Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Split?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have split but as Jossip put it The National Enquirer "has a tendency to be speculative and inflammatory as often as it correct and inflammator."

Update: Kelly Ripa’s rep told Us Magazine "There is no truth to the story. Their marriage continues to be quite healthy and the National Enquirer should be ashamed for fabricating such an untruthful story."

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    Didn’t this site just post a photo of them at a premiere the other night? Why are you quoting the National Enquirer?

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    Damn you, Luke! Don’t ever do that to me! If those two split I’d have to go through a prolonged period of mourning. I just got over the devastation of when Mateo and Hayley temporarily split up because of his child bride! Unfortunately, the Enquirer does on occasion get it right. John Edwards, any one!

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    I agree with sueboo – why on Earth are you quoting that rag?

    Aren’t they the same ones that say week after week after week that Dr. Phil’s wife has left him and that Stedman has left Oprah, not to mention all the other garbage?

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    I sure hope that’s now true. I was just enjoying the picture you posted about them out on the town the other night. I actually like this couple and I hope that it’s just a rumor. Can’t anyone in Hollywood stay together? Did Kelly mention anything on Regis?

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