Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin Get Reality Show

Oh my, oh my, oh my. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are getting their own reality show. According to the Hollywood Reporter TV Land "has ordered a pilot presentation that would follow the lives of the husband-and-wife duo along with their two daughters."

After everything that has happened in the world of Days of Our Lives over the course of the last six months I’m just not sure I could handle Whitney Houston or Ozzy Osbourne-esque scenes from Lisa Rinna’s life.

Does not compute. Does not compute.

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    Luke Kerr

    Oh and another thing, which I’ll probably get crucified for, why isn’t this on SOAPnet? This is a great idea for a reality show that has a daytime connection and could yet broaden the appeal of the network to all the people who watched DWTS, LA Law, Veronica Mars etc etc. Brian Frons in all his infinate wisdom should have thought of this, not TV Land.

    This is the type of show that could put SOAPnet on the map the same way Tori did for Oxygen and Anna Nicole did for E!, in a way what the Newlyweds did for MTV and what the Sureel Life and Hogan Knows Best for VH1.

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    I would just hope that their reality show private life doesn’t mirror their characters’ private life on “Veronica Mars.”

    Then again, it would make for some very interesting viewing…

    And if SoapNet wants a really good reality show, how about doing a behind-the-scenes chronicle of Days? It would certainly be more interesting than the actual show!

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    Luke, Brian Frons can’t come up with ideas of his own. But now that you’ve suggested it, I’m sure SoapNet will now give us a reality show following around Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos and find a way to incorporate his flashy CGI -lol!

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    Regan Cellura

    I have always said they are missing a huge opportunity at SoapNet… we invest so much of our time watching these actors 5 days a week play these characters we’ve come to love and debate so much. Why not have a reality series with one of them where we see their family life? A life off the set? I loved One Day With hosted by Wally Kurth.

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    Jamey Giddens

    You can say that again AlistairCrane, the others were mere pretenders to the throne! Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lesli Kay in the role. Lord knows they ain’t using her at the Bold and the Spoofable.

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    Why not have a reality series with one of them where we see their family life? A life off the set? I loved One Day With hosted by Wally Kurth.

    Here, here! I loved One Day With, and I’m willing to put up with one less hour of 90210 (The horror!) to have that show back on.

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    Hey, Lisa Rinna’s reality show is probably going to be better that Melanie’s adventures on DAYS. I agree that this makes more sense being on SOAPNet. That channel also seems to be free-falling. Lately, it seems more like LIFETIME TV that a soap channel.

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