The Salem Slayer

Forgive me for my righteous indignation but the mere thought of Melanie (Molly Burnett) donating anything, as Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) suggested getting tested for today, to Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), whether it be an organ, blood or a bad cold is like hearing someone scratch a chalkboard but visually.

Sure, pairing a newbie like Molly Burnett with an Emmy winning veteran like Suzanne Rogers and then having Melanie donate anything to Kate is a tried and true soap formula. In fact it’s pretty darn dear close to what All My Children did with Babe but in a different type of storyline. Problem is, Molly Burnett doesn’t have an ounce of the personal appeal, charisma or talent that Alexa Havins did, which allowed the viewer to hate the character but like and/or respect the actress.

The character of Melanie is quite literally becoming the character that ate Salem alive. Truth be told she should be called The Salem Slayer because that’s what she’s doing, slashing, hatcheting and stabbing her way through every storyline and scene with a bloody gusto unmatched by even the Saw movie franchise.

I understand that Corday has to slash costs at Days of Our Lives and in an era of budget cuts and sinking ratings I understand that hard decisions must be made. Deidre Hall and Drake Hogysten are the foundation of Days of Our Lives and their loss could very well be Salem’s undoing, but from a purely budgetary standpoint I could almost understand their firing if they have been offered the opportunity to take a pay cut or leave and they refused, but reportedly they were not even given the dignity of such an option.

I understand the theory of beefing up the cast with cheap teens and bringing in a host of out-of-work actors from other canceled NBC soaps, and I even understand trying to steal viewers like they did earlier this year by bringing in Tamara Braun to fill the gaping black hole left by the absence of the big four. I understand the theory.

What I do not understand is the execution.

Why bring an awful character like Melanie, loosely tied to the cast by an adopted Brady, when the return of Abby portrayed by a talented actress could be gangbusters and pull on history?

Why introduce a pointless villain like Trent when Stefano, Victor, Kate, Phillip, Sami, Nicole, EJ and Phillip are all being written out of character or badly?

Why hire Galen Gering, Eric Martsolf, Sandra Ferguson and John Callahan right before announcing the biggest firing in recent memory as well as the departure of other popular stars and then burden these new actors with the black cloud of fan anger and bad press?

In all, the decisions being made at Days of Our Lives are as confounding as the "evidence" of proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Earlier I said that Melanie was the Salem Slayer. I was wrong. Ken Corday is The Salem Slayer, Melanie is just one of his swords.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Melanie’s the girl that ate Jarlena! *LOL* I just don’t get KenKen.. He fires Drake and Dee due to costs and yet he hires on some medium level to big name vets of the soap world. This is the reason why I can’t stop from speaking out about the DAYS massacre.

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    It started with EJ’s whitewashing and now Mel’s which is being written in the same way. I was just shocked that Mel wasn’t a match to donate for Kate.

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    Melanie is not only destroying Salem, she’s destroying my ear drums with constant, graining whining! I agree Luke, they should have brought back Abby instead, so they could have a younger character with ties to the show and Max can date someone he’s not related too. And why are they getting rid of Blake and keeping this thing? No wonder poor Chelsea is going back to her Uncle Max, who else is she going to date? With Nick leaving and Dr. Dan banging Grandma, there’s no one else for her to date who’s not related to her by blood. Ken has really just fracked everything up. The younger set is a complete disaster and he refuses to show the older set. So, the only characters he wants to show us our annoying newbies like Melanie and unrecognizable once fun baddies and schemers like Sami, EJ and Nicole who have been turned into dumb whiners and mopers. No wonder the last week and a half of this drivel is still sitting on my dvr unwatched.

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    Luke every word you said was so dead on state of Days and the missguided casting department is just so wrong and just as wrong as Deana H storylines are you right about EJ,Sami ,Nicole , Phillip all being written badly or out of character .There is no next gen couple that Icould say I would root for .The only rootable vaiable couples are Bope, Steve & Kayla John and Marlena that`s about it .Melanie needs to go I don`t care about heranyway or that she`s Max`s sister give a break way should I care about her ,And then we going find out that she`s Nicole`s daughter I still won`t care then either. I like Phillip with Morgan because she wasn`t a Brady or Black . I would rather they bring back Abby Horton then keep Melanie ,But give Abby some backbone and make her more vaiable and intresting would be good for the character just because someone is a goody two shoes character doesn`t mean you have to be written as boring as hell.

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    Bravo Luke!

    True schemers and bad guys like Sami, EJ, and Phillip are being mishandled and written poorly. Yet Melanie has somehow become the Grande Dame of Salem. Melanie is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Days’ problems.

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    That’s how I feel Jillian. It makes no sense which only leads to be speculate that the theory about Corday firing Hall and Hogestyn is completely for publicity and they will be back or he has DID and his alter Ren is behind all of this.:P

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    My feeling is that if they insist on building the show around a newbie, they should have built it around Galen Gehring.

    Instead of making him into Sami’s handler, he could have been the new cop in town, butting heads with Bo and Roman and actually interacting with more than just one resident of Salem. Yeah, he’d probably be a McBain type, but, for better or worse, McB has been a fairly consistent and popular character and it would be par to GG’s margin of talent.

    And, really, Sami has had more than her share of ridiculous plots and made by TPTB to carry that show for so long. And AS gets a pay cut for all her hard work.

    I guess my point is that at least I’d probably care more about a character played by GG than this little nobody of a girl who has no charisma or chemistry with anyone.

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    Well, Ken Corday seems to be the master of bad decisions, starting with hiring the Hack Higley! Between Ken and his bad decision making, Dena and her horrific writing and Molly with her front-burner s/l’s and less than stella acting ability…Days has the ultimate trifecta going for cancellation.

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    Thank you for this excellent analysis and insightful post about what is wrong currently with Days of Our Lives. But I have seen these same sentiments posted on blogs throughout the internet so either TPTB are hopelessly out of touch with their fans, completely brain dead or they simply no longer give a dam. I don’t know which option is worse.

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    Ken Corday is definitely the author of the destruction of his own show, whether it be for reasons of greed or stupidity or both. I also attribute NBC with some of the blame as it sounds like they are also taking creative control out of Corday’s hands and don’t have a clue either.

    I actually feel sorry for Molly Burnett. I am no fan of hers, but DAYS is not doing her any favors by putting her in all the front burner stories when she isn’t experienced enough to handle it. DAYS used to be a training ground for many young actors who become star quality later on: Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso and Alison Sweeney, to name a few. But they weren’t pushed in our faces 24/7. They worked their way through the ranks. Now, because of the soap execs’ obsession with youth, the young cast members are pushed immediately to the forefront. Will DAYS have to be canceled before anyone will learn from these mistakes? I fear so.

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