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Here’s the Scoop! 12.04.08

Claudia shows some compassion? Say it isn’t so? RUMORS have the Mafia Princess showing some real emotion when she hears that Jake Spencer has been kidnapped by the Russian mobsters. What else is Claudia up to? Trying to bed her husband and ripping into her brother’s girlfriend. Too bad Johnny hears all Claudia has to say to Lulu. Another wedge between Johnny and his family?

Does Sam pull away? RUMORS have Sam pulling away when Lucky kisses his girlfriend. Is this all a lead up to a LuSam break-up? I know, I’m confusing you all as there are RUMORS about LuSam making some forward progress in their relationship, a rarity on General Hospital. I think what will see is some progress with LuSam, maybe even one of those commitments we’ve been dishing on but as usual with GH, what goes up must come down. Don’t be surprised if we see Lucky and Sam breaking up.

The ABC Cuts… With the news that ABC Daytime is issuing cuts across the board what does this mean for General Hospital? There is plenty of GOSSIP and SPECULATION making the rounds. Don’t be shocked if some faves are written out as well as some vets being placed on recurring status. We know Sarah Brown re-signed for another year. We’re still waiting on the official confirmation that Maurice Benard is sticking around and there are a few GH stars with contracts coming up in 2009. If you toss in the RUMORS about certain returns, something has to give somewhere.

We heard a RUMOR that Natalia Livingston had been spotted at the GH studios. This RUMOR said she was reading for a new part and would not be returning as Emily Quartermaine. The LATEST? Well there are two "theories" floating around so we’re going to do a SPOILER or FANFIC, you be the judge.

Theory #1: That a new Bowen comes to Port Charles and she looks a lot like Emily. (Recently, Natalia got a new do. She went dark and cut her hair into a sleek bob.) This "theory" has the Quartermaines embracing this newbie because of her resemblance to their beloved Em.

Theory #2:
Natty returns as a Russian mobster’s daughter. No!? Another Mob story? The thought never crossed my mind (insert sarcasm here). Unfortunately, this "theory" seems to have the most story potential and would be the easiest way to make this new character Emily Quartermaine. Here are my two cents, IF Natty returns, I want her to be Emily. I don’t care if there is some identity crisis, but I am not a fan of an actor returning as a new character and the fans are just supposed to accept it. Claudia has been the exception to my rule. Although, at first it bothered me, she’s grown on me. Still hate the concept. So back to my two pennies… I could get behind this if the story unfolds as Helena playing a part in Emily’s "death" and shipping her off to one of her Russian mobster friends. Emily has amnesia, thinks she’s really the daughter of a mobster and the latest haps with all the Russian mobbies has Emily returning to Port Charles. While I am not encouraging yet another mob storyline, this way, in my opinion, has the most story potential. It lets Guza write for his beloved mobsters and gives the Quartermaines a meaty storyline. However, IF this happens (remember, it’s a RUMOR) and Guza plays up Sonny & Company and the Quartermaines play second fiddle, I will be pissed.

While we’re talking about Russian mobsters… Who’s Sasha taking her orders from? Is it Jerry?

Tristan Rogers returns on December 22nd. Robin’s Pops is back in town for her wedding re-do and despite RUMORS that Luke and Robert would be mixing it up, it doesn’t appear to be happening. According to Tristan, he’s on for four episodes.

Sonny & Jason… or better known as Guza’s greatest pairing ever. Will they ever be what they once were? RUMORS say Jason doesn’t think they can get back what they once shared.

More Nikolas and Nadine silliness. Nikolas agrees to honor Aunt Raylene’s wishes, but he doesn’t need the MOC when his lawyers come through. Sasha has a proposition for Jason. Is this the "deal of lifetime" we were talking about in the comments yesterday? Some ASSUME it’s Agent Rayner offering Jason a deal. Luke and Tracy’s marriage is in the cards.

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  1. Profile photo of jpergande

    As kinda crazy as it would be to have Natalia come back on as Emily, I do think your theory two would be the most interesting. If the writers do play it right, they could be a lot of potential. But it would mean, more jealous Nadine as she is already upset with seeing Nik and Carly together talking business… just imagine her with Emily back in the picture. And not to mention the Q family finally gets a good storyline (if played right).

    Your first theory: I’m not sure of who “Bowen” is. How does that fit in with the rest of them?

    Thanks!! :) Always look forward to this every morning.

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Sorry… Bowen is Emily’s “real” last name. Her mother was Paige Bowen, whom Monica met while they were both getting treatment for Breast Cancer. When Paige died, Monica and Alan adopted Emily. So Theory #1 is that Natty returns as a Bowen, Emily’s family member.

  3. Profile photo of lwong82d

    Okay, no one can really be as kooky as Nadine. What if sometime soon we find that she has been manipulating Nik the entire time, that she is smarter than she plays (her sister is a killer), and she’s taking orders from Helena?

    No? Well, something’s gotta give. No way Nik could fall in love with that til death do them part.

    If Emily comes back, I want her to be tough. She was portrayed to me as too soft and fragile in her personality. I would like her brash and bold. Like Claudia without the pathetic desperation bleeding out of her. Make her smart, ruthless, and turn the city on it’s knees.

    Or maybe I’ve just been so incredibly bored with GH lately that I have pathetic desperation bleeding out of me.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I want Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont want anyone else!!!
    We don’t need more mob……..
    So if Lusam are breaking up, so is it a go for Jasam??.
    I really don’t want it , I want LIASON!!!
    I really think it will be stupid putting Sam and Jason together……
    What Can Sasha offer Jason??
    He allready wants to kill her….
    And I don’t think that Jery is the one on the pone…

  5. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Regan, call me crazy but this revenge thing is suppose to be against Sonny right? Well let see Sonny goes anywhere and everywhere he wants to with no problem, he got married, no one around him has been threatened in any way, it has all turned on Jason, I know everyone connected to Sonny was suppose to pay but do you see anyone else with any problems. As hard as this is for me to admit as I am a huge SB fan, he seems to have left his emotions at the door, I can’t believe his acting yesterday, there was no emotion at all, not even when he saw baby Jake, nothing. It also seems like they have made major cuts in this story, not even the daily spoilers are correct, what the heck is going on?

  6. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    GH has been sooo boring lately I would love to see Emily come back to be brass and bold….she looks really cute with the new hair do too….
    Liason still holding onto love…

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    It does appear that scenes have been cut/changed but remember, not all RUMORS come true. I will say, talk of cut scenes and re-writes are out there.

    Sonny, Sonny, Sonny… the instigator should be suffering the consequences shouldn’t he? Why is it all directed at Jason? No idea. Maybe the Russians know who the real brain behind the Port Charles mob scene is. Maybe the person on the phone knows Jason is far more dangerous than Sonny ever could be.

  8. Profile photo of jj01129

    I love your idea for emily. I wish they would bring her back I hate the nadine-nick pairing they bore me so much I just fast foward through their scenes. I think you should be writing instead of the idiot. I love all your ideas except of course the jason/elizabeth I like jason/sam much better their chemisty was great. But either way Jason or Lucky I wish they would give sam a baby!!lol I know I will hear it for that one but it’s got to be better then giving lulu one. hahaha.

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Regan what about Jarly?????
    Carly is supposed to be Jason’s best friend
    why she isn’t with him, why didn’t she came to him after Kaprov death???
    why, after Jake is in home,isn’t she comfort him??….

  10. Profile photo of Perkie

    The problem with Emily as a brainwashed Russian princess, is what do they do with her after the first six months. Once everyone figures out that she isn’t Russian, but in fact brainwashed Emily, does she revert to being Emily or does she continue to be whoever.

    I agree with whoever said they wanted her back with a backbone, but this is GH where women with backbone are rarely seen (Alexis).

  11. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I wouldn’t wish too hard for me to write the show, especially if you want Sam to have a baby. I am not a fan of the miracle baby unless it’s for Marcie on OLTL. That’s the only miracle baby s/l I will ever root for.

    What would they do with Emily if Theory #2 with my extras thrown in comes to fruition? Excellent question. Obviously there would be the struggle with her true identity. Stuff with Nikolas. I like Nikadine when they’re somewhat normal (for lack of a better word). They walk a fine line with all the quirkiness and it makes me dislike them. Em’s memories don’t have to come back. She could have a similar thing to Jason’s accident s/l, she’ll be Emily but a different version of her. I would never want to see her turn her back on the Q’s as my hope would be for a good part of this story to go to them but maybe see her struggle with where she’s been the last year, her life as a Q and maybe even throw in a little Bowen action. I liked NEM but I don’t necessarily need to see them reunited. I’ve always thought Lucky and Emily would be good together. They teased it but we never saw it really get a good push behind it.

  12. Profile photo of KC121183

    I would love Natalia to come back as Emily. While Nikolas and Nadine are fun to watch, they just dont have that spark Nikolas and Emily had. And for a core Character like Emily to die at the hand of a minor character like Diego was just wrong. I would be like Carly dying at the hands of Juan (remember him lol)
    Is there any word on the new opening? Like maybe when it will premiere?

  13. Profile photo of allikat

    I like the idea of Emily coming back, why bring Natalia back to write her in as a new character? She is already an established, beloved character who should have never been sacrificed to the double sweeps machine, TMK. Hated that whole story – the execution, the outcome, the loss of yet another Quartermaine!!!!! Should be interesting to see how this one plays out. Claudia, with a heart, what a novel concept! I think she is starting to grow on me and I would like to see some genuine concern for her with Jake. As far as Jason and his “deal of a lifetime” I don’t care anymore unless this deal puts him with his FAMILY in this lifetime. They have completely annihilated my Liason once again – I am turning off the tv and YT’ing exclusively once again. Also, the Liason event in January is going to be a hard sell if things remain as they are…..anyone going?

  14. Profile photo of lwong82d

    Regan, I like the idea of Emily in a similar situation as Jason’s. Maybe she could remember the love and how she used to be, but unable to become the sweet Emily everyone remembers. OR she found a part of herself that was always there that came out and she doesn’t want to go back. Then, Nik could get his bad girl and Em at the same time. It could also force more Q interaction as they chase her around to try to keep her out of trouble.

  15. Profile photo of nycdancer

    Bring Natalia back! She is a talent that is greatly missed and would be good for this show. I don’t care who they bring her back as. Liasonluvin, I’m also still holding out hope for Liason!

  16. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I agree with you sevenkell, I read these quotes on another site:

    Steve Burton says “The writing’s on the wall. The fact that Jake almost dies takes them right out of dreamland and it’s time to get back to reality. There’s no way this man can be around his son if Jake is going to have a good life. They’re playing with fire and there’s no good way to postpone the inevitable. They have to break up for good, once and for all.”

    Rebecca Herbst says “It’s not long or drawn out. It’s just, ‘This isn’t working. We can’t do this for the sake of the kids. Good-bye.’ After all those years. It’s very sad.”

    I think Liz and Lucky will reunite or Liz will get a new man. It’s a shame all this push/pull between Liz and Jason, but obviously the writers do not want them together, but what’s worse is the fact that Lucky and Sam really are good together. I didn’t like it at first, but they have chemistry.

    So despite all the talk Steve Burton said about how he wants Jason to be with Liz, it doesn’t matter. The show will go in the direction the writers want it to go, and not the stars.

  17. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I also have to believe that the Ric and Claudia fans are also going to get gypped. I think the end game, now that Sarah has re-signed, is for Claudia and Sonny (more importantly, Sarah and Maurice) to be together. I think they will do whatever they can to redeem her character and be worthy of love in Sonny’s eyes.

    I love Lisa Lo Cicero and her portrayal of Olivia, but I do not see the longevity with her. She would be good to have a new man and not go after Sonny. So they had a child together back in the Bensonhurst days? I don’t see how they could possibly bond over that and get back together. It may have worked for Kate, but obviously not in the long run, especially if Olivia is so opposed to Sonny’s lifestyle – it would make her a hypocrite.

  18. Profile photo of blackjack21

    “back to my cents” -very cute.

    i’ve been preoccupied the past week or so, what addition do you have to your family regan?

    finally, i kind of dig your emily the amnesiac mobster. how fun to have her go after jason? or rekindle her chemistry with sonny. i did not like the pairing the first time around, but that new do makes her look older and sexier. and of course she would subconsciously be drawn to both of these men. attention everyone: we have potential! how long before it’s squandered? i give it a week.

  19. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    The new Emily with Jason only to find out it is the old Emily?!

    You have to know that the writers would find a way to make whatever character Natalia assumed to be Emily. I don’t want to see Jason get it on with his adopted sister.

  20. Profile photo of jpp1975

    A tough Russian mob-brainwashed Emily would be cool. Her character was getting too saintly and sappy, and it’d be the best way to reboot her and still have Emily back. Like Jason’s accident, but hopefully with Quartermaines and Cassadines in it.

  21. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I just don’t know about this Russian rumor/fanfic for “Emily.” What would the Russians brainwash her for, seriously? If anyone has seen movies involving Russians and surrounding areas, they are usually involved in trafficking young prostitutes. The movie EASTERN PROMISES is a perfect example of this.

  22. Profile photo of jj01129

    EWWW JASON AND EMILY I don’t think he could ever look at her as more then a lil sister but maybe her trying to retaliate he goes to take her out and see’s who it is that would be cool like a what the hell moment lol. I still think Olivia should go to Mac lol, I hated the Sony Emily line it was kinda gross. I think Elizabeth needs a new man maybe Dante??? Maybe she bonds with him while she is trying to help Olivia explain why she never told him? As always I still route for JaSam something about that couple I love. Sorry lol

  23. Profile photo of Beth

    I want Emily back in any way, shape, or form they could bring her back. The Russian mob thing has potential as long as this is Emily in the end, that Helena is involved, and that Nik and the Qs get the lion’s share of the story. If I see Sonny sniffing anywhere around it, I will go ballistic. So I’m sure that’s the route Guza will take it.

    And Regan, I completely agree with the Marcie miracle baby story on OLTL. That’s a miracle baby I’d truly root for! :)

  24. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I don’t know if I can see the writers reviving NL in the Emily role. I mean, Emily was declared dead, and was dead for hours lying in front of her best friend who is a nurse. I just can’t see how they can explain it. I could wrap myself around NL coming back as Bowen kin….the bad seed of the Bowen family would bring a great edge to the new character…perhaps even as Emily’s twin separated at birth by a circumstance that works. Or even if she’s a cousin to Emily with a huge resemblance, that would work.

  25. Profile photo of blackjack21

    c’mon liz/jason fans -can’t you see a triangle between new vixen dujour emily/not really my brother jason/and but you’re my bff and i’m his baby mama liz? with quad potential with either lucky or nik or both – why not? we’ve had to deal with liz and sam be friendly, enemies, now frenimies, how about super bff’s being topnotch bitchfest over lovely golden locks. let’s not forget emily (and okay everyone else) knows jake is (supposed to be) jason’s. which could be fun watching her dangle that and blackmail your couple? like i said p-o-t-e-n-t-i-a-l!

    which brings another point which has been bothering me. olivia ran around like liz did about lucky last year, trying to get the whole town to stop sonny from marrying claudia. why didn’t she just blackmail him? she saw him kill karpov, just say i’ll tell if you say i do? i know it’s too logical and makes sense.

  26. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    GH sucks a.s.s.
    you know I wouldn’t be mad at the writers if they gave Liason a week…much less a day….but no not even willing to give the Liason fans some satisfaction of seeing their couple together,Jason an Sam had 3 yrs…..I try not to hold a grudge against that but damn..your telling me they can’t throw us a bone or something give them a f**kin month at least…..rant over…feel better now
    Liason still holding onto love…

  27. Profile photo of samfan

    I am torn! I am embarrassed to admit it! I was a huge Jasam fan. When they were DESTROYED, I was actually depressed. Then along came Lusam, and like most other viewers …I couldn’t buy their relationship. However, that has changed for me. I see a new and improved Lucky. His appeal went up 100%for me. Of course, they have issues to resolve. But don’t most couples? When they have a scene together, I find them to be natural and happy and have a terrific on-screen chemistry. Now I’m faced with Jasam scenes. Do I like it? Of course I do…however, I see them more now as friends. I really don’t want Sam to be second fiddle to Elizabeth…and we are all being told that Jason loves Elizabeth. Does Lucky still love Elizabeth? Probably. Is it more loving her as a friend? Who knows? Well, I’ve vented, and I can’t say that I feel any better about it. Bottom line for me is that I would like to see Sam happy and more interaction with her “mother” and sisters and a good man in her life.

  28. Profile photo of allikat

    Granted the Emily thing has some noteable flaws – the main one being that Nicholas, Elizabeth and Jason sat around that dead body for a while – but with the shotty, crappy plot point writing we are currently having shoveled down our throats, is it any worse?

    Regan, do you have any scoop on when these god foresaken Russians are leaving town and if we will ever find out who is really behind it all?

  29. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    You’re right – somethings gotta give.
    None of it makes much sense right now, you’ve got them resigning SJB and MB for no small change for sure. You’ve got the immenent hiring of “Dante” whom they tout as the next coming and surely wont come cheap. Now you throw Nat into the mix. The open door for Vanessa… where are the cuts coming from…

    Well everyone keeps throwing around my girl Kate (which if she goes, I go and none of this is any of my problem any more but I digress). Personally I think it is a high pile of horse crap if they brought Olivia to town on a recurring basis and turn around and cut Kate out and give her a contract – call it what you want, I think it sucks and in a big way. That all boils down to writing or lack there of for Kate and really there is no excuse.
    You also have Jax – who it seems wants to ride off into the sunset… as does Tony Geary. Where does that leave Jane Elliot? Maybe she doesn’t want to go…but will be left on the outs too.

    Personally I think they should ditch the Dante idea, drop Olivia. Kill Nadine immediately. Hook Nic up with either Claudia or Claudia with Ric. Send Matt out of town – we waited for him to ditch the beard and still nothing. Spin and Maxie – make it happen already! Give Liason fans what they want for crying out loud. LuSam is a fine substitute for Jasam fans – Lucky/Greg is another underused fabulous cast member.
    Looloo – you can ship her to college somewhere for all I care really.

  30. Profile photo of allikat

    To all the fellow Liason lovers out there – Liason should have been dead in the water in 2003 but because we are an organized and vocal fan base we finally got a shot at our couple in 2006. That only happened because we held our resolve and never stopped pestering TIIC. I know the outlook is grim and bleak and don’t think I haven’t loaded up on the tequila lately and pouted my way through the massacre of our couple, but we can’t give up. Call everyday and email ABC. With numbers dwindling they cannot turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to us. Let’s just stop taking it in the teeth and do something proactive! Wow! I just surprised myself, I have been incredibly despondent but I honestly feel that it ain’t over until we really give up and I’m not ready to yet:)


    Be kinder than necessary as everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

  31. Profile photo of allikat

    “Personally I think they should ditch the Dante idea, drop Olivia. Kill Nadine immediately. Hook Nic up with either Claudia or Claudia with Ric. Send Matt out of town – we waited for him to ditch the beard and still nothing. Spin and Maxie – make it happen already! Give Liason fans what they want for crying out loud. LuSam is a fine substitute for Jasam fans – Lucky/Greg is another underused fabulous cast member.
    Looloo – you can ship her to college somewhere for all I care really.” 8)

    I would just like to yell “Amen” and co-sign this post. Thank you for your well articulated post:)


    Be kinder than necessary as everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

  32. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan as always with your spoilers. Personally, I think that they should have Emily come back as Emily and Helene had her all this time and then this way, Helene would be back on the show and bring the spice back. Plus, Robert will be on for awhile anyway, he could hook up with Luke and go after Helene again. But then they wouldn’t know how to write that anyway because I think they did a lousy job when Laura came back and the “adventure” story that I knew would fall flat.Is Gloria Monty still alive? If so, they should consult with her, she was the heart of GH and she knew how to write a soap opera. Don’t get me started with Liason, they better somehow get those 2 together come the new year, I don’t know how, but they better because that’s all I look forward to these days and I am tired of watching old clips on youtube, I can say the whole dialogue by now.

  33. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    Apparently its too much to ask for some happyness on GH some love some family time…its the holidays for crying out loud the Morgan family should be together
    Liason still holding onto love…

  34. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes Megan Ward’s name has been on the proverbial chopping block for awhile now. With the latest news of across the board cuts at ABC, Megan is not on that block alone. We should be seeing cuts, news of contract players put on the DL aka recurring status and you may still see some newbies. Soaps are in pretty dire shape and right now Fronsie is trying to get ratings even if its at the cost of fans or our beloved characters/pairings.

  35. Profile photo of nycdancer

    LuvSkate, I want to marry your post! I think you hit it spot on. Why are they torturing us?? I know your a Skate fan and they totally tore them apart. I am a Liason fan so I feel your pain. I guess we ll have to keep praying to the Soap Gods that this show gets better.

  36. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Don’t get me started with Liason, they better somehow get those 2 together come the new year, I don’t know how, but they better because that’s all I look forward to these days and I am tired of watching old clips on youtube, I can say the whole dialogue by now.


    I can put liason clips on youtube on mute but i will still know what they r saying thats how much i watch liason on there.

  37. Profile photo of blackjack21

    it occurs to me that we defend our favorites, noticably sam and liz. we get on each other about the name calling, the sloppy storytelling, and anything and everything else. but i don’t think i’ve ever seen one person defend or get upset over the names being thrown at guza (luza, booza, etc) or frons. hey at least we all agree on something! ;)

  38. Profile photo of DaJizIsUp

    NOOOOOOOOOO! Not LuSam! Guza’s gonna make me come up out my face here at work! Wooosaaahhh. Wooosaaahhh.

    I can’t believe I am going to say this because I thought NL’s EMily was a bore, but anything is better than Nadine.

  39. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Cant that bitch just stay dead. sorry but what was the point of leaving. STAY AWAY!!!!! So i cheered when she was finally strangled for no reason. I threw a party for no reason!!!1 STAY AWAY EMILY!!!!!

  40. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    In all fairness… it was TIIC that killed her in November and turned her into something that only lived in Nikolas’ tumor filled head. Contractually, Natty had until May and while she seemed to make it pretty clear she was leaving at the end of her contract, she had no idea that the writer’s strike would hit and there would be very little work out there.

  41. Profile photo of Liason4va

    The only reason I start watching GH again is
    for jason/liz. I run home from class or watch Gh on
    you tube but now I cant be bother. I hate the Guza for wat
    he is doing to my favorite couple-liason.
    Does anyone know a hitman (only kidding)
    but seriously.

  42. Profile photo of Liason4va

    The only reason I start watching GH again is
    for jason/liz. I run home from class or watch Gh on
    you tube but now I cant be bother. I hate the Guza for wat
    he is doing to my favorite couple-liason.
    Does anyone know a hitman (only kidding)
    but seriously.

  43. Profile photo of hopingforliason

    Did anyone catch Nik yesterday mentioning his Russian ancestry to Nadine’s family? I DEF THINK HELENA is behind the Russian mob thing…I think it ties it together. This could get interesting….

    I truly have to say that while they may be breaking up, I just do not think Liason is officially over…esp if we fans keep writing in. THey know we are a huge fanbase. There is something down the line that will happen and bring them together. I read on another site that Dante and Liz will be scene tested? Ridiculous as he is only supposed to be about 20 yrs old? I think there is so much garbage out there right now bc no one really knows. I just can’t imagine no Liason all of 2009….esp if SB is really leaving (which i dont think will happen). I just wish I knew, that’s what kills me the most. I also read a spoiler that Jason will find out there is a rat in his organizatin which is how the Russians knew Liz was his girlfriend….I am sure it’s Cody. This is what will actually bring them back together, bc they will realize they are stronger together, not apart as a family….I hope this is true and not just wishful thinking….WTF.

  44. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    A link between Nik is the only thing that makes sense. He could have understood that Jake was important to Jason because Lucky told him. I don’t get how Sasha knows about Jason and Liz’s relationship, I don’t get why Jake was taken and not Cam, I don’t get why Morgan wasn’t taken considering they KNOW about Jason’s friendship with Carly. This show makes no sense right now. I seriously don’t even feel a bit curious to turn on the TV to watch.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Not to throw cold water, but if having a large vocal fan base was enough to keep a couple together, JaSam would still be together and we JaSammers would have had a wedding after one of those many proposals. We would have gotten to see Jason and Sam having their family with her daughter.

    And if waiting for your favorite couple to be together counted, well all I can say is Jarly fans like me have made waiting an olympic event.

    Dante and Lizard is a silly idea, esp. since he too is linked to the mob. I will repeat what I said yesterday, I think they should go with Nik/Lizard, esp. with NL possibly returning. Instead of having two women ripping into each other, it would be interesting to see what a triangle between friends looked like. And if it is Helena, which I would love, it makes sense for her to target Lizard given their history.

  46. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    So, no Jason and Jake again today, Sasha and Sonny talking business, she tells Sonny a child was taken but not to worry it wasn’t his, what the heck is that about.

  47. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SO,,,, conflicting reports. In an Interview, Tristan said he was only on for 4 days and that he’s back in town for Robin’s wedding. Something along the lines that old relationships would have to wait for his next trip into PC. NOW, some are saying once again that Luke and Robert do share the screen. Here’s the thing, I am the first person to warn that the mags don’t always get it right either and that there is this little thing called spin that publicists get paid for. HOWEVER, Tristan is usually a pretty stand up guy so I don’t seeing him giving false info in an interview. IF this is his attempt at dodging the question because he can’t talk about it, it wasn’t that great. No Offense Tristan, i still think you’re the greatest. Also in that interview, Rogers said the show had not approached him to return after this limited run.

  48. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “I honestly think that Lucky and Liz are going to be reunited and Jason and Sam are going to continue being in each other’s orbits slowly working on their issues for a possible reunion. Maybe I’m drinking too much juice lately, but having been a viewer of GH for many many years this is honestly the way I see it going. What goes around comes around”
    Regardless of my wants for the pairings, the thing I find impossible with this suggestion is that GH writers are incapable of “slowly” doing anything. They want everything to happen today and they seem to forget about yesterday or how they are writing characters into corners that they will be unable to write them out of tomorrow.

    My thoughts on some of these posts-

    Jason and Emily – Ick, Eww, Argh, and no way!!!
    She is his sister. I don’t care if it is by adoption. Jason loved Emily in a strictly platonic sibling way. That is just gross.

    I am still all about Jason and Liz. I would love him to say goodbye to Sonny and the mob.

    I still like Nadine. They just need to balance very carefully on that quirk wire.

    Dante would be too young for Liz and a mobster so the writers would have to be completely stupid. Wow, I think I just agreed with EET. Who knew?

    I am so sorry for Kate fans but I think the writing is on the wall there. They blew a good character by hooking her up to Sonny. The Jax and Kate thing is all about Sonny and Carly and that can only last for so long. Where do they go when Jax takes another vacation?

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  49. Profile photo of Misa

    As much as I hate the mob, I must admit to being intrigued with the idea of Natalia returning this way and maybe discovered to be Emily at some point. The problem is there is zero potential for cross story because I don’t believe the headwriter would draw the non mob elements like Nikolas or the Q’s into this story. What a shame.

    But I do miss Natalia. I think she added something to the show, heart, that hasn’t been replaced

  50. Profile photo of ohwowreally

    if jason and sam do get reunited at some point…they better not have a baby since jasons life is too “dangerous for it” …and b/c i want a lusam baby hehehe..but anyways going back to what sasha said to liz, after the writers purposely saying that statement as a way to end liason i think it’d be pretty hypocritical for jason to ever have kids with anyone else and as matter of fact i hope he’s sterile

  51. Profile photo of lene91

    Not Natalia playing someone else.

    I’m only watching because i’m HOPING for a Nikolas and Emily reunion.

    I won’t be watching if she comes on as someone else.. i mean, Nik/Em fans would just watch them… not know each other? LAME!

    No, natty as Emily, or no one.

  52. Profile photo of sevenkell

    I honestly think that Lucky and Liz are going to be reunited and Jason and Sam are going to continue being in each other’s orbits slowly working on their issues for a possible reunion. Maybe I’m drinking too much juice lately, but having been a viewer of GH for many many years this is honestly the way I see it going. What goes around comes around.

    Ugh, Natalia’s possibly coming back? Great, nem all over again! Although, at this point, I’d take them over Nikadine haha

  53. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Well maybe that’s why all of a sudden we are seeing ROBART Jason just going through the motions and reading his lines instead of acting. The crazy part is this story-line has made it almost crazy for Jason to trust being with anyone or the same thing could happen again. Funny, Sonny has had how many weddings and children over the years as head mobster and this poor guy can’t do it once, very sad. I still think now we will see a single boring Jason intil 10/09, Monica will never know she has a grandson even though everyone else does, and this story-line makes since how? Good job GH. I always DVR GH and can’t wait to get home to watch, didn’t even bother watching until 11:00pm last night, saying something for me, my husband asked why aren’t we watching GH, I said nothing to watch.

  54. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    LIASONADDICT I can’t even watch GH right now… just pisses me off to watch it…can’t even tolerate the other s/l I’m just f**king pissed….and I really trying not to be cuz yea its a fictional show but can’t help it
    Liason still holding onto love…

  55. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Hey girls I just thought of something, poor Jason is going to have more thanjust a blue Xmas it’s been a long time, that poor man, no wonder he doesn’t smile. It’s ok he can come to my house I wouldn’t care if the russians shot me after!!!

  56. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Blackjack21-AMEN to that, I call him names I can’t write-to much of a lady, lets not forget the fronsie guy-JERK! All the great ideas they have to bring the ratings up, they are worse than ever!!!!!

  57. Profile photo of mlss40

    THANK YOU THANK YOU LuvSKate for your insight! I agree with you 100% Only if the head writer would listen to the fans, we could see some changes with the show.

    I personally dislike Nadine and she needs to be off the show. I can’t stand watching her being so stupid. All the women on the show are strong, smart, and sexy. NOT her!!

    Keep Kate with Jax, I think they are HOT together. Find a really hot man for Carly and forget about Jax!

    Have Sonny realize that he is mentally messed up because of Kate and seek some help and come back normal.

    Liz finds herself a really good man to love her and the kids.

    Jason hooks up with Emily. That would be so hot.

    Give Sam a great live with adventure and a man who understands her and will love her for who she is.

    Bring the Q’s back into power and all will be great on GH!

    Ship the whiny Lulu out of Port Charles.

    These are just my thoughts and options. I really do love GH!!!

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