John Callahan on Days of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker has been doing some of the best work of her career as part of the baby loss storyline but I’m curious to hear what Days of Our Lives fans think of John Callahan as her Doctor. What are your impressions of Callahan as Nicole’s doctor?

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    I don’t watch the show, but I gotta ask…are those just bad pictures of him you have posted here? Maybe it’s just because I’ve not seen him in years, but he incredibly different in those photos, and not necessarily in a good way.

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    I never watched DOOL until now. Had to catch some JC – it’s been too long! Love seeing him, but he could use a haircut!
    I’m hoping the story gets a little better!

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    I am still just a bit overwhelmed by how he looks now. I do remember back in the day when he was on AMC as Edmund. He was a good looking man then, but now, well, he has let himself go. I don’t understand the haircut at all, I think a Chia Pet looks better than whatever is going on in these pics.

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    Oooh-whee, he looks tired and old. He has those saggy cheek jowls and really looks weightier then he used to. Mr. Callahan was a handsome, dashing man when he was on AMC. What the heck happened? Maybe when Eva LaRue and he divorced, he went down a food-binging path.

    Besides that, if they will fire Dee and Drake but hire a veteran soap actor for a day player role, where does the budget cut come in. They did not need to go to a “name” daytime actor to play Nicole’s doctor. He will serve his purpose and then be off. Since I am no longer watching DOOL (after 30 years of devoted viewership), I cannot comment on his performance or the context in which he appears. From spoilers, I understand Nicole pressures him to keep quiet about her miscarriage. My only assumption is that John needs the money so bad that his agent is putting him out there for any role being cast on daytime, from contract level to background extra.

    It truly is a sad time for soap operas.

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    I guess Eva LaRue can say now that living well truly is the best revenge.

    As for Callahan as a day player…do y’all really think he was very expensive? I don’t think he has worked any in soaps for quite a while; it may be unfortunate but true that he does not command much more salary than your average day player. I hope for his sake he does, but I’m skeptical.

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    What he need first is a nutritionist and a personal trainer, because he looks a hot mess and then he can worry about a stylist.

    Mo Ambessa Z Emenete Negede Yehuda
    Lack of money is the root of all evil.

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    Is that what a toupee looks like? These pictures remind me of Marlon Brando’s final films where he wouldn’t wear any pants so they shot him from the waist up.

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    i think he could have been ill or maybe taking meds that cause
    weight gain jerry lewis had this happenend when he was talking steroids for his heart or other medical issues few yrs ago he ballooned up

    i just don’t think its from overeating i watched john
    on amc know what he looked like back than

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    You people here are absolutely vicious and heartless – the comments I see here! From soap ‘fans’ no less!

    I too saw John Callahan the other day, after not seeing him for years, and I felt so sorry for him. He looks unwell to me. But if he is well and it’s just aging, well so what? This man is very talented and I will take talent over the “beautiful” people that can’t act their way out of a paper bag.

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    G. I. Joe with life-like hair?
    He looks like his wearing a Toupe.

    Mo Ambessa Z Emenete Negede Yehuda
    Lack of money is the root of all evil.

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    I agree with you. To me, his volume doesn’t have the look of regular I-eat-too-much fat that usually follows the form of the underlying muscle. No, in his case, it looks like it is synthetically formed, or blown up, like side-effect fat from (synthetic) medications. I’m speculating.

    I certainly hope he can overcome whatever it is and get healthy again. He is still the handsome, heart-throbby JC underneath.

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