jerry… Who will he be messing with? RUMORS have him sending Claudia a message. Could it be about Michael’s shooting? Remember those OLD RUMORS about Sam’s penthouse being blown up? Those are making the rounds again.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Will Robert and Luke reunite? Some are saying yes. Wally Kurth heading back to Port Charles? RUMORS say he will next year. Jason tells Sonny he would not advise starting a mob war with him. Is Patrick going to be in the mob storyline? Another Re-Do, GH Style: There is a RUMOR out there that Johnny takes a job in a garage. Kate rings up Sonny’s son.

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  1. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    RUMORS say he tells the Jackal he lost the only family he ever wanted.

    Going to the corner to cry my eyes out :( :( :(

    I HATE BOOZA !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I was thinking about Johnny in the garage yesterday. It kind of harkens back to Jason’s bike shop he had that Lucky lived above,

    I don’t believe Jason and Liz are over. Honestly, how many times have we watched Jason tell her that they can never be together? They will be together and soon. Have heart!!!

    Regan- What ever happened to the old spoiler that someone would be in a casket? Will that be Jerry? It is the holiday season and lately that has been a Q death. Alan and Emily both died at this time of the year. They aren’t going to bring Wally Kurth back just to bury him, are they? I would rather they bring him back for Alexis.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  3. Profile photo of kgbmc

    For the first time ever I cannot stomach Jason, he seems pathetic and weak. I do not blame him for the kidnapping as he too was a prop character set up to redeem Sam.

    Rather, for months now, Jason did not care enough to keep those kids and Elizabeth safe. It was always some other matter of importance or some other person that he focused his energy on.

    Maybe this will be the beginning of an interesting story for him after all. God knows something had to change.

  4. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I would be excited to see Ned again.

    I’m not sure if I can take Jason getting beat down emotionally any further. From his relationship with Sam, Emily getting killed, and Jake & Elizabeth. Enough is enough.

    Oh, I forgot all of this Sonny shenanigans too.

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    I would speculate that it’s common sense in the coffin but that has long been dead and buried on this show.

    And I better not hear Jason say that he lost the ONLY family he’s ever wanted! What about when he and Robin were together and raising Michael and he owned the bike shop?! Huh, GH! What about that?!

  6. Profile photo of hopingforliason

    Regan, What do you think about either of the following two scenarios that I have been hearing:
    a)we may see an “It’s a Wonderful Life” sequence with Jason and him realizing after the “dream” what is important…now this I could see him trying to fight for Liz and boys.
    b)Dante coming to town and being so distressed from not knowing his Dad, what his Dad does, Oilivia lying to him his whole life and this bringing Liason back together.

    Both of these could ultimately lead him to giving SOnny back his organization and turning his life into something more meaningful….the Q’s have made mention of ELQ lately….maybe he would go do something with the family he has been avoiding for all these years…..

    I am such a Liason fan and hopeful this is not the end. I jsut don’t see it. Esp if the fans keep writing and sending letters, etc. I mean do you think they will actually break this couple uip permanently and then what? How could they justify finding a new love interest for Jason, when he pushed the love of his life away with his son? I DON’T GET iT. Does ABC/GH have peeps that read our blogs? IF so WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING-give us LIASON PLEASE!

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    Thank you Regan! I would like to see Johnny running a garage, all sweaty and greasy crawling out from under a car……ok, gotta stop thinking about that while I’m at work ;)

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    Again, Michael’s shooting was enough to pound into Jason and Elizabeth’s heads why they should not be together. It should have ended there if it was going to. I again blame the writing.

    Why did the big tease go on for 7 more months after that? Why do we have to watch Liason end time and time again? That is bad writing and that has nothing to do with angst or chemistry. Guza must think Elizabeth/Jason fans will take whatever watered down story he is dishing up.

    What do the TPTB do at GH anyway, watch reruns?

    Maybe now that they have redeemed the quad sufficiently by putting all its members on an equally bland footing, GH can start writing better stories for the 4 individual characters.

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    Hey Regan how are you today?? hope you and your newly extended family are great…..
    Heard a Rumor that Sonny kills Sasha…..have you heard anything about this???
    Liason is love

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes there is a RUMOR that Sonny kills Sasha.

    I have seen the dream s/l RUMOR for Jason but we just got that with Patrick. They love the Re-do but I doubt we’ll see it again this soon.

    Dante coming to PC has been RUMORED to impact the Liason story… but be careful what you wish for as his impact could be good but it could also be bad.

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    I hate seeing Jason like this , it’s not fair……….
    He never got the chance to be happy, they are making him to be the tragic hero of the show!!
    and I hate that , I love Jason so much , he is the reason I watch GH, as a fan of him I want to see him happy,I want to see him in the family mode.
    I , and we , the LIASON fans deserve that!!!!!!!!
    I really hope that Ned is coming back, I hope he will bring back Dilon!!!!!!!!!!
    Alexis:I should just continue to make allowances for him, really, because he is, after all, the “good mobster” after all the bad guys in port charles. He is the good bad guy, so we’ll just let him off the hook, right?

  12. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    Anything that would give Liason some PROGRESS I’m with it so tired of this stuck in the same spot s/l five steps forward twenty steps back story..ugh!!!
    Liason is love

  13. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    I wonder what would it take for booza and company to come to their senses regarding liason

    We are not asking for alot, we just want our couple to have a chance to be happy just like every other freaking couple on this show.

    Of course we want liason together forever and happy but this is a soap and we know that is not possible.

    Put them together have some happy time, break them up, put them back together..ETC

    At least let them get their relationship off the ground, we (LIASON FANS) would be satisfied if they had 6 mts of happiness as oppose to 6 minutes.


  14. Profile photo of justliason

    Well, i guess liason fans got what we asked for…we(meaning me) kept saying either put them together or tear them apart….and well….there ya go!
    Ya know, i understand why jason and liz SHOULD NOT be together, but what about why they SHOULD be together. THEY R IN LOVE for pete’s sake! Look at what they r losing by not being together or at least trying! Come on ptb, let them TRY!
    And since when does anyone listen to anyone when they r in love…i know i didn’t….u love who u love! how many times have i seen those very words posted in here!
    Maybe if liz can’t try with jason, they will put her with Ned! just a thought people!

  15. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Wow, really quiet in here today, maybe nothing left to say. So I guess we will have single Jason until SB takes his exit. Nothing left to watch, and poor Liz will have her usual standing at the nurses station, YAHOO, i’m excited. This is such crap. My heart really goes out to Steve and Becky who really put their all into these characters time and again, they will always be my favorite couple that never really was.

  16. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Stop all of the negativity!!!! Jason and Liz have been apart for ten years. But, they have really been a couple all that time as well. They will be together. Do not drink the kool-aid that the haters are serving!

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  17. Profile photo of roe0824

    Afternoon Regan. Thanks as always for your update. I am dreading this breakup(again) but I am still not giving up hope, how can we, we waited this long, what’s alittle longer? I feel that Jason should help Elizabeth through all her bad times but of course, GH as we all know has no idea to write a story. I also feel that if everyone knows Jake is Jason’s son, then, he is the best one to protect them and also have his family. Here’s hoping Dante’s coming is useful to Liason in a good way because I am getting tired of this. I am also getting tired of the repeat stories which tells you that the writters(all of them) need to go if they can’t bring on fresh stories or finish old ones, (Spin’s dad, Stan’s death, Sam’s father,Alan’s will)then they need new writters with good ideas.Here’s hoping the new year will be better.

  18. Profile photo of nycdancer

    I agree Roe, it is really sad to see how many stories these writers never finished. They just disappeared into thin air. Its hard for us fans to really invest in these storylines and couples because we’ve all been disappointed too much. I’d say that this is the recipe for disaster for any television show especially a soap opera. As Liason goes, I will never stop loving them and having faith that they will somehow find their way back to one another…keep writing, calling, and commenting! Thanks Regan for your wonderful blog! You keep me coming back to this site daily.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    ACKKKK Jason drives me nuts sometimes. I am with Seasons – what about the family he wanted to start with Robin and Michael, or later wanting it to be Carly and Michael? What about the baby that Courtney miscarried? Or the baby Sam lost?

    And before I get jumped on, I pretty much always (ha ha) hate the never and always stuff – I wanted to reach through my tv and smack OLTL’s rex b. when he kept telling Gigi it was “always” her because it was only “always” her except when it was Jen and when it was Adrianna. Writing it that way is bad enough, but when they have the same character only a few years later saying that the person he is now with is the only family he wanted is just crud – I dont know anyone that talks like that in real life.

    So one step forward, two steps back for LuSam. I love that they may move their relationship forward, but I soooo see the comfort sex on the horizon with Lucky and Scuzzabeth. Its her M.O.

  20. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I agree the writing has been lackluster, but not just for this storyline and not just recently. It’s been going downhill for awhile now, w/ just flashes of decent stuff (like Robin giving birth.)

    As for the Sam stuff, her rescuing Jake is redemption (in Liz/Jason/Lucky’s eyes, but also in terms of Sam forgiving herself for what she did last year). As a Sam fan, I see it as her getting back to who she is and who she was for years: an action/adventure girl who risks her life to save others. Flawed but Brave :) Seeing her being written as a revenge seeking missile for a few months was awful, so in that sense I can get behind this story even if the writing is bad.

    Can’t wait for a possible LuSam engagement!! I feel like we never got a proper love story with them, but I’ll take what I can get!

    I can honestly say that the only thing that interests me these days is the Sam stuff… I’m not even that excited about Robert coming back :(

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Not excited about Robert?? Oh the heresy. (Is this our firt disagreement Daisy – say it aint so LOL)

    As for Scuzzabeth – heres the thing about any comfort sex. When she slept with Jason, Scuzz and SuperSam didnt hate each other. In fact, they were friendly until Sam correctly figured out that Scuzz was trying to get with Jason. Sam had revenge sex with Lucky, as she admitted, but she and Scuzz hated each other at that point and we had seen a friendship develop between LuSam, first when they were working together and the bonding over their betrayal. Now, post Sam heroically saving Jake, if Scuzz were to once again sleep with the guy that Sam was involved with, that would be completely trashy. hey, thanks for saving my kid, now can I bed your man?

    Let me ask this, when Claudia paid Maxie to try and sleep with Johnny, wouldnt we all agree that it would be far far worse if she slept with him now, given her quasi-truce/friendship with Lulu, than it would have been back then?

  22. Profile photo of ClaudiaZ_Rocks

    You forget to confirm that it’s OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SARAH BROWN IS STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hehe sorry for the caps

  23. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Here’s my current take on Sam and her fans –

    For the longest time, I have been reading posts from Samfans about how she is super and sweet and she was thrown under the wheels of the bus for Jason and Elizabeth.

    Sam was always a grifter. A grifter is someone who is willing to con and steal to get their own way. That has always been Sam. She was always a whore. She slept with Jax and Sonny for the benefit of her wallet. They fleshed out her background several times by adding her brother and her family history, by making her Alexis’ daughter, and finally by bringing on Amelia. Amelia was a good character. I liked her. I wish she could have stayed longer. Amelia gave a little more history to Sam. Sam conned several men out of their savings. That wasn’t out of character. That addition made sense.

    Sam got upset because Jason was moving on and had fathered Liz’s baby and went into revenge mode. That also made sense. It was gradual. It wasn’t a split second change. The fans got to watch her losing it. I was not surprised by the reveal that she knew who took Jake. I wasn’t surprised by the reveal that she had hired the gunmen in the park. I wasn’t paying any attention to spoilers at the time either.

    This whole redemption of Sam with her constant stilted dialogue is not gradual and does not make sense. Sam telling Jason about how she took out the first gunman and how she gave Liz the gun while they are chasing the Russians was just silly. The writing for this is horrible and unnecessary. The quad had really already moved past it. Liz had allowed Sam to spend time with her children. Jason and Sam had worked together against Jerry. Why would they have to redeem her in this stilted fashion? For the fans?

    Are they trying to get the fans to forgive her? They should try better writers. This stuff is laughable and doesn’t make any sense at all. Lucky knocks on a bullet riddled door, Jason accidentally starts a fire that almost kills his child, and Liz admits that Jason is dangerous but Sam keeps her head and saves the day. It would be more believable if it didn’t all happen in one week. They are trying way too hard to get everyone to care about Sam. Are they going to kill her? Hey, that is interesting but still will not make a very tear filled funeral if it all happens in one week.

    I am glad to see that a few Samfans see that the problem is with the writing. If you hated that she was the villain, wouldn’t you want her redeemed intelligently. I just want the show to make sense.

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  24. Profile photo of blackjack21

    eet, great minds and all that.
    uh, how did sam get dragged into liz and jason not being together? um, it’s not like sam’s stalking him,it’s more like he keeps looking for her – as friends. nothing sam is doing now has anything to do with liz and jason. if anything, she’s been cheering them on. so if someone says that liz may continue her ritual of comfort sex that has nothing to do with sam intentially and admittedly going after lucky, who readliy agreed to do it.
    i do agree with them beating a dead horse when there are plenty of other interesting (no not carly, sonny, or olivia) stories to tell.

  25. Profile photo of blackjack21

    oh, sueboo, how i love your love of your couple. i totally think sam was destroyed for the benefit of your couple, but i was soooooo tired of all the crying and let’s not forget jason and sam kept having the same conversations over and over, too – perhaps his brain damage has ruined his desire for originality. but if we agree that the end of jason and sam was sloppy, out of character, and just a prop for jason and liz, then should any of us expect any better for this “redemption” of sam? was it even necessary? as someone pointed out everyone seems to be over it. personally, i liked liz freaking out over sam being at jason’s – a taste of her own medicine. but give me more of liz being insecure and jealous. show her melting down from having lost her bff and killing someone. show her struggle with walking away from jason and staying away as she watches his friendships with maxie and sam grow. that is good soap story: moving apart, back together, character development. is it me or is almost everyone on this show emotionally stunted? sam and lucky know who they are and deal with it together and sometimes apart. jason has barely been able to do that, either because of himself or what liz is instructing him to do. let’s have a non-mega-event sweeps and more conversations about emotional growth. i love action, but this show has made me dull to it – it never stops.

  26. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Hey Sam was honest and up front about her intentions towards Lucky. Which is more than anyone can say for Snarkabeth, who lied, denied and stalked her way into Jason’s pants (oops, I mean “heart”) And I’ve never bought the whole Sam seduced/hunted Lucky. Lucky was equally to blame, if not more so. He was the one that was married and he chose to cheat on Lizzie Blech. He wasn’t tricked. It was revenge sex on both their parts.

    But so was the Liazzzzon ONS. Totaly revenge sex, except they just didn’t call it that. They had both just seen the love of their lives in bed with other people, and how do they “comfort” each other?? By having sex. Revenge Sex baby, all the way.

    And here was Sam’s reasoning behind sleeping with Lucky. While Sam and Jason were trying to work things out, there was Liz stalking Jason, sniffing around him like a dog in heat. Jason told Liz he wanted to be with Sam, Sam told Liz that she was making their reconciliation more difficult (and then she called Liz out on her feelings for Jason, which she denied because she’s a pathalogical liar). But Liz wouldn’t stop interfering.

    Cut to months later: Liz and Lucky are trying to work things out. So Sam does what Liz did. She sabatoges the reconciliation. She chases Lucky the way Liz chased Jason – EXCEPT Sam was honest about it.

    At the time, I thought it was the worst revenge plot ever. “I’m going to get revenge on my nemesis by seducing the husband she doesn’t want, clearing the path for her to be with the man I love, Jason” It made no sense!! Dumb, dumb writing!! *However* she did end up with Lucky – so maybe it wasn’t such a bad plan afterall :)

  27. Profile photo of DaJizIsUp

    For the longest time, I have been reading posts from Samfans about how she is super and sweet and she was thrown under the wheels of the bus for Jason and Elizabeth.

    Ok, first off, Sam IS super. PERIOD. End of story. :p Second, she can be sweet; but this, of course, only happens when Guza wants her to be. And third, to get Sam to a place where Jason could find no love in his heart for her anymore, she was thrown under a tractor-trailer. They flipped the b*tch switch on full blast to destroy whatever progress her character had made during the time JaSam were together. And they will surely do it again.

    TIIC are so schizophrenic. They took a character who lost her own child so suddenly and was so baby crazy that all she basically did was eat, sleep and drink babies to a place where she was some cold-hearted, child-threatening, baby-stealer watching pyscho to now being the one risking her life to save the child who’s existence she despised. The only consistency they have is that there is none at all.

  28. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    And the men that liz slept with were all willing participants. (Just saying)

    Well, Jason’s not exactly a willing participant. Liz has to stalk him and beg him to have sex with her, lol.

  29. Profile photo of blackjack21

    uh, icp you’re the one calling sam a tramp and lucky yucky. no one was even putting sam in the lamenting of jason and liz’s off again saga. sure eet called scuzzabeth, but liz did alot of that stuff before sam was even in liz’s orbit.

  30. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Comon Its fun with names!!!
    Its just fictional character, they are not real!!!!
    We are not saying it about real people, and we shouldn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is not hurting anyone!!!!!!!

  31. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    lcpinnow: Nice try lcpinnow, but no. Please don’t make this into Liz fans are so nice and Sam fans are mean. I used to keep my Liz name calling to minimum on here (saving most of my Liz criticizing for the Sam/Liz Debate thread on TFO). *However* when people started posting SAMWHORE on here and bashing on my girl, I felt that gave me the okay to do it on here too. If you can dish it, be prepared to take it.

    There’s lots of name calling on here (of characters). For Sam: Scuba Skank, Crotch Crickets, Whore, Tramp, Spam, etc… Not to mention Jamey’s “stretched out hoo-ha” comment (or his comments about her bullet riddled uterus on the podcast). I’m okay with all of that, as long as I get to do it too. But I don’t appreciate someone acting as if I’m the bad guy.

    What I’m not okay with is when posters attack other posters personally. On this site, Liz fans have called me “stupid” and a Spamcrazy, and have been insulted far worse by someone on TFO (comments were not deleted, btw). Now I don’t see Sam fans insulting other posters on here. Debating and character name calling is part of the game on these blogs/boards, but personal attacks are crossing the line, imo.

    I’m posting this now, because I’m really hoping that this doesn’t turn into something nasty where fans are insulting each other.

    I know it sucks when someone posts something bad about a character you like, but there’s no need to make the fight personal.

    And I’m also hoping that this “Sam fans are so ugly” isn’t just a way to get Sam fans to stop posting on this thread…

  32. Profile photo of diallo41

    I agree with an earlier comment. They should have ended liason with Michael’s shooting rather than proceed forward in this haphazard half-hearted manner. I would rather them be over than this “together-not-together” hot mess in purgatory limbo. I am beyond hope, I am deflated and exasperated and desperately seeking a reason to watch GH, or another couple or a decent storyline geez!

  33. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Liz did not have to stalk Jason! LMAO Their relationship was actually organic and natural, not a Brian Frons special.

    Ha! Nothing natural about being stalked and hunted down like an animal! Poor Jason!! He always looks like a deer in headlights whenever Stalkerbeth tracks him down.
    Liz: Jaaason!! I need comfort!! Pleeeease have seeex with me! Pleeease!! Why are you running away??!! Jaaason!!

  34. Profile photo of sb_fan

    I agree with daisy clover..the ‘sam’ name calling didn’t really start until a couple of weeks ago, (hmm…I wonder why).
    I’m SAM crazy, I admit it, but if someone calls my girl the plethora of names ‘given’ to her on this board, then it’s only fair for sam fans to bash Liz.

  35. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Like I said go back to where the name calling about Liz started, it is what it is, if your not mean in the way you post no one can make it look that way, So go back and read. Just try and play nice and I don’t dish it and I don’t expect to have to take it. We all like who we like, don’t have to be nasty about it. We are all suppose to be adults lets act that way. PLAY NICE!

  36. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Liz did not have to stalk Jason! LMAO Their relationship was actually organic and natural, not a Brian Frons special.

    Thank you jamey !!!!

    Sam was dropped off on jason’s doorstep in a litterbox

  37. Profile photo of DaJizIsUp

    Every fanbase uses “colorful” language to express their disdain for certain characters. I’ve seen Sam be called a number of not so nice names apart from the oh-so-famous “Spam.”

    As long as it doesn’t get personal between posters it doesn’t bother me much.

  38. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    As for Jason’s “deal of a lifetime” any guesses?

    One theory floating out there is that Agent Rayner offers him a way out.

    More SCOOP… Sam and Jason at Jake’s? I mentioned Lucky leaving Sam to help out Elizabeth. One of the times that happens, she’s said to go to Jake’s and Jason is there as well. They’re RUMORED to play pool and discuss Lucky and Elizabeth.

  39. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    They can’t end LIASON!!
    The moment they decide that Jake is Jason’s son, they went for LIASON.
    How can they move on, when they didn’t let Jason be a father to jake ,or be with Elizabeth in the open!!
    I don’t know GH history very well, but I don’t think we had a character that didn’t know who was his biological parents………..
    even Dante who comes to our screen very soon, we find out who is real Dad, so how can not Jake…..

  40. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Jason and Sam at Jakes??????????????
    isn’t it Jarly’s place????????????????????????
    I think Carly will be mad.LOL
    I know that Jason won’t take it , so why do they do that????????

  41. Profile photo of engradypind

    For all of the Liason fans out there: Happy does not make for interesting or exciting story lines. There has to be conflict to create tension, to give the characters motivation. That said, enough already. Jason can’t be happy. That emotion was removed from his brain when drunken brother AJ wrapped his car around a tree with Jason in the passenger seat. Jason is an intelligent man and as such can evaluate the situations he is in and make adjustments to provide himself with the things he knows should make him comfortable or satisfied emotionally — if he had emotions. On an intellectual level Jason knows what love is. On an emotional level he can’t fully experience it. He can recognize contentment in his situations though. Jason has always been the more intelligent of the two Q boys, so he uses his intelligence to process situations or relationships he is involved in and acts accordingly.

    Liz, on the otherhand, has always liked the bad boy. She was a wild one as a teenager. Lucky Spencer had a bad boy streak to him when he was younger, before he turned stupid. Liz was attracted to Jason before he matured. She was attracted enough to sleep with Zander who was a bad boy. She married Ric who was not known for his stability of character.

    I’d rather see Liz with Jason than with Lucky. The Liz-Lucky pairing positively reeks of teenage fantasies. I’m not sure there is anyone on the show right now who could be a good match for Liz. She might well be the woman who remains single and capable and appreciative of not having a man in her life.

  42. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    While conflict and turmoil do seem to get the most out of a story… the fans would like to see a little love in their afternoons. Scrubs do it well but they can’t carry it all on their shoulders.

  43. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    ITA with you ENGRADYPIND with pretty much everything you said except for “JASON CAN’T BE HAPPY”

    Jason has experienced happiness with each of the women in his life before the accident and after the accident.

    The only gripe the liason fans have is that jason and elizabeth never fully got a chance to be a happy couple out in the open or even for a long period of time.


  44. Profile photo of hopingforliason

    “Deal of a Lifetime for Jason”

    Didn’t think of the angle until you mentioned it Regan, but the FBI agent COULD offer him something….but if it’s that, I don’t know that Jason would take it…not even for Jake. I think he is too loyal to the men that work for him and to Sonny. I do like that though.

    Another theory could be the ELQ one…maybe he is offered to run the company or something at Monica and Edward’s pushing for him to do something positive fro Jake (bc they are going to find out at some point).

    As I said earlier, I do hold out hope that Liason will be brought back together…I don’t think they will pair Dante with Liz (I read this on another blog). IF they listen to the fans, which they have said in the past they do, I think we will eventually see a Liason pairing, maybe another baby? (who knows). Just bc they put them together, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. THey will have to deal with alot of adjusting, and there will always be a threat of Liz being taken by one of Jason’s enemies, or (GD help us) one of the boys….something… Hey maybe the deal of a lifetime is Spinelli asking him to go into the PI business with him?hehehehe.

  45. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I don’t think he’ll take the deal either if the FBI offer is the “deal of a lifetime.” Which of course will once again be Jason choosing the biz over Elizabeth… been there done that lets write another story.

  46. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Personally, I am not a big fan of Lizard, so I really would like to see the character back-burnered, but I realize that isnt going to happen, so if she is going to have a front burner story, I think they should consider putting her with nik, esp. if they could then get NL to come back say in a year from now. I would love to see Emily ask Elizabeth how she could have let her go back to the mansion alone and without a gun. Having the best friends go at it – or in the alternative have both women willing to “give up” nik for the other. I get that Jiz fans want Jason and Lizard together, but she just doesnt belong in his world, it betrays everything we have ever known about her and her so called “moral high-ground”. And if Lucky stayed in the middle of a possible Emily/Lucky/Sam triangle and we also had a Lucky/Sam/Jason triangle while also having a Sam/Jason/carly triangle etc. etc. we could play musical chairs like crazy.

    And, for the record, yes, TODAY I was the first to use the name “scuzzabeth” but ICAM with Daisy – the idea that the Sam fans are bad and the Lizard fans are good is bunk. All I can say for the Sam fans is that to date, no one has ever denegrated Rebecca H. personally – her character yes, but not the actress. The same cant be said about the Lizard fans attitude toward KeMo. And lets broaden this for a second past these two women. I am a Carly fan, and I am sure you dont need me to list the names she is called. how about Lu-lu. I am not a fan of this character, but she is also called a ton of names – heck, Sueboo even started a thread in the forums for people to come up with new names for the character. For the longest time, Courtney was more often than not, called courtho. What about the guys, Plucky and Sucky for Lucky and all the references to Sonny as “greasy” and the list goes on.

  47. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Well said EET!!

    Btw, I would love an Em/Nik/Liz triangle. I’d want Liz and Nik’s friendship to blossom into love, have them start to become a family (and of course there would be tension because of Lucky, not to mention the idea of Sam/Liz becoming cousins-in-law, lol). And then on the day of their wedding Emily, escaping from Helena’s dungeon, comes running into the church (still wearing that ballgown natch :) ) Nik would be torn between the two women he loves. Em would be hearbroken to see him, Liz and the kids as a family, Liz would wonder if she could ever compete w/ his true love, and of course both Em and Liz (because they’re BFF) would want to do the noble thing and step aside even though they both love Nik. That’s actually a story I could get into!

  48. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    And that would free nik from what looks like it may be a carly/nik/nadine match up. I cant imagine a worse triangle. Carly is too tall, too old and too strong willed for nik IMHO. They just dont look or act like a couple. I like them better as friends. And Nadine has potential but right now they are writing the character like she has a screw loose. Let nadine be with matt so maxie can stay with spinelli.

  49. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I agree, Carly and Nik – very weird. And Nik/Nadine just don’t do it for me. I wouldn’t mind Matt/Nadine – they had some sparks when she was going all Nancy Drew on his *ss for awhile.

  50. Profile photo of ahanshew

    EET, that may have been me (Highstrung) that started the name calling Lulu thread, not Sueboo. :)

    I am not a real huge Sam fan, however, I love Kelly Monaco.

    Regan, if they offer Jason the deal of a lifetime, would that mean the witness protection program? At least in reality, it would mean that.

  51. Profile photo of rekah

    Can someone, anyone, please refresh my memory. How do the Russians know that Jason is Elizabeth’s boyfriend, as Sasha stated today? Did I miss an episode or something?

  52. Profile photo of hopingforliason

    Regan, if they offer Jason the deal of a lifetime, would that mean the witness protection program? At least in reality, it would mean that.

    I thought of that too, like maybe a bit of foreshadowing now bc he would say no, and then next fall when his contract is up, he could go then to keep everyone safe????but I don’t think that is it. IF SB were def leaving, then it could be a possibility (I seem to be one of the few who doesn’t really think he’ll leave)…but then Jason is leaving everything, but not taking Jake/Cam or Liz with him? SHe has no one left in PC, she could go too. It wouldn’t make sense….

    Plus this is soapoperaville. They can write anything. SO why write that, that kind of finalizes his character off the show (just as if they killed him off) and I think we’d see more of him going away or something, so that down the road he could either com eback or be recasted (I couldn’t love someone other than SB as Jason, but look how many Carly’s we’ve had).

  53. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Sam and Jason at Jake’s, say it isn’t so. I know that’s where he used to screw around with Carly, but for me Jake’s is all Liason. One of my all time favorite screens is Liz finding Jason at Jake’s and ending up playing pool with him only for Lucky to walk in on them. Not to mention this is where our Liason started. It just can’t be!!

  54. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jakes is so Jarly’s place. But for my Sam, I will let her make it her own this one time LOL. That was one of the many things that drove me bonkers about the baby being named Jake.

    As for the deal of a lifetime, how do you rat out the mob and then live openly and safely in the same city? I cant see that being the story unless he says no, which would be a bit of a redo with Carly trying to get Sonny out of the mob back in the day. if Lizard tries to force him to take a witness protection offer, Jason would see that as betrayal and if Jason turns it down, I am sure Lizard would rightly see that as Jason again picking the mob over her.

    As for how Jason moves on – the reality is there are only three women on the show that he could legitimately be with and have it make sense – carly, figuring she (and/or sonny) is going to drag her kids into trouble anyway, Claudia since she is all mob and has no interest in kids, or Sam because she is infertile and loves the action/adventure side of his job.

  55. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Actually, the thread I started was in regards to fans calling Lulu “carly 2.0″ and the fact that when you add 2.0 to anything it signifies an improvement. I was questioning whether Lulu should really be considered a newer and more improved version of Carly. I was not blessing the use of nicknames or name calling. I was questioning the validity of that particular moniker.
    Yes, I did submit a few alternatives within that particular thread but it was all in good fun. I don’t think that should in any way make me responsible for name calling. I don’t often use even squish names. I certainly am not above reproach but I am also not willing to accept the blame for Liz fans doing any name calling. Sometimes, I use Sham. I think that is rather mild and it makes a bit of sense considering Sam has run scams. I don’t really understand Spam because that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Are we saying that she likes processed meat? Is that really meat? It looks really gross. It isn’t much in the way of a nickname. Are we just shooting for rhymes? Scam kind of works better.

    I think I may have founded Sam McCallgirl but that was just an exercise in development. Sam is pretty tough to nickname without being really derogatory. Liz has way more going for her in the nickname game. That may just be because she provides more syllabically. Anywho, I cannot accept responsibility for derogatory nicknames across the board. I find it amusing that I have actually been called out on it. That said, Liz haters really do use derogatory nicknames way more that Liz lovers or Sam haters. I don’t know why other than Sam doesn’t really give us much to work with.

    I do always remember my mother telling me that when you are reduced to name calling you are signaling to your opponent that you are on shaky ground in the argument department. You have run out of ways to defend your ground. My mother was really big on her children settling disputes with their brains and not their fists. She had seven children and four of them were very large and violent boys. Debates did sometimes get physical but mostly the Mom won out.

    On the web, posters are really just trying to one up each other. It is all in good fun. Frustration does lead to some namecalling but for the most part this site is way tamer than others. The namecalling doesn’t bother me unless it gets really personal to the actors or the posters.

    Blackjack- I appreciate your love of my love for my favorite character. Thanks!!!

    OT – Yay, both of my nephews won their first wrestling matches of the season. I am in such a good mood!!!

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  56. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    …”Sometimes, I use Sham. I think that is rather mild and it makes a bit of sense considering Sam has run scams. I don’t really understand Spam because that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Are we saying that she likes processed meat? Is that really meat? It looks really gross. It isn’t much in the way of a nickname. Are we just shooting for rhymes? Scam kind of works better…”
    Oh Sueboo, I just laughed myself out loud silly when I read this. You really dissected the subject in a hilarious way. Thanks-I so needed that! :)

  57. Profile photo of blackjack21

    if anyone is still reading this today, here’s my 2 cents.
    first of all jakes was initially a robin/jason place. he lived there when they were together before carly.
    second, to my sadness, they are most likely just trying to give sam/jason fans the closure we asked for a year ago. by renewing their friendship and “redeeming” sam it gives jason a sounding board who isn’t a) a computer geek – i do love spinelli, b) a “friend” who betrayed him – that would be sonny, or c) carly who really only worries about herself and noone else. i think the rumors lead me to believe it’s paving the way for a friendship that may or may not turn into anything else further down the road depending on audience satisfaction with other stories.

    also i didn’t see the need for this redemption. sam has already defended liz to lucky, defended liz/jason to lucky, told jason for as long as jake was alive to be his father and that he would be a good and safe dad (which is more than liz has),sam helped jake get help at the hospital, supported jason when michael was shot, gone out of her way to explain and ease liz’s mind about jason and sam interactions and completely owned the horrible things she’s done involving cam and jake. i think she was already redeemed. but that’s just me

  58. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Ok, just have to say it, No one is a bigger SB fan then I am but what is up with him? He is showing no emotion in his acting at all, nothing there even when he looked through the window and saw little Jake. It seems like there has been major cutting going on, all the day to day spoilers are wrong, Jason was suppose to return home without Jake first before he found him. What the heck is going on. Even when KM was talking about the feeling of not knowing where your child is, the two of them showed nothing, what is up?

  59. Profile photo of blackjack21

    thanks daisy?
    icp – i share your concern. even liz/jason fans have to admit he’s just missing something. we know he’s talented others know – he’s been in several other projects, i just hope all the budget cutting and horrible writing won’t push him out the door.

  60. Profile photo of DaJizIsUp

    Jason’s offered the deal of a lifetime??? What would that be?

    I would say all the black t-shirts he could ever want, but it seems he’s already made a deal with the devil on that one. A never-ending supply of Monavie?

    As a Sam fan, I hate that they are vindicating her in such a contrived way. There was nothing compelling or entertaining about this s/l whatsoever; save for the short, but insightful convo between her and Liz.

  61. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Well as much as the thought of Liz and Yucky makes me gag isn’t that what Sam the tramp did when she first slept with Yucky, she admitted that herself. But lets try and remember not all woman think with a certain body part like Miss Sam does, lets just hope she empties tha hot tub of hers.

  62. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Liz and Jason have had a history for almost 10yrs. When they turned to each other it wasn’t the same as Sam hunting down Yucky to get back at Liz, even as a Sam fan you have to see that.

  63. Profile photo of DaJizIsUp

    Listen, I’m not saying what Sam did was right. I thought it was cheap of her – scratch that – Guza. But, I love me some LuSam so I’m glad she did go after Lucky.

    IMO, Liz having history with Jason means nothing to me. Whether she knew him for 10 minutes or 10 years, this is a pattern with Liz. She’s done this before; twice to Lucky alone. I mean, she stabbed Emily – her supposed BFF – in the back by sleeping with Xander when she was “hurt.”

    I’m just calling a spade a spade, Sam thinks with her lady lumps sometimes and so does Liz.

  64. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    I have one thing to say, have you noticed the Sam fans are really ugly with the name calling, is it really necessary, can’t you have a conversation without it, go back to the chat before the ugly stuff started and take a look. I never really paid much attention before when I heard it said,but you guys really make your whole fan base look bad.

  65. Profile photo of diallo41

    LMAO indeed. come on admit it, I Luv liason too but it was “natural and organic” in the begining and then it became just a wee bit made up.

    of course, I loved it until recently …..

  66. Profile photo of engradypind

    Regan, just my two cents here — since you asked.

    Option A sounds corny in the extreme which means GH will probably do it IF they ever get away from the mob-centric orientation of the show. I think the show will be canceled before anybody at GH or ABC get a clue that the fans HATE, DESPISE, DETEST the way the show has been refocused. I just can’t see the viewer demographics supporting the direction the show has been shoved in. Who in the H*ll do they think watches this show anyway? Mobsters in training?

    Option B sounds like a sidebar to making Sonny right about all of his garbage yet again. Sonny figures he has all sorts of rights as a sperm donor. He is going to hit the ceiling when he finds out about Dante. He will never see that Olivia was right to protect her son from him. He can’t put two and two together to get four. We will be “privileged”, make that subjected to, another of his BETRAYAL rants. Like we couldn’t have never heard it before or couldn’t recite it for him. If Jason were to opt out of the mob for a life with Liz as a Quartermaine Heir, it would be nothing more than a mini-scene or less, a single line of dialogue in this mobular soap.

  67. Profile photo of katclaws

    “I am such a Liason fan and hopeful this is not the end. I jsut don’t see it. Esp if the fans keep writing and sending letters, etc. I mean do you think they will actually break this couple uip permanently and then what? How could they justify finding a new love interest for Jason, when he pushed the love of his life away with his son? I DON’T GET iT. Does ABC/GH have peeps that read our blogs? IF so WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING-give us LIASON PLEASE!”

    Isn’t this supposed to be the Hap-Hap-Happiest Time of the Year??? Leave it to GH to write the most violent, sad & depressing stories to “reward” it’s loyal fans this holiday season. Hey, I can watch the news for that!


  68. Profile photo of roe0824

    Well said Regan, we do want to see romance and Scrubs does have romance but we don’t have enough of it. Also, Jason/Sam at Jakes? Now the writters are really pushing it. I think they want more fans to come back(JaSam) but really, I think they are pushing more away without giving us our Liason. I also like the redemption idea, Jason getting out of the mob, becoming a private eye with Spinelli which could really be alot of fun if written right and he could finally have his family that he always wanted. After awhile, you kind of feel sorry for the character of Jason, he has never had anything good come to him except for Jake which he can’t even enjoy. I know he is in the mob but even they have a family, Guza does love the Soprano’s he should know that.I actually like to see Steve Burton’s smile and lately, we have not seen that, last time was with Liz at his penthouse and again on the phone with Liz.

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