Michael Graziadei Out?

Is Michael Graziadei leaving The Young and the Restless? Nelson Branco’s latest Suds Report has this tidbit.

Depressing news: It looks like Michael Graziadei is indeed leaving Y&R this spring. All my moles tell me, “Michael’s leaving.” Kill. Me. Now.

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    Hate to hear it, but he is a talented guy and has the potential to be a breakout star.

    Where will this leave Amber? Will she sleep with yet another guy and drive Daniel away once and for all? Or will he be the character to die in a stunning way? Either way, it could make for good conflict between Amber and Mama Bear Phyllis.

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    He is my favorite male on the show and with Amber, Daniel became part of one of the hottest couples in daytime.

    He can’t leave…!!!!!! :(

    But on the other side, with guest roles in “Criminal Minds”, “90210”, “The Cleaner” and the upcoming ABC show “Castle”, which young man wouldn’t try to do primetime.

    Should be no secret that he is like the next Shemar Moore. And his leaving will as hurt as much Moore’s leaving did.

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    as of right now, this is still a rumour
    i know nelson branco is very resourceful
    but he doesnt know everything.

    plus i think if this is true i will not watych Y&R anymore
    i’ll watch the amber, chloe, billy scenes on the computer.

    Michael G cant leave

    i understand he is getting alot of guest spots but still hes making money at Y&R.

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    I think it would be interesting if the character died and Amber got pregnant and she had his baby. That would continue the Phyllis/Amber drama. Although, can Amber have children? I’m so accustomed to a woman finding out she can’t have any more children after losing a baby on these soaps.

    If the character doesn’t die then just have him get back together w/ Lily so she can leave too.

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    Thanks DANDERFAN, but I’m the hugest Daniel-Amber fan out there AND everyone single person I talk to who knows Daniel really well says HE’S GONE — DONE DEAL! Usually, friends of a star will be coy or quiet but they are all telling me: Nelson, sorry, he’s not staying. I’m giving this a lot of press because I want Y&R to offer him the moon to stay. Cross your fingers.

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    Y&R should offer what ever he wants. Seriously, he is one of the actors you could built the future of this soap with.

    And Y&R better DON’T gets the idea to recast him!

    Hopefully he will stay after all. Small chance … but as long as there is a chance … :)

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    I don’t want Daniel to die, but I also don’t want a recast. Maybe he will be offered a job in Europe and Amber will have to stay in Genoa City.

    However, I do hope Danny returns full time so he can reunite with Cricket.

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    Last time Michael was about to renew his contract it was said that he might not renew and he did! I’m taking this news with a grain of salt because there is still time before he has to decide what to do. I personally don’t see why he would want to leave if Y&R continues to let him do outside projects and work around his schedule. With the character Daniel being an artist it would be easy for the writers to say he has an art showing in Miami, NY, etc so he can leave for a period of time. If he can do that why would he want to leave…he’d get paid to do Y&R and also other projects that interest him. Seems like a win-win to me. I am a huge danber fan so I would be sad if someone else came in to play Daniel or he was killed off the show.

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    What if they brought back the young man who originated the role of adult Daniel? hahaha, remember him?


    That would be Cam Gigandet, and he is currently co-starring in “Twilight”. So, they couldn’t get him back, I think.

    And as much as I like Cam, Michael Graziadei is Daniel … and I would only want to see him in the role.
    Another Daniel would be very, very difficult for me. You just can recast the roles that are played by talented actors like Graz so easy.

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    mrbrooksgenoacitynews….Daniel is in talks to do a sitcom. His contract is up soon and he can’t do both! I suspect he really can’t be replaced, it just would fail miserably. Amber will be all alone yet again.

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    Nooooo! He’s one of the reasons I watch the show, particularly he and Amber.

    I think he is a talented actor and could have a future outside of Y&R, but I’m with those who said he shouldn’t leave unless he has some good gigs already lined up, for both his sake and mine. I hate it when good actors leave a soap to move on to bigger and better things, never to be seen or heard from again except for, like, dinner theater in Peoria.

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    But not in resent years! It maybe worked in the 80’s with Lester and Dickson, but I don’t think that it would be the same now.
    The industry has changed. And by all these hair models out there, it takes a while to find someone that really could fit in in the big shoes that Graz would leave…

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    So then let it take awhile but let’s stop w/ the Michael Graziadei is the best thing since swiss cheese and can never be replaced. It’s possible! If we can have a black President then a decent replacement for Michael can happen! Jeez Louise!

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    I hate to hear that he may indeed be gone this time and he will surely be missed. I wish ‘The Graz’ the best of luck; I’m sure he will be fine.

    Perhaps he will have the shocking death instead of Brad as I sure hope they do not try and recast the character especially after what we’ve been stuck with since the Colleen recast. I still hate this inept girl.

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    I think he is a unique talent, but I think he could be successfully recast. It’s not absolutely impossible. But for every great recast on soaps, there are usually 10 really bad ones. Just look at our current Colleen. When I have really liked a character and the actor/actress playing him/her, I get very nervous at hearing the word “recast.” Sometimes I would just prefer they let the character go gracefully into that good night.

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    *sigh* I think because i read this in your suds report awhile back when the rumor started that i am less upset about it now, i just have been waiting for a exit date, it sucks, im going to miss him but he really hasn’t been used alot lately so maybe they are preparing us for his exit..

    Oh well, here is wishing him the best of luck, and if there isn’t any out there that he will come right back lol

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    I am a big Daniel and Amber fan, but i think the actor just wants to leave and i would rather him leave the job on good terms then stay but really want to go.

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    I’m not a fan of Graziadei. He’s a fine actor but he bugs me. There’s a smarmy quality to his portrayal that I don’t enjoy. Maybe that’s just Daniel but either way I’ll find Y&R easier to watch without him. I’d prefer they went with a recast rather than killing him off. They should give him 6 months to a year off screen. It gives them time to find someone good and gives Graziadei time to change his mind. Even though he’s not my fave he’s clearly popular and does make sense as Danny’s son.

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    Graz leaving would be horrible. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. But I do see him fitting well into primetime. Whatever they do DO NO RECAST.

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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