Alison Sweeney Blogs About Faking Labor

After concerning fans and setting the gossip blogs on fire yesterday by faking going into labor on Ellen, Alison Sweeney is blogging about her appearance on the popular talk show.

I can’t believe how many people have called, texted and emailed me, my husband and everyone I know to ask about Ellen today. As if she would really leap over a woman in labor to go open presents! Lol. I was a guest on the show yesterday, and they were so excited to be doing the first day of their big 12 days of giveaways.

For me it’s always a blast to be on Ellen’s show. She’s hilarious, and fun to talk to and of course, it was pretty cool, running into Ludacris in the hallway. He said hi to Ben, and ‘pounded’ fists with him. While he was performing Ben was totally rocking out to the music too. So cute.

So, anyway, before the show they asked me if I’d be willing to set up the audience gift portion with a gag. I’m always game, and Ellen thought it would be funny to have me mock going into labor at the beginning of that segment. And be sure to sprawl out as much as possible so she really had to leap over me. Lol. So, I did the best I could. As soon as she passed me, I jumped up and laughed and clapped with the audience so everyone would see that I was okay. But I guess that didn’t make it on camera. I didn’t really think about it beyond that. Next thing I know, my best friend from New York is instant messaging me this morning about it. She wrote that if we hadn’t already been emailing that morning she would have thought something had really happened. Then I started getting more and more calls. My mom had me pulled out of a meeting! I said “MOM!!! Come on! If I’d gone into labor, I would DEFINITELY have called you!!!”

The best are the gossip site “reports”. Uh huh, clearly lots of thorough reporting going on there. One site even claimed I had gone to the hospital. Now they all have retractions up.

So anyway, it’s not true. I’m fine. The baby is fine. I have a check up tomorrow, we’re still looking at mid-January when she’s expected. Thank you all for your concern. I’m sorry if anyone was alarmed! If I had any idea that it wouldn’t be clear that it was a joke, I would have said something, but I just didn’t realize how the story would get so out of control!!

I’m prepping for the live Biggest Loser 6 Finale, Tuesday December 16th. Hope you all tune in. There are so many incredible transformations, and wonderful people I look forward to seeing again.

Now that you’ve seen Alison’s explanation do you think the stunt was all in fun or in bad taste?

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    Does anyone actually think the Ellen show would’ve aired footage of her actually going into labour? If you thought she was actually going into labour, then I say the problem lies with you.

    Anyway, I hate Little Miss Headwriter Alison Sweeney and I have to say I also blame her for Deidre Hall’s firing. I hope they decide to fire her while she’s on maternity leave.

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    Luke Kerr

    See that’s what I don’t understand. Since this was a joke they should have shown it as such by showing the part they didn’t. Otherwise the viewer gets the wrong images in their head.

    Can you imagine how embarressing it would have been if it had been real and AS’s water had broke and when she went to stand up everyone would have seen it? Ellen getting her off screen asap makes perfect sense if it were real and you wanted to avoid a nationally televised embarressment of your guest. As it was the show left viewers to think that AS was getting medical attention or was being whisked offscreen.

    I don’t blame this one on AS so much as Ellen for not making it clear that it was a joke. Especially since for the rest of the episode it seemed like Ellen had been thrown off in her segments and didn’t know when to go to commercial. After seeing AS fake the labor it made sense that the segments were off because they had planned to go longer with AS and it was cut short.

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    I can’t believe people don’t get it.


    It would’ve been cut from the show entirely!!!!

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    Luke Kerr

    I doubt that AC, it’s the old saying “the show must go on” you can’t just have the tv screen go black or cut to another program in the midst of a program. They way Ellen made it appear was that she was trying to get past an unexpected complication in the show. There was no wink or nod to the audience to let them know it was fake.

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    Ellen’s not live, Luke. If she had actually gone into labour, it would’ve been edited out and filled with a silly game or something.

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    I agree Luke. I blame Ellen’s editors or whoever for not making it clearer that it was a joke. If I had seen the part where Ali clapped and laughed, I would have been laughing right along with her. But for whatever reason they cut away and the viewer was left with a “Is she okay?” type of vibe.

    And Alistar, most of her fans, like myself, where concerned. There is nothing wrong with that.

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    I was at yesterday’s taping (that aired today) with the Chippendales. They rehearse everything, not like it was a surprise to Allison or a last minute thing. It was all planned. Calm down people.

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    same here trudi. i was wondering when she mentioned it. i bet it was something to do with her pay check. either that or how they will do her maternity leave or how long her leave is. i’m guessing it was imporant cuz i never hear actors in meetings very much.

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    This reminds me of some folks who sued a local radio station when they fell for an on air April Fool’s Joke. Ellen always pulls stunts like this with her giveaways,and Ali thought that she would be shown bouncing back up while Ellen dashed into the audience playing Santa. If anyone is to fault it is the editing team, but it isn’t a big deal. Folks who can’t take a joke probably shouldn’t watch Ellen or listen to their local radio looneys on 4/1.

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    I watch Ellen, I laugh at her jokes, I love her stunts…and I still got freaked out by that. This isn’t about not being able to take a joke. It’s about a joke that was executed poorly.

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    I thought the joke was set up and executed perfectly. For anyone who watches Ellen’s GIVEAWAY eppies you know she likes to build up some hype around them. When Ellen brought Ali out she kept asking about the due date and how she was feeling. Then the “fake labour” came along and Ellen had to HOP over Ali. ANY fan of Ellen’s knows she wouldn’t hop over a guest to continue her show. I really don’t understand how people thought it was anything but staged.

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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    Well I’m sorry I’m not up on my Ellen fan etiquette.

    And seeing how Ali’s own mother was concerned, obviously not EVERYONE got the joke. I don’t think there is any need to talk down to people for being confused.

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