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Here’s the Scoop! 12.05.08

It looks like it’s a light SCOOP day…. Q & A Day! Fire in with the questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I dropped this in the comments yesterday:
SO,,,, conflicting reports. In an Interview, Tristan Rogers said he was only on for 4 days and that he’s back in town for Robin’s wedding. Something along the lines that old relationships would have to wait for his next trip into PC. NOW, some are saying once again that Luke and Robert do share the screen. Here’s the thing, I am the first person to warn that the mags don’t always get it right either and that there is this little thing called spin that publicists get paid for. HOWEVER, Tristan is usually a pretty stand up guy so I don’t seeing him giving false info in an interview. IF this is his attempt at dodging the question because he can’t talk about it, it wasn’t that great. No Offense Tristan, I still think you’re the greatest. Also in that interview, Rogers said the show had not approached him to return after this limited run.

I mentioned on Weds that under the RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS that Patrick MAY be involved in a mob storyline. The LATEST? RUMORS say Patrick comes upon a stabbed Olivia who refuses to let him take her to the hospital. Instead, Olivia asks Dr. Drake to take her to Sonny’s where he is SAID to patch Olivia up.

The Ratings Game… Are certain pairings happening because TPTB think it will boost the ratings? We’ve talked about the possible Jasam reunion as Frons’ plan to get ratings. Are Sonny and Claudia another part of the plan?

How does Clic fit in? They don’t. Claudia and Ric may take one final trip to mattress land but it SHOULD be ending. Just another reason for Ric to hate his brother. Is this the storyline that had Rick Hearst signing on the dotted line? RUMORS say that this will have Ric more determined to take his brother down and while he’s teaming up with ZaCrazy, they might as well take down Jason too.

What will happen with Lucky and Sam?
A surprise fan favortie that MAY not make it. We SHOULD be seeing more references to Sam’s need for adventure being brought up and Lucky’s disapproval of Sam always putting herself in danger. Ummmm, isn’t Lucky a Spencer? Who knows adventure better than a Spencer?

Spixie vs. M&M… Who are you rooting for? Matt’s screentime has been scarce and I like that the little boost Jason Cook is getting is developing his relationship with his brother. But we all know Cook was brought on to recapture the magic he and Kirsten Storms had on Days of Our Lives. We SHOULD be seeing more of Matt and Maxie in each other’s orbit. There is a RUMOR that they will serve as Emma’s godparents and I am still seeing that Maxie will start to have an attraction to Dr. Hunter, one that does not go unnoticed by Spinelli.

What happened to those Elizabeth and Matt RUMORS? They still pop up every now and then and we MAY be seeing one of them happening soon. Elizabeth is encouraged to move on and this is where that date with Matt MAY come into play. IF the date happens, RUMORS say that both Matt and Elizabeth admit to being attracted to other people. Will Maxie get a little green over Matt taking Elizabeth out on a date? That’s a RUMOR out there and Spinelli MAY be a little upset over Maxie’s reaction to the date. How will Jason react when Spin tells him his latest woes?

Jax… Ingo Rademacher SHOULD be going on a vacay soon. Remember he said he’d be around through the holidays when talk about his contract started popping up in September. RUMOR has it that after ending things with Carly once and for all, Jax MAY once again take off in search of Jerry. It appears Ingo has re-signed with GH for another year. I can’t get the link right now but it looks like Ingo and the family are heading to Hawaii for the holidays but we won’t miss him onscreen.

Maxie’s moving out.
Will she be Lulu’s roommate?

Elizabeth moving on. Will she attempt to move out of town? That’s a RUMOR out there. Have no fear Liz fans, it looks like IF this one is true, something stops her.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Have the Ratings increase since we had more senes with Jason and Sam???
    I don’t think so!!!
    Liason willl be much better for the Ratings !!
    they were put together in 06 , because of the fans, so why end them?, if they allready have a big fan base!!
    Also I don’t think that Matt and Elizabeth can work!!

  2. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    How will Jason react when Spin tells him his latest woes?

    Good Morning Regan, what do you think this means? Jason helping Spin or Jason upset about Liz’s date. I know us Liason fans are grasping at straws, but I’m hanging on by a thread to keep watching GH!

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    IF this all plays out, I think we’ll see a reaction out of Jason when he hears that Maxie got jealous over Matt & Elizabeth going out on a date. NOW, how much of a reaction, I do not know…

  4. Profile photo of SusieQ

    Why don’t the powers that be worry about writing a good story instead of forcing a bunch of characters together and destroying the couples that happened organically over the last couple of years to get ratings? If the storylines were better, people would be watching more. Just a thought.

  5. Profile photo of allikat

    I would love to see Elizabeth going on a date. Nothing like a little jealousy to show Jason the depth of his feelings. I like the idea of Matt and Maxie – she and Spin are obviously best friends and I don’t want that to change, but honestly I don’t get even the slightest notion of a romantic vibe from them. Sorry Spixie fans I don’t mean to incite a riot, just calling it like I see it:)

    Regan – have they once again shelved the idea for Sam to find out who her biological father is? I think that would be a good s/l and would give NLG some much deserved airtime. Also, where the heck are Kristina, Molly and Spencer. If you weren’t someone who had watched the show throughout the years there would be no way of knowing that Alexis has two daughters, Ric has a daughter and Nicholas has a son…WTF??? I have also noticed that the Ziblings have been bringing up Michael a LOT! Is that all a tie in to Jerry or will Sonny finally learn the truth?


    Be kinder than necessary as everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

  6. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I am still disappointed, heartbroken, in Jason’s character and in the anticipated Jasam reunion. Again, write the story well and the ratings will come. Write the story simply because of past rating success and it is anyone’s guess how fans of GH will respond.

    I think Elizabeth needs someone, whether a friend or lover, to have fun with, and not to appear so alone. I do not want it to be Sam or Lucky. Robin and Patrick are nesting and will be too safe.

    Better yet. the new quad could be Maxie, Sam, Lucky and Matt as I am pretty sure Maxie still has feelings for Lucky. Watching Lucky forgive Maxie could be just as engaging of a redemption story.

    It makes sense that Elizabeth would think of leaving town. I would love to see her become an art therapist for sick children at GH of further her own career as an artist to keep busy.

    There are good stories about these characters that can be written if the writers just stopped trying to repeat the same ones.

  7. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’m still not believing that Liason and LuSam are over with. I’m still waiting for a proper LuSam love story!

    I’m also thinking that M&M aren’t going to be a couple. I think he’s basically an obstacle to Spin being together. I *LOVE* Matt/JC and would love him to be paired with Maxie/KS, but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. And it would be typical of Maxie to be jealous over a Matt/Liz date. I think this will essentially be a ‘test’ for Maxie – will she revert to her old ways? You know, that kind of thing.

    Question: Regan have you seen the cover to the Dec 16 issue of SOD (Luke posted a link to We Love Soaps and they had a pic of it). Obviously they’re not really going to be ‘reunited’ but any thoughts on the cover??

  8. Profile photo of Beth

    I don’t have a horse in this race, but I don’t think any switching of pairings at this point is going to make a difference in the ratings one way or another, and Frons et al are being naive if they think it will. Liason fans are feeling betrayed because of the non-movement in their couples’ story, and JaSam fans are burned from the total destruction of their couple. What this show needs is to show the audience they actually CARE about what they’re putting onscreen, and until that happens, no pairing or return is going to swing those ratings upward. JMO.

  9. Profile photo of nightstorm23

    Regan i read a rumore/spoiler about jason and liz deciding that enough people knew about jakes paternity that they decided it’s better to be together than apart and lucky gets stripped of being jakes dad. this was on GH happenings 2. Do you know if there is any truth to that?

    Any tjhing on jason ansd sam reconnecting?
    I think Lucky and sam have been at odds to pave the way back to jasam
    I’m glad for once Sam is saving teh day instead of jason

  10. Profile photo of DaJizIsUp

    Sorry to burst your bubble, GHLover, but Jiz have been on my screen since for a little more than a year now and they have done nothing for ratings either. Nevertheless, I agree with you in that I don’t think JaSam will do much for getting more butts in front of the screen. This idea TIIC have that stunt coupling is going to hook viewers is plain S-T-U-P-I-D. Bottomline: the writing sucks. They can bring back Brenda and ratings will absolutely spike, but I can guaran-damn-tee you they will fall just as fast.

    While I admit I got hooked into watching GH because of JaSam, it was only because I was a GH fan from way back when I was 11 or 12 and SJB was Carly. I had already established a love for GH through SJB’s Carly, AJ and the Jason Morgan of old. I go through periods of watching and not watching simply because the ebb and flow of the writing; for a while it’ll be good (mostly sweeps) and the rest of the year it sucks.

    I just have to wonder: where’s the logic behind the scenes? How do they expect a couple to get a huge and loyal fanbase (i.e. more viewers) if – just when people are getting into them – they rip ‘em apart for the same ol’ same?

  11. Profile photo of kgbmc

    Writing, it is the writing that needs to change Only the dismissal of the current scribes or addition of multiple head writers will indicate to me that something is changing at GH. A magazine cover means nothing to me in ways of story lines. Obviously soap net ads are nothing to be relied on as well.

    I am tired of reading Guza loves Liason but Frons hates them or Steve and Becky want the pairing. There are cutting edge writers out there GH … go and find them and if you do you might just bring GH to life in a competitive market. What do they have to lose?

    Is it true that SJB was hired when Guza was on strike Regan? Who hired SJB back?

  12. Profile photo of roe0824

    Happy Friday Regan and everyone. I will be glad when this whole GH mess for the month of December is over with. This is not what I call sweeps.I think all the rumors that you posted are definately not good storylines to be looking forward to at all. I actually like Spin/Maxi together but I can see them pushing for Matt but I don’t know how that will go down since everyone likes Spin/Maxi as a team. LuSam, they should give them a chance and I would love to see the Lucky of old go on an adventure with Sam, it would show how adventurous Lucky use to be and he also should be since he is a cop, they should make him start acting like one and a beter one. They are not sticking through with their characters on GH, they are changing them too much. Let’s be real, Elizabeth loves Jason, how is she going to go on a date with someone else? After all her preaching of her love and we know that Jason loves her, how can they try and let these 2 go their seperate ways, makes no sense. Plus, there is Jake, after this don’t you think everyone should know that Jake is a Morgan? Totally out of character and storyline. Plus, Jason would be the best one to protect his family, now they will definately be out in the open for more mobsters to come to PC.If Liz decides she wants to leave, I hope it’s Jason who changes her mind. In the meantime, I need a break from GH.

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    RUMOR Patrol….

    Liason saying it’s safer together than apart. The worst kept secret in America doesn’t seem to be keeping these two together. Is this something they could revisit down the line? Sure but in the immediate future, Liason breaks up.

    Jasam Reunion… It’s definitely going to be teased more and more. Will they go through with it? We’ll see.

    Yes Daisy… I saw the cover. When it hits my mailbox the will be ripped off and tossed in the trash. Maybe I’ll get a different cover!? I’d take another Eric B. cover over that any day.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I believe the Sarah deal was in the works before the strike hit. Claudia’s entrance happened during the writer’s strike.

    Does anyone care that Ingo re-signed? Are these actors taking pay cuts? Should we wonder why so many are only signing 1 year deals?

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    we can all agree, that its not the matter of who is paired with who,
    In the past year or so , there wasn’t anything to look for,every storyline that I thought will be good to see was disappointing,Like Michael shooting,Jason the mob boss, even the latest mob war was so disappointing , I wouls think it will be good stroy to bring LIASON together, But nooooooooooo.
    Also lets not forget the stupid drug storyline……

  16. Profile photo of DaJizIsUp

    I’m just curious: how much rope is ABC going to give Frons to hang himself with? I mean, nothing against the guy, personally, but he is running ABCD into the ground… unless this is what the heads at ABC want; for soaps to fail so they can cram the airwaves with more lame talk/court/reality shows.

    Off-topic: I am totally getting into Y&R. I woke up extra early yesterday and happened to catch the day before’s episode and I was like: interesting characters; seemingly friendly adult couples meeting for coffee like regular people; fabulous acting (Michelle Stafford, J. Morrow, the woman who plays Jill (I think that was her name)? Lovesit.

  17. Profile photo of Dr.House

    Am I the only person that’s sick and tired of having the whole Spixie thing left dangling in the air? I’m not a fan of Liz & Jason being together, but I guess now I know how the Liason fans feel!


    Any word on Cody’s role within Jason’s org? I know there were rumors that he was a double agent or something?

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Actually, I haven’t heard much about Cody but yes there were RUMORS that someone was double crossing Jason and Cody’s name had been thrown out there.

    RUMORS… of a Christmas Montage. That Carly strikes once and hits but that her second attack boomerangs. Are you a fan of Carly and Olivia’s friendship? Olivia warned her yesterday, blood is thicker than beer.

    Megan Ward said she has alot coming up in Jan 09. Ingo re-inked and says he’s looking forward to what’s coming up in Jan. Are they talking about the same storyline? Maybe. RUMORS say Jate (Jax and Kate) agree they are better off as friends but friends confide in one another, don’t they? What if one friend told another friend about a secret son?

    Are Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos getting comfy with one another? Claudia wants all the benefits of a marriage but it doesn’t appear that that’s what has them getting comfortable. The gruesome twosome MAY actually be a good fit as husband and wife or so the writers may want us to believe.

  19. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    If we get any Christmas Montage, it better include Liason. I was thinking/hoping we might get one when Liz trashes her studio. I will hate why we are seeing it, but would love to see past to present clips of Liason . . . oh wait GH must not have any since Liason has only been on and off for almost 10 years (sarcasm). Or I know, Guza burned all the Liason clips (lol).

  20. Profile photo of sharon

    I am so tired of the same story replayed over and over again. The mob has run it’s course and needs to move on. Just like the Sopranos’, you can only write so much shooting and killing…it is time to stop it now. I wrote to GH and I guess they didn’t listen. I want Liason together – after 10 years of this – they deserve it. When I get home from work I want to see love in the afternoon – with humor and some drama but not so much of this violence. We have enough of that in real life that we don’t need it on a daytime soap opera. Guza needs to go and they need to bring in someone that has some romantic ideas in their head.

  21. Profile photo of allikat

    “It would be so nice to read spoilers that were not so one-sided for a character or pairing. Kind of disappointing.”

    If you are looking for fair and balanced, you might try Fox News }:)

  22. Profile photo of bcmom

    Just finished reading Nelson’s Suds Report and on the blind items he wrote this …

    “Which leading man is being paired back with the leading lady he can’t stand? Also, if you look closely he wipes his face after each on-screen kiss. “This won’t be pretty,” says a setsider.”

    Sounds an awful lot like Jason and Sam reunion since we had that montage of Jason wiping his mouth after Sam kisses awhile back. Hope I am wrong, but looks like that was a huge hint.

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Part of what I think of when I think of romance is the really amazing triangles that daytime is known for – one where both pairs are appealing and are written as competitive. I dont want to see JaSam rushed together, I want to see a true Lucky/Sam/Jason triangle where she sees the draw of both men, with each appealing to very different sides of her personality, just like brenda with Sonny and Jax. And I certainly dont want to see LuSam ended if SBu may in fact leave next year.

    In fact, as I think of it, Jason in all his time as Jason Morgan has never had to compete/chase a woman.

    I guess I just dont get why every time there is a discussion of more romance/better writing/adding a co-head writer/less violence it some how ends in the proposition that we would have those things if Jiz was a go or if we had those things that would lead to a Jiz pairing. I certainly dont accept that proposition.

    Hey if Jiz and Clic are no goes, maybe we will see LiRic redeux.

  24. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Just finished reading Nelson’s Suds Report and on the blind items he wrote this …

    “Which leading man is being paired back with the leading lady he can’t stand? Also, if you look closely he wipes his face after each on-screen kiss. “This won’t be pretty,” says a setsider.”

    Sounds an awful lot like Jason and Sam reunion since we had that montage of Jason wiping his mouth after Sam kisses awhile back. Hope I am wrong, but looks like that was a huge hint.

    That is totally about KEMO & SBU

  25. Profile photo of pchca

    I think it’s ridiculous that people are putting Spixie fans against Matt/Maxie fans. Matt and Maxie have had less than seven scenes together, and the only time they had any attraction towards each other was in a dream! Spin and Maxie shares scenes virtually every day!

    I’m not against Maxie and Spinelli, I just see that BA/KS have no sexual chemistry, so it’s sort of a waste of time. Their storyline is perfect as best friends, something that just doesn’t exist anywhere else on this soap. I wish they would stop ruining it by having Spin follow Maxie around like a drooling puppy. I’d rather Maxie be single than makeout with a character that is better suited as her brother.

  26. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Okay I was trying to ignore this since it irked me so much last time. If steve wipes his mouth because of lip gloss thats lame since he is still in a scene/on camera and an actor is suppose to stay in character until a director yells cut. If steve wipes his mouth because he doesnt like KeMo personally then he not only is a poorly disciplined actor, but also a lousy human being to exhibit that kind of disrespect to a colleague in such an obvious manner. As a fan, I hope its just an extreme issue with makeup and not him just being an ass.

  27. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    “Hey Regan would you happen to know the name of the song that played at the end of todays Epi?????”

    I haven’t watched yet but I will let you know when I do. I know some of the songs that are exclusive to ABC Daytime are being released on I’Tunes.

  28. Profile photo of bcmom

    Just to clarify I was not mentioning the blind item just to snub my nose at Sam fans. I don’t have anything against the character, and am sure the wiping is prob more to do with the makeup then the kissee. Just stuck in my head cause of the raging debate that went on over that montage.

    Personally I think its ridiculous to pit us fans against each other at all pchca. I don’t normally comment on here cause everything seems to incite riots between the different couple fans. I have my favs, but that doesn’t mean that the other people involved are evil and slutty etc.

  29. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    That’s it, I am starting to agree with Regan, that LIASON is over!!
    After seeing today’s show, we saw an old clip of LIASON, so we know that this is the end.
    They should have had montage of LIASON to show that they can be together!!
    Also Liz never tried to change Jason , that’s Crap!!!
    Liz accept Jason for who he is…
    Jake is Jason’s son , why can’t Jake be with Jason.
    will we have to see Jake grows up without Jason , without the Qs??????????????
    I HATE GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you all not mad at me but I am so maddddddddd

  30. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    GH Lover – Please don’t give up. The naysayers have been saying nay for a very long time and nothing kills the hopes of the few but faithful. I thought Becky rocked her distress at being responsible for Jake’s predicament. She is a worried mother. She was lashing out. She was striking out at herself. That is why she attacked her own art. That is much healthier than limo sex, sleeping with her mother’s husband, or buying an island just to displace someone who offered your ex a business deal. Keep the faith!!!

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

  31. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    I asked on a different article last night and never got an answer. Does anyone know if the picture Liz trashed was the picture of the “wind”? Kill me now if it was. Yeah, I hate LUZA also, they showed two clips of Liason . . . that’s it . . . COME ON!!!

  32. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    I think she did give that pic to Jason, but even if the one she found the knife on top of was the wind, they didn’t show her destroying that one, they showed her destroying others.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  33. Profile photo of JaSamLover

    Spixie is the one good thing GH has going right now (besides Scrubs), why do they feel the need to throw a monkey wench in it?
    Damn them. DAMN THEM!

    Sam McCall’s favorite accessory? A shotgun :).

  34. Profile photo of JaSamLover

    Also, I can see how TPTB would think reuniting past couples would bring up the ratings.
    It’s almost an absolute that old JaSam fans who tuned out after their breakup would tune in to see their reunion.
    But, if the show is still poorly written, and the reunion is the only good thing they have going, then those old fans will probably tune out again.

    Also, breaking up one couple to facilitate an old one is only going to make all the fans of the new couple tune out.

    So basically, I’m saying that change just balances things out, it doesn’t really “change” them—ie, make the ratings go up.

    Sam McCall’s favorite accessory? A shotgun :).

  35. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    No, I think she kept the pix of the wind. One time when Jason came back to PC and was at her studio she said he never kept it. Jason said it’s not something you travel with and it was something to come back too. Any who, hope it wasn’t and hoping in my Liason mind that at some point he did take it.

  36. Profile photo of allikat

    I could barely stomach GH on Friday. That was our Liason send off? One bad scene from years ago and then another with Liason angst? Here you go Liason fans, I know you have been waiting damn near a decade and here’s our pathetic montage for you – bend over and take the hard screw…..Pissed is just not even the word for the b*tch smack heard round the world to all Liason fans. HORRIBLE!!!!!

    As far as the painting, no it was not “The Wind”, but she did destroy a more abstract family painting of her, Jason and Jake. That will be the only nod we get to Liason history so make sure you don’t blink }:)


    Be kinder than necessary as everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

  37. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    I’m with you on this one Regan, so sad I just renewed my subscription, but I took a look at it, it’s 2 seperate pictures it’s not them as a couple picture. THANK GOD. I have decided to take GH off my DVR, I will keep checking in here every day and if I see any light at the end of this never ending tunnel I will tune back in. I can’t watch on 12/12. We all should tune out for awhile, funny thing the ratings are worse than ever, let Fronsie put that in his KM pipe and smoke it, he is smoking something. As I watched that crazy stuff yesterday between Nadine and Nick and now what they are doing to Robin, the I’M NOT A GOOD MOTHER thing I was just amazed, she helped Jason with Michael, these writters are so stupid, or maybe it’s that they think we are, all I could think was this is getting ratings, nuts. I just hope Becky gets some kind of story, Steve will always have one,not the one he wants but it’s Becky I feel sorry for.

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