JR Martinez and Beth Ehlers Drop By The View

As J. Bernard gave a heads up to earlier today, JR Martinez and Beth Ehlers dropped by The View to talk about their All My Children storyline and Martinez’s recovery from injuries he suffered serving in Iraq. Check out more pictures after the jump.

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    See, I’m having trouble rating him as a performer. Am I being too nice because of all that he’s been through or do I really like his performance. If he’s bad would anyone really criticize him?

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    For a non-actor, he’s pretty good. Not to be mean, but he seemed even better when paired with Colby, who is a pretty girl but an indifferent actress, IMO.

  3. Profile photo of Scout

    I think he’s a little better every day and I think that the slow build-up doing the scenes with Colby gave JR time to be better at those scenes this week with Frankie, Taylor and Jake.

    And, really, I think AMC did the right thing bringing in an authentic combat vet, as opposed to an actor in lame makeup. I think that whatever shortcoming he may have as an actor, it seems that he’s trying hard and putting his heart into every scene.

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