I’m Going To Hell For This

I have a feeling I’m going to get in some trouble for this post. As many of you know back in the day I was a huge Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) fan and then EJ (James Scott) came along and I fell for EJami. Now EJami seems to be on hold as Sami is paired with Rafe (Galen Gering) and I must admit I am enjoying that pairing as well. What this leads me to believe is that I am a Sami fan first and foremost and that I’ll like most any pairing she is in.

Maybe this is why I’m not bothered by having another one of my favorite Days of Our Lives characters, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) paired with EJ or having Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) paired with Lucas. Honestly, its the appeal of these three couples and the vast history between at least four of them that is about the only thing keeping me watching the Molly Burnett – Ken Corday’s Going to Kill This Show If It’s The Last Thing He Does hour.

Who is your favorite couple?

I'm Going To Hell For This

  • EJ and Nicole (14%, 106 Votes)
  • Lucas and Chloe (3%, 24 Votes)
  • Sami and Rafe (14%, 102 Votes)
  • Sami and EJ (51%, 378 Votes)
  • Sami and Lucas (18%, 134 Votes)

Total Voters: 744


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36 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Dr.EvansBlack

    I will always be an Ejami fan, but I do like EJ&Nicole/Rafe&Sami…. and Lucas&Chloe are growing on me… so overall I think the pairings are good right now (FOR TEMPORARY couples…. I’ll always want my Ejami!) :)

  2. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    No, we deserve a good soap opera! Sami can never find lasting love. She needs to be stealing sperm, switching test results and talking to herself about her wicked plans in the middle of the Kiriakis living room, while Kate lurks in the corner like God and Reilly intended!

  3. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    You had me until “stealing sperm.” I am so sick of sperm stealing storylines on soaps but I agree she should be a schemer but that doesn’t mean she can’t have love.

  4. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    You had me until "stealing sperm." I am so sick of sperm stealing storylines on soaps but I agree she should be a schemer but that doesn’t mean she can’t have love.
    I was overgeneralizing. I also don’t want her talking to herself LOL. But I do want the Sami I fell in love with, the bitch everyone loved to hate, back. No one wanted to see JR Ewing evolve. No wanted Alexis Carrington to grow a heart. Who needs that crap? Sure they can have moments of humanity, but people loved these characters because at their core they were rotten. I have only seen a small number of villains-turned-heros that worked. Jack Deveraux, Rachel Cory and Vicky Hudson are a few, but all of those actors had incredible range.

  5. Profile photo of angmc

    I will always love the only couple that has made me join message boards, read blogs and watch montages on Youtube: EJami. All the other couples are nice and safe which = boring.

  6. Profile photo of Dana

    EJ and Sami are my choice, but I understand Jamey’s argument about Sami needing to get her bitch back. EJ needs to get his bastard back as well!

  7. Profile photo of Brooke

    Sami and EJ were always my couple and I could not give a frak about anyone else. The two together could be Salem’s schemers but with the current writing team, that’ll never happen.

  8. Profile photo of snowi

    It’s only Sami and EJ for me.

    I don’t give a rat’s tushie about Rafe, Nicole, Lucas, or Chloe.

    If Sami got her bitch back and EJ got his bastard back, I would be one happy Days fan. (Seems impossible right now, doesn’t it?)

  9. Profile photo of PoisonIvy

    I adore Sami – bad girlSami, not weepyheroineSami. She kicked serious butt as someone who was always able to think on her feet and hatch a scheme out of thin air. Even when she got her comeuppance, I always rooted for her to get back on her feet and come out swinging. That’s the Sami I want to see.

    As for romantic pairings for her, I always felt she was capable of being a leading lady, she just needed a character who could go toe to toe with her. Before Ej came along I honestly thought her best matches were with Kate and Vivian.

    Then EJami came along I was hooked, plain and simple. The first and only romantic pairing for Sami that I’ve ever felt passionately about. They’re not the “good” people of Salem, and they never should be. I liked that they were two incredibly flawed characters who aspire to be good, but will do whatever it takes to get what they want, damn the consequences.

    Alison Sweeney and James Scott could have chemistry with a coat rack, but it’s their chemistry with each other that keeps me riveted.

    In the end though, it’s the very fact that they’re not supposed to be together, the history-rich, deeply rooted hatred between the DiMeras and the Bradys, that gives them the real edge as a romantic couple to me.

    They could be epic, if the writing was there. Yeah I know – I’m not holding my breath.

  10. Profile photo of Rebee

    EJ and Sami. All the other pairings are safe, like someone above said, that is way too boring. Once you’ve had Ejami, you can’t go back. I am waiting for bad Sami and bad EJ to return and give Nicole hell and tell the whole Brady family to F off if they don’t like her man.

    Long live my DiMera Queen!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Profile photo of MarylandgirlUSA

    Luke shame on YOU!!!

    Sami and Lucas – Lots and lots chemistry ON FIRE!!!

    Sami and EJ – He is a rapist from HELL

    Sami and Rafe – Too old

    Lucas and Chloe – Chloe is too breasty and can’t keep a man long put her back with Brady

    EJ and Nicole – Ooooooo YES lost of good stuff there, Love them
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  12. Profile photo of snowi

    The only thing Sami and Rafe set on fire is my remote because I have to hit the FF button so much.

    And MarylandgirlUSA, I think you need to take a breath, a nice long bubble bath, and repeat these words…..It’s just a TV show, It’s just a TV show. Don’t be hatin’ on Luke, he’s got a whole bunch of people here to back him up. And can I just ask, If EJ is “a rapist from hell” than why do you like him with Nicole? Is it just because if he’s with Nicole, than you believe that Sami will be with Lucas? I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    And I feel I must defend Chloe and her breasts. If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em!

  13. Profile photo of Scout

    “Chloe is too “breasty”..so what does that make Sami? Last time I checked, Ali Sweeney wasn’t exactly flat chested.”

    Ain’t that the truth? I was looking at ‘em Friday (how can you not?) and was thinking that AS could feed an entire nation of hungry lil’ babies with them thangs.

  14. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Okay, I am definitely more a fan of Lucas and Sami, but to be fair re: the rape situation, Lucas and Kate did try to kill Sami, not once, not twice, but three times! The first time when they almost let her die of a lethal injection for a murder Lucas committed, the second time was at Princess Greta’s coronation where Kate hired a hitman, with Lucas’s grudging consent to take out Victor and Sami, then when that didn’t work, they drugged her and used a doll that resembled Will to try to make Sami fall off a cliff to her death by putting the doll on the ledge and making Sami think her baby was in danger! If she can forgive Lucas three attempted murders, what’s the difference with her forgiving EJ?

  15. Profile photo of season1217

    … they drugged her and used a doll that resembled Will to try to make Sami fall off a cliff to her death by putting the doll on the ledge and making Sami think her baby was in danger!

    ROTFL! I didn’t see that but it just sounds so funny!

  16. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    ROTFL! I didn’t see that but it just sounds so funny!
    Oh Season it was a HOT mess! My favorite Sami scene EVER though was when the hitman was after her at Princess Greta’s coronation and Sami darted across the ballroom, with the hitman firing off several rounds, killing several of the people who Sami basically placed in the line of fire by running in that direction! ROTFLMAO THAT’s the Sami I know and love!

  17. Profile photo of season1217

    … the hitman firing off several rounds, killing several of the people who Sami basically placed in the line of fire by running in that direction!

    Sami Brady. A real American hero!

  18. Profile photo of Ryan

    I’ve never understood the appeal of EJami. This couple ate Days of our Lives. You can blame Melanie all you like, but Days became unwatchable when EJ retuned to Salem in 2006.
    I probably prefer Sami and Lucas together. They’re the only reminder of how good ’90s Austin/Carrie/Sami/Lucas was. However, I could do without Sami. She will never be the next Marlena and I would rather have no Sami than the one we now.

  19. Profile photo of snowi

    If Sami and Lucas is a reminder of the good old days, then heaven help us!

    And Days became unwatchable because of EJ??? I think there are millions of female fans that would beg to differ with you, LOL! I returned to watching Days after a 5 year break because of EJ. Not because they were doing Austin/Carrie/Sami/Lucas Part 245,984. In fact it was that story that killed my love for this show the first time around. EJami was something new, something different and I love it! I never bought Lumi as a couple because, IMO, they were better off as enemies.

    Days is unwatchable because the writing sucks and because new characters have taken over the show (i.e. Melanie)

  20. Profile photo of Rebee

    I forgot about the Will doll!! that was so stupid. The Austin/Carrie/Sami/Lucas thing had gotten way too old. Heaven help us if they are trying to recreate a mix and match set with EJ/Sami/Rafe/Nicole.

    Sami can teach EJ a thing or two about rape seeing as how she gave Austin a roofie and took advantage of him!!!

  21. Profile photo of snowi

    I can assure you, you go to any Days event with James Scott and you will see his popularity yourself.

    I’m really not following the Babe comparison at all. If you don’t like the character of EJ, fine. But you might have to accept the fact that a large number of fans do. And until you poll the entire Days’ audience, you and your friend’s opinions are like a drops in a bucket. I, and many other EJ fans, can’t stand Nicole, but I recognize the fact that she does have a fanbase.

    And when has any one character given a show a ratings bump? I would never lay that on one character or couple. The show as a whole needs to do that.

  22. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    That’s the problem. Just because an actor is popular doesn’t mean the show should be all about his character. That’ the mistake they made with GL’s Johnathan.

    And just as you have loud adoration from fans, you have silent disdane from other fans. People don’t have to be as loud in their dislike. They just turn off the channel.

    Something tells me DOOL is GL-2008. And If J.S. left today, there would be a lot of yelling fans, but if they brought him back much like Tom P. it wouldn’t make a dent in the rating. Because, even with all the hoopla over this character, most of the fans are iffy about him at best. The character has not had one good storyline in two years.

  23. Profile photo of snowi

    I’m sorry, but when did Days become all about EJ? I think Melanie has that all wrapped up.

    I’m just taking this as the fact that an individual person doesn’t like a character, therefore the rest of the audience doesn’t. It doesn’t work that way.

    Whether haters like it or not, EJ/James is popular. I know, I know he’s the reason Lumi broke up, he did this horrible thing, he did that horrible thing. So what, he’s been one of the most interesting characters that has come along in a long time. Love him or hate him, he gets people talking. I have seen more Lumis talking about EJ/James then their own damn couple. Guess that’s why Lumi grew on a vine and died.

  24. Profile photo of Gracie09

    I am so excited to Sami/Rafe/EJ/Nicole. I came back to Days after a long time off because of EJami, so I will always root for them, but I love all these characters and the combination of the four is going to be fun.

    Sami and Rafe seem to have something together by themselves and I like that. EJ and Nicole, I’m not so crazy about, too much whining, but add Sami and the whole thing changes for me. It just has to be the easiest to write for Sami and Nicole and how they go at each other, love it!

    I REALLY wish they hadn’t done all of the storylines with the babies, but it could end okay, but normally doesn’t, these characters (and the potential of newbie Rafe) in and of themselves have so much material all on their own, I don’t really think it was necessary, although Ari did a good job with the miscarriage.

  25. Profile photo of Ryan

    Sami and EJ were the two most used characters in 2007. Can anybody honestly say that Days has moved forward during that time?

    I have to laugh at everyone who complains about Melanie. The Molly Burnett Hour is just as bad as the EJami Hour.

  26. Profile photo of MarylandgirlUSA

    Luke NO your wrong it’s always Sami & Lucas

    EJ Rapped Sami and that is NOT OK with alot of us LUMI fans and many other fans in general.


    Sami has done her just BUT it’s different the way Sami was forced to give in I should say to EJ Rapist Demira
    he and Nicole are perfect for each other.

    Chloe please she needs to get a life!! instead of sticking her breasts in front of everybody else to pick up. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    See us on ‘Days Chat’ at Myspace

    I just wanted to make a comment since mentioning Will, I didn’t like the fact the way the writers had Will treat his mother.

    I don’t care what the situation that was no excuse for them to make him totally DISREPECT his mother like he did.

    I love LUMI but for even Lucas to add to it but using Will and saying things like “Will is going to you Sami” that’s not right and Will would be standing there then to say “I hate you mom” I hated that writing staff for doing that.

    No mother what so ever shouldbe hated or disrespected by their kids. TV or not it just wasn’t an example to set for teens that do whatch the show.

    Whew now I feel better… Thanks April

  27. Profile photo of Ryan

    I can’t deny that EJ has a very large fan base online, but no one I know likes the character. EJ has given Days no ratings bump so no one can be sure millions love him. However, I kind of think EJ is like Babe on All My Children. Both were new characters that devoured their shows and did awful things, yet where let off because of their looks.
    Austin/Carrie/Sami/Lucas was gold. Better than any story Sami will be getting anytime soon. But yes, the arrival of EJ marked the end of my love of the show.

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